S   U   P   R   A   N   A   T   I   O   N   A   L

Best philosophical ideas to educate, consolidate and transform Humanity into integrated CITIZENSHIP of the Earth-XXI

Reason, Morality, Justice and Responsibility (including Global Responsibility) are the fundamental values for Humanity, but not money, power or property...

WPF Global learning program
of lifelong civil education & action for all

WPF Global educational program

(Tuition-Free Online) UNIVERSITY

of USE-WPF University

Doctors of (scientific-practical) Philosophy

The Minimum of Civic knowledge

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  1. PhD. Karl Magnus Mattson (Sweden) - Gl.Citiz. ID No.00216 - Presentation
  2. PhD. Hasbullah Bin Zakaria (Malaysia) - Gl.Citiz. ID No.00126 - Presentation
  3. PhD. John P. Moustos (Greece) - Gl.Citiz. ID No.00100 - Presentation
  4. PhD. Paris Katsivelos (Greece) - Gl.Citiz. ID No.00025 - Presentation
  5. PhD. Nicholas Hagger (United Kingdom) - Gl.Citiz. ID No.00096 - Presentation
  6. PhD. Ahmad Laksamana Bin Omar (Malaysia) - Gl.Citiz. ID No.00070 - Presentation
  7. PhD. Jeffrey Levett (Greece) - Gl.Citiz. ID No.00102 - Presentation
  8. PhD. Avtandil V. Mikaberidze (Georgia) - Gl.Citiz. ID No.0012 - Presentation
  9. PhD. Muhammad Jeseus Chrishna (Indonesia) - Gl.Citiz. ID No.00213 - Presentation
  10. PhD. Gulchekhra Kurbonova (Uzbekistan) - Gl.Citiz. ID No.00801 - Presentation
  11. PhD. Shukhrat Gulyamov (Uzbekistan) - Gl.Citiz. ID No.00920 - Presentation


Diploma of Doctor of (scientific-practical) Philosophy

If you wish to obtain such a degree, at first -

To have such an academic status, please, send your scientific-practical research of
Global value and significance to info@wpf-unesco.org

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The main goal of USE-WPF civic education is to enlarge the number of the Citizens of the Earth-XXI, whose mind should differ positively from the mind of other, not educated individuals - inhabitants of our planet, in particular:

1. High good breeding and education - unlike ignorance and bad manners of others;

2. Well-formed consciousness as the basis of reason and morality. Aborted or distorted consciousness makes individuals unwise and immoral;

3. Healthy reflection on what is happening around him and in the world as a whole. Absence of such reflection deprives individuals of conscience and responsibility for his own destiny and all that surrounds him;

that is to constitute the segment of Mankind representing the best, most modern of its members, possessing wisdom, reason and morality. This means that only they can benefit people in both politics and economics, and in personal life. And it is these people that should be trusted posts in international organizations and in state bodies. It is possible to rely on them both in business, and in a life.