"Best philosophical ideas educate, consolidate and unite Humanity to have elected
a proper global leadership"

Aristotle Philosophical

for educating and certification of
Earth-XXI Aristocrats

Earth-XXI Aristocrat

Please, note that applications should be filled out in English only
and be submitted electronically by e-mail to:
info@wpf-unesco.org, ikondrashin@ya.ru
Your personal details:

  • Surname -
  • Given name -
  • Country & City of residence -
  • Date of birth -
  • Country of birth -
  • Address -
  • Nationality -
  • E-mail -
  • Telephone number -
  • Company or Organization -
  • Civil status and/or Position -
  • Common education? -
  • If graduate - what University, college? -
  • Any studies in a national civic educational system (if) -
  • Membership in WPF "DIALECTIC" organization -   (YES   or   NO ?)
  • Are you an Earth-XXI Citizen ? What is your sequence number ? -   (YES   or   NO?)

  • (If NO, do become firstly an Earth-XXI Citizen. To start it, please, fill in the appropriate Application form at http://wpf-unesco.org/eng/socr-sch/wcznrq.htm)
  • Have you learned the CIVIL knowledge deeply enough for this top status -   (YES   or   NO ?)
  • Wnen are you ready to pass the procedure of Earth-XXI Aristocrat certification ? -
  • How do you like to be inaugurated as the Aristocrat-XXI and receive your Aristocrat Certificate and ID card with your personal ID number? -   (PRESENTLY - in Athens or Thessaloniki       or      DISTANTLY - on-line through your E-mail ?) -
  • Have you paid your Earth-XXI Aristocrathy registration fee and at what amount (see the payment details below) ? -
  • Enclose your photo for your Earth Aristocrat Identity card with your personal ID number
  • If you like to be inaugurated as the Earth-XXI Aristocrat in Greece, then do you need an official personal invitation for you to Greece? Please, mention it here -
  • If you need an application to the Greek Consulate to obtain visa to Greece, then, please, also state the number of your ordinary passport - ______________

Write all the above information details here:


Save all the above data in Word format text and send this page to the WPF Organizing Committee at: info@wpf-unesco.org, ikondrashin@ya.ru

The payment details:

One-time registration fee for the right to become the Aristocrat of the Earth-XXI is = 500 euro, including the cost of the Certificate, Decoration and the PASSPORT of the Aristocrat of the Earth-XXI.
It is understood that you have already passed the certification procedure on a status rank of the "Citizen of the Earth", have the appropriate Certificate and your name is in the LIST of "Citizens of the Earth" on the WPF website. If so, then you can transfer the above-mentioned registration fee amount in Euro to WPF Bank account in:
ALPHA BANK, Athens, Greece,
IBAN account No.: GR06 0140 1980 1980 0278 6037 120
Swift code: CRBAGRAA
to the name of WPF President Igor Kondrashin

If you like, you have the possibility to pay your Earth-XXI Citizenship registration fee from your debit or credit card:

We would be greatful to you if you send the information about the transference of your amount with your name to the WORLD PHILOSOPHICAL FORUM Organization at info@wpf-unesco.org or ikondrashin@ya.ru so that we can start the procedure of assigning you the status of "Aristocrat of the Earth-XXI".
Thank you for your understanding.