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"Best philosophical ideas to educate, consolidate and transform Humanity into
integrated Earth-XXI CITIZENSHIP"

Philosophical SCHOOL



Rector of the Socratic Philosophical SCHOOL -
Prof. Evanghelos A. Moutsopoulos - WPF Honorary President, Professor of Philosophy, the Member of the Athens Academy of Sciences, Honorary Rector of the Athens University, Greece - Profile

Director of the Socratic Philosophical SCHOOL -
Dr. Steven Vogazianos-Roy - WPF Athens city branch Head - Profile


Socratic Philosophical SCHOOL


East Europian SPS Branch

The Head -
Igor Kondrashin
Profile   - E-mail: ikondrahin@ya.ru

Russian SPS branch

The Head -
Eleonora Barkova
- E-mail: barkova3000@yandex.ru

Latin American SPS Branch

The Head -
Fidel Gutierrez Vivanco
- E-mail: cefips@yahoo.com

South East Asian SPS Branch

The Head -
Muhammad Jeseus Chrishna
- E-mail: - elohimspiritualsanctuary@gmail.com

North American SPS Branch

The Head -
Ricaardoe Di Done
Profile   - E-mail: - rdidone@osde.ca

Central Asian SPS Branch

The Head -
Vladimir Korotenko
- E-mail: - vladk77@gmail.com



If after having studied the MINIMUM of knowledge you would wish to become a Citizen of the Earth-XXI and unite with the same, you can just send your application at e-mail: info@wpf-unesco.org, to pay the registration fee and pass the process of certification and inauguration in the Socratic Philosophical SCHOOL in Athens or in one of its world branches (presently) or distantly.

Full-time certification and inauguration includes an interview, extra classes to clarify poorly understood by the applicant issues (if necessary), awarding Certificates, ensigns, identity cards and later after some time "PASSPORTS of the Citizen of the Earth".

Procedure of certification and inauguration and in Athens is carried out within agreed time frame in one of the SCHOOL premises.

* * *

After that your name will be listed in the special LIST of Citizens of the Earth-XXI on the web site of the WORLD PHILOSOPHICAL FORUM, that would mean authenticity received by you the Certificate, the Decoration, the Identity card and later on the PASSPORT of the Earth Citizen, and you can continue your life having the TOP civil status of the Earth-XXI Citizen.

* * *

Availability of the Certificate, Identity card and the PASSPORT of the "Citizen of the Earth" should be regarded as evidence of intelligence and high moral qualities of their owner, and to be the most authoritative recommendatory documents at employment in any international organization, transnational company, at elections or appointments to all public offices and state posts in all countries and states.


So, if you wish to become
and be certified as the Earth-XXI Citizens at Socratic Philosophical SCHOOL
(with receipt of appropriate Certificate, Identity card, Decoration and "PASSPORT of Earth Citizen"),
please, get knowing the MINIMUM of knowledge,
which every individual on Earth should learn for sure in XXI century.
After that you may send your Application to WFF e-mail at: info@wpf-unesco.org

Earth-XXI CITIZENSHIP distinctive properties

1) Certificate of the higher Earth civil status

2) Earth citizen ensign

3) Earth-XXI Citizen IDENTITY card with Id.No.

4) PASSPORT of the Earth Citizen (some time later)

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The payment details:

One-time registration fee for the right to become the Citizen of the Earth-XXI is:
1) for one person (individual) = 100 euro, including the cost of the Civil Certificate, Decoration, Identity card with the personal ID number of the Citizen of the Earth-XXI as well as membership fee in International movement "DIALECTIC" - "WISDOM, REASON and MORALITY - back to Humanity" of the WORLD PHILOSOPHICAL FORUM NGO Organization.
2) for 2 - 3 persons (group registration) = 75 euro per person;
3) for 4 - 5 persons (group registration) = 50 euro per person;
4) for 6 - 7 persons (group registration) = 30 euro per person;
2) for 8 - 10 persons (group registration) = 25 euro per person;

Registration fee to become a Citizen of the Earth-XXI is effected for those Earth inhabitants, who have studied the MINIMUM of Earth-XXI citizen's knowledge distantly from WPF web-site and wish to receive his Civil certificate and ID card with the personal ID number through his E-mail.

The total amount in Euro for individual or group registration can be transferred to WPF Bank account in:
ALPHA BANK, Athens, Greece,
IBAN account No.: GR06 0140 1980 1980 0278 6037 120
Swift code: CRBAGRAA
to the name of WPF President Igor Kondrashin

If you like, you have the possibility to pay your Earth-XXI Citizenship registration fee (individual or total group) from your debit or credit card:

We would be greatful to you if you send the information about the transference of your amount with your name to the WORLD PHILOSOPHICAL FORUM Organization at info@wpf-unesco.org & ikondrashin@ya.ru so that we can begin the procedure of assigning you the status of "Citizen of the Earth-XXI".
Thank you for your understanding.




of Citizens of the Earth-XXI

See the LIST


Citizens LIST


The world status of the CITIZEN of the Earth-XXI
for sure will benefit you in your future life for many years ahead !