"Best philosophical ideas educate, consolidate and unite Humanity"


Despite the visible progress observed in the world, the number of problems which the Mankind has doesn't become less. Moreover, separation and mutual misunderstanding among the population of planet Earth is growing more and more, threatening to bring people more and more troubles. At the same time it is not put forward yet any objectives uniting Mankind and ways of its further development. It seems to us that these ways are known for a long time, but few people think about them, and even fewer people do something for their implementation. Let's try to describe briefly what people should do on Earth in order to make life on the planet really safe and joyful. ...
So, we see five directions on which the Mankind should move from now on to its progress and development:

FIVE directions
of further development of Mankind

The first direction 

On the basis of "The MILLENNIUM DEVELOPMENT GOALS", «Global Development Goals of Humanity in the 21st century», proclaimed by the United Nations Organization and "UNESCO Strategy on philosophy", adopted in 2006, it is necessary to offer to present and future generations of people the "Concept of Further Development of the Humanity" leading to the real progress

The second direction 

Proceeding from unified enumerations of contemporary true values and vices, Universal duties and human rights as well as Neo-gumanistic ideas to carry out gradual widespread transition to unified «Universal standards of culture of behavior», based on judiciousness, reason and high moral principles, putting them on the first place in the upbringing and education of both present, and all future generations

The third direction 

The development in all countries and continents of national systems of civil upbringing and educating-XXI for training and multiplying the number of Citizens with mentality of 21-st century, having designated minimum volume of general knowledge and unified standards of culture of behavior, which they should confirm and adjust the process of their training and certification (formalization), exercising proper control over it in order to keep trust and respect for this status

The fourth direction 

To conduct widespread unification of a way of life of people (different from a way of life of inhuman people) so that the entire population of planet Earth, being formalized as citizens of the world, could live with dignity in any place, take care and support the nature, be useful to each other and to Mankind as a whole, and deliver joy to themselves and everyone around

The fifth direction 

To continue the process of perfection of Self-management of the Mankind by means of: workings out of General Earth ideology, establishment of institute of Citizenship of the Earth and appropriate identity, a writing and adoption of the Earth Constitution, formation of the Earth Government


It is quite natural that to move on these five directions it is necessary simultaneously in all countries on all continents, and the more intensive will be this movement everywhere, the greater guarantee of security will persist in Humanity, the more confidence will be for destiny of the present and future generations of people, for ourselves, for our children, for children of our children, etc.

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