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Τhe connection between ancient and the nowadays Greek culture

The pursuit of social good is a social value which connects ancient time with nowadays. Its support and realization by mankind, is what keeps society together and maintains society’s culture and it coherence. The purpose of the function of socialization consists of the consensus of the realization of broader social values and the consensus of the exercise of a specific social role. The pursuit of social good is one of the social values, which impedes the prevalence of personal good and individualism among people and keeps them united.
The belief in Democracy and freedom is a common characteristic of ancient Greeks and Greeks of nowadays, which makes the texture of everyday life more human. It induces citizens to oppose against any circumstances, political economic or social which threaten freedom and Democracy. This belief brought about the involvement of ancient Greeks in politics and their interest in public affairs. Greeks of nowadays are not so much involved in politics as ancient Greeks, but they keep their interest in it, in spite of their disappointment in politics.
Many Greeks nowadays still resist commercial realm as a dominant characteristic of human values and relations. Like ancient Greeks they insist on social life which determines human relations. For this reason, Greeks can still feel for one another or support one another, creating at the same time social trust that is essential for the maintenance of Greek culture. Greek culture insists on human factor and political rights, as a culture which is directly connected to democracy.
The coherence of Greek society can be also attained by offering equal opportunities to Greeks, for example educational ones, in order to be able to display their skills and abilities. Then they hardly are going to show an indifferent or delinquent behavior.

Helen Tsolakidou
Dr. of Educational Management