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«Global Development Goals of Humanity in the 21st century»,
proclaimed by the United Nations Organization, are the following ones:

  1. 'Freedom from want': the Development Agenda
  2. 'Freedom from fear': The Security Agenda
  3. 'A sustainable future': The Environmental Agenda
  4. Renewing the United Nations

The above Goals can be solved under a condition, if the Mankind will proceed simultaneously to solution as soon as possible
in the 21st century other equally important goals to avoid its self-destruction and achieve a more perfect and secure life on Earth.

These additional goals include the following:


  1. To improve possibilities everywhere and to unify requirements to humanistic upbringing, arts education and civil enlightenment, to formation of modern mentality of the people of 21st century on the basis of common sense, reason and morality, with presence of the conscience, healthy psychic setup and a developed consciousness.
  2. To streamline and refine people’s way of life, making it worthy and civilized, healthy and socially comfortable, having specified common to all lists of values and vices, rights and duties.
  3. To generalize and make common moral norms and standards of culture of communication and behaviour of people, first of all public behaviour and bioethics, gradually raising their average level for all Humankind as a whole.
  4. With the acquisition of the above knowledge by all inhabitants of the planet, to certify their status as members of an entire society of Citizens of the Earth (world), making it attractive, accessible and worthy of respect, at the same time improving the system of an effective global self-governing of Humankind by members of the new society.
  5. In process of increasing the proportion of Citizens of the Earth (world) among actually living generation of the planet population through their joint efforts to reduce the level of terrorism, radicalism, ignorance, criminality, corruption, drug abuse (including alcoholism and tobacco smoking), double standards and doublespeak, injustice and social inequality as well as of all kinds of weapons to general and complete disarmament of the whole Humankind.

    Thus the PRINCIPAL GOAL of all the Humanity in the 21st century is - from fragmented, ignorant & corrupted, disorderly Earth POPULATION to become well educated, enlightened & integrated, wisely governed Earth CIVILIZATION, all of them - Earth CITIZENS-XXI.

If you have to suggest some other goals to solve by Mankind in the 21st century,
you can describe them below:

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