"Best philosophical ideas educate, consolidate and unite Humanity"

Reason, Morality, Justice and Responsibility (including Global Responsibility) are the fundamental values for Humanity, but not money, power or property...


of Earth
- (USE)

Universal ideology of the Humanity
in the XXI century

Scientific-philosophically oriented
General education

The Constitutional Governance structure of the USE

USE organ name                                                         Organ functions                           Civil status of functionaries

Global Citizenship
(Earth-XXI Citizens)

Top authority
on the Earth

Civically well-educated inhabitants all over
the planet

Supreme Council
of the Humanity 

The highest USE body
of current universal problems on the Earth and determination of further development of the Humanity

Earth-XXI Aristocrats
(the best out of the best
by mind, wisdom, morals, justice and global responsibility)

Earth Parliament 


Earth-XXI Aristocrats

Earth Government


Earth-XXI Aristocrats

Earth Academy
the Strategic Research Centre of
further development of the Earth

Scientific & Strategic research

Earth-XXI Aristocrats

Earth Bank
(including emission of the universal Earth Currency - Tero)


Earth-XXI Aristocrats

Earth Supreme Court
(including Earth Supreme Tribunal)


Earth-XXI Aristocrats

Living Communities of
Aristocrats & Citizens
of the Earth-XXI 

Common peaceful cohabitation
- to send Application:

Individuals educated and certified in the Universal civic educational system


Universal Socialization of
the Humanity through uniform civic education - Universal civic educational system 

Civic education
- Studying of
the MINIMUM of knowledge

Earth-XXI Aristocrats

"Non-citizens" individuals 

preparing to studying for getting normal civil status
through civic education

Non-educated civically individuals


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