"Best philosophical ideas to educate, consolidate and transform Humanity into
integrated Earth-XXI CITIZENSHIP"

The approval and support of
UNESCO - all letters

all letters

The National Academies Members -
WPF Board members

S. Bagaev
E. Moutsopoulos
A. Guseinov
V. Stepin

The GUSI Peace Prize International Laureates -
WPF Board members

   Fidel Gutierrez
   R. Di Done
   T. Ecimovic
   Igor Kondrashin
   Glen Martin
   Haji Omar
   Raoul Weiler

The egida (auspices)
of the Mayor of ATHENS

The egida (auspices) of
the Hellenic National Commission

Support and invitation of
National University of Athens

The egida (auspices)
of the Prefectural authority of THESSALONIKI COUNTY

The egida (auspices)
of the Prefecture of THESSALONIKI

The support of Aristotle
University of Thessaloniki

Government institutions

1) Ministry of Culture of Russia

The Group members
and/or supporters of the WPF

1) UNESCO Club of Arts, Literature and Sciences of Greece

2) Academy of Athens' Research Centre on Greek Philosophy

3) Association Internationale des Professeurs de Philosophie

4) Organization for the Protection of Children's Rights (O.P.C.R.)

5) International Society for Universal Dialogue (ISUD)

International Society
for Universal Dialogue (ISUD)

6) International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU)

International Humanist
and Ethical Union (IHEU)

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