"Best philosophical ideas educate, consolidate and unite Humanity"


News reports bring more and more gloomy pictures about deterioration of living conditionsin the world: epidemics, poverty, ignorance, illiteracy of the general population of the planet are accompanied by the increasing climatic cataclysms caused by unreasonable actions of men and the beings like man. Hurricanes, typhoons, tornadoes, fires, floods, droughts, tsunamis, many of which happen for the first time in history, bring more and more troubles and ruins to peoples and nations. At the same time the destruction of irreplaceable natural resources is continuing, i.e. forests, arable land, atmospheric oxygen, fresh potable water, minerals to please small and not the most needy sector of the population of the planet, thus depriving most of the current and all future generations of Humankind.
The arms race is continuesly increasing though Humankind has created enough resources for plural self-destruction, and it is enough any oversight or action of a maniac or a terrorist, and mullions year-old HISTORY of present Humankind will come to an end. And that will be a different story ...
If all this not to stop now, not to take under control of REASON, it will happen for sure!
Humankind should become REASONable long ago and take all possible measures forself-conservation and continuation of Life on the Earth until the possibilities for Life resettlement on other planets of the Universe are not yet created. Therefore all of us should proceed from the fact that Earth-planet is a spaceship with the crew on board ... Experience in preparing such crews we already have, so it needs to be extended to the entire population of the planet. It's difficult, it is long time, it will require efforts and assets, but it is necessary to start this activity immediately with all energy and gravity. Thus the Humankind should become as a SINGLE CREW, on the one hand, and the SINGLE ORGANISM, on the other. This is the only safe way to move ahead.
To achieve all this it is necessary to take the necessary steps and the following first five are among them to start with :

to save Humanity

The first step 

To start work on minimizing the differences between individuals in at least 23 issues that disunite currently people living in different countries and continents

The second step 

To conduct unification of VALUES for the whole Mankind, that each person should know and uphold and VICES which everyone must confront, thereby normalizing the consciousness and a mentality reflection

The third step 

To start the widespread increase of mental statuses of individuals of the planet population with simultaneously getting conformity of the status position of people to various levels of a niche of public functioning in structure of self-management of Mankind

The fourth step 

To carry out gradual passage to most perfect form of public governance - NOOCRACY {the power of reason} - at which, thanks to excellent upbringing and education of ALL citizens of the given country, and simultaneously, of ALL Citizens of the world (Earth), mental abilities of ALL people thus will be raised and aligned.

The fifth step 

To initiate consecutive association of people on the basis of common Sense, Reason and Morals, assigning them the status of Citizens of the world, thereby contributing to the formation of Humanity as the Uniform Reasonable self-organizing and self-governing body


It is quite natural that this way of five steps is necessary to transit simultaneously in all countries on all continents, and the sooner it will be performed by all, the greater the guarantee of safety will be maintained for the Humanity, the more confident will be the fate of present and future generations of people, for ourselves, for our children, for our children's children, etc.

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