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of lifelong civil education & action for all

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Courses of lectures or just lectures offered to WPF UNIVERSITY for UNIVERSe study

How to improve the Mind & the Life of Humanity globally - the most interesting, wise and reasonable lectures of practical philosophy to learn fundamental civil and cercular knowledge

Active Thinkers
of the world
Best philosophical ideas which educate, consolidate and unite Humanity
Philosophical SCHOOL
MINIMUM of civil knowledge
for everyone on the Earth-XXI to learn
Dr Timi Ecimovic -
professor and chair of Environmental Sciences at Ansted University, Rector of WPF University
Philosophy of
the Sustainable Future of Humankind

If you have a course of lectures on civil, secular or humanistic subject,
you can place them at our vebsite within WPF University activity

Educational videos offered WPF UNIVERSITY as auxiliary aids

Analytical materials
World is changing
Carl Sagan - professor of astronomy and natural sciences
Harmony of the Worlds
Richard Dawkins - Professor of Oxford University for Public Understanding of Science
1) Special Programme - Dawkins on religion
2) Rare interview
3) Sex, Death and the Meaning of Life - Life After Death
4) The Death and the Meaning of Life - Sin
5) Militant atheism

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