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Philosophical thinking - from Tradition to Innovation

The History of the Humanity knows two great traditions which were born in Greece about 2,5 thousand years ago.
The first one is – the Olympic Games. This Ancient tradition in fact is “the Competition in physical force of human bodies”.
In 393 AD this tradition was prohibited by the Roman emperor Theodosius I.
About one hundred years ago the Mankind has revived this tradition.

The second Greek born tradition - Dialectic Symposium - disambiguation. In fact this ancient tradition was the competition in mental force of human brains, based on wisdom and reason.
In 529 AD this tradition was prohibited by the Byzantine emperor Justinian I (Ιουστινιανός Α').
The time came to revive as well the second ancient Greek tradition of Dialectic SymposiumsPhilosophical Forum, based on wisdom, reason and morality, innovate it, and to start to solve with its help vital problems of the Humanity of nowadays.
There is no other reasonable alternative for Mankind until it is too late.

Dr. Igor I. Kondrashin -
PhD, philosopher, Russia
The two Ancient Greek traditions – the first one is revived, the time came to revive the second tradition
Dr. Steven Vogazianos-Roy -
Historian & Ethnologist, Greece-G.Britain
Dialectics: an all-time launching pad for the quest for harmony
Dr. Alexander Voitov - PhD
in Economics, Russia
Practical philosophy - the true meaning and perspectives
- writer, Athens, Greece
Eros of the body - eros of the immortality
Dr. Jean-Marc Gabaude -
professor emeritus of the University of Toulouse Le Mirail, France
Back to Greek philosophy to improve the Humanity
Pavel Revko - PhD,
Southern Federal University, Russia
Greek science and oriental wisdom – from ancient times till the 21-st century
Despina Samiotaki -
Philologist, Greece
Dr. Shaoyu Zhang - PhD, professor
Inner Mongolia, China
Aristotle's philosophy is the source of human civilization
Dr. LIN Bao Qun - PhD, professor
Xinjiang, China P.R.
Aristotle's philosophy is the source of human civilization
Helen Tsolakidou - Dr. of
Educational Management, Greece
The connection between ancient and the nowadays Greek culture

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