"Best philosophical ideas to educate, consolidate and transform Humanity into

to hold
an annual Dialectical Symposium or
a Special national session

WPF Dialectical Symposia and a Special sessions have become a modern tradition of similar ancient traditions of this kind.
Dialectical Symposia main conferences usually take place in Athens and Special sessions can be all over the world.
To continue this process of spreading WPF ideas everywhere it was found reasonable to hold WPF Dialectical Symposia and Special sessions also in other cities and towns of all countries of the planet.
The only precondition to hold such an event - there should be a strong WPF national branch in the place, which wishes to organize a Dialectical Symposium or a Special session with the assistance of local contributors.


Please, note that applications should be filled out in English only by a WPF branch member
and be submitted electronically by e-mail to:,
Application details:

  • (Your) personal full name as an Applicant -
  • Country & City of your WPF national branch -
  • What kind of event you plan to hold (Dialectical symposium or a special session) ? -
  • What is the date you plan to hold your event -
  • Name and address of the venue of the event -
  • How many participants you plan to invite (local and foreign) -
  • How many WPF VIP guests you plan to invite providing them payments of their travel and accomodation during the event -
  • What is the list of other invited top guests to the event -
  • State officials, Companies & Organizations, supporting the event -
  • How many Citizens of the Earth-XXI are in the List of participants of the event -
  • How many members of WPF "DIALECTIC" organization are going to participate in the event -
  • Any comments or request to the WPF Board -

Write all the above information details here:


Save all the above data in Word format text and send this page to the WPF Organizing Committee at:,