"Global CITIZENSHIP - from UN (UNESCO) civic educational initiative to its WPF practical implementation"



Re - WPF - solution
of the 5th (2014) Dialectical Symposium

Athens, Greece, September 29 - October 02, 2014

The participants of the 5th (Anniversary) Dialectical Symposium of the WORLD PHILOSOPHICAL FORUM held in Athens on September 29 - October 02, 2014 have stated that:

  1. The situation in the world continues to be unsustainable and in a worse way of the living conditions in the biosphere of the planet Earth. Mankind is still divided and disunited by many contradictions arising from large differences in people levels of mentality, which are reflected in their minds and create differences in their morality, faith, social behavior, education, consciousness, etc. Many international organizations being involved in finding solutions to the increasing controversy by holding all kinds of summits, conferences and congresses have so far a small effect on the stabilization of human life on Earth. In many parts of the planet the situation even deteriorates.

    In today's world, social differences, the international oligarchy, religious bigotry and low moral consciousness of the people, stem from an improper cultural and philosophical background. The first solution to the problems of humanity begins at the philosophical level. Then on the basis of a philosophical solution, an ideological and political solution can be developed. The overall political solution branches into political solutions for education, social, economic, administrative, government, as well as local, national and global issues.

  2. The main reasons for the inefficiency of solutions-oriented efforts made so far are the same as in the previous years - the dominating of national political and transnational financial interests in the global process of further development of mankind, a very low level of civil consciousness and knowledge and insufficient participation of the Earth ignorant population in world issues. The result of that – the worldwide domination of moneyholders and, consequently, of international Oligarchy. This domination leads to social differences increasing the gap between rich and poor, making it more and more difficult to live a normal life in the world, confusing all norms and standards of Wisdom, Reason, Morality and Justice, which have prevailed in the teachings of the best human minds over centuries.

    The most important precept recorded in Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted by the United Nations in 1948, stating that «All human beings … are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood» still influences little in international politics. The influence targeted by the Declaration can be achieved only by means of teaching, learning and education in its broad sense (it could be added here that, in accordance with Pillar II in the UNESCO Intersectoral Strategy on Philosophy, the world’s citizens education process should give special emphasis to techniques fostering critical and independent thinking that will assist the individual to acquire independent thought free of dogmas, and unquestioned wisdom as well as the ability for unbiased evaluation, judgment for their situation, critique and independent choice for action or non-action). But this highly authoritative recommendation has not become yet a rule of life on the planet and is ignored by world and national politicians.

    Everyday life in many parts of the Earth indicates that the technogenic evolution advances the development of civil / public consciousness. This means that upbringing and education of mankind as a whole, especially civic and moral education, have been assigned an inferior role and lag far behind the required level of the 21st century. Consequently, general civil knowledge and consciousness of most people on the planet do not match the required level of today. As a result, economic, political, environmental, financial and humanitarian crises and catastrophes take place here and there on Earth continuously and more often. All this increases gradually the danger of self-destruction of Humanity in the near future.

    The contradiction afflicting humanity is both in content and form. In content we have a citizenry with an individualistic spirit that is not ready to practice the values of democracy, equality, justice and the universal declaration of human rights that are necessary for the preservation of humanity. To achieve universal education is necessary to first resolve the philosophical foundations of education, thus determining the vision and mission of global education.

  3. Having this in mind the World Philosophical Forum already in its in 2010 First Dialectical Symposium RESOLUTION declared the necessity “…to discuss variants of the Concept of the Humanity evolvement, of the World Constitution, of the questions of education and training of the Citizens of the World, the standards of culture of behavior and unification of lifestyle on the planet, etc.”
    Following this Resolution the WPF started the Global learning program of lifelong civil education & action for all - "Earth-XXI CITIZENSHIP”, the main goal of which is the Establishment & Enlargement of World (all-planet) global community of citizens, and subsequently, of Earth-XXI CIVILIZATION”.

    From its side, the UN on the way to achieving its declared in September 2012 a new Global initiative “Education First”, focusing on equal access to education, improvement of the curricula & quality of upbringing and learning, fostering the global citizenship. Education in the UN initiative means firstly knowledge about citizenry. Only such civic-oriented education according to the UN opinion can help people to forge more just, peaceful and tolerant societies.

    UN Global Education initiative was put forward in the UNESCO “Medium-Term Strategy for 2014 – 2021” with such priorities in Education as fostering inclusive, quality and lifelong learning opportunities for all, and promoting a sense of global citizenship.

The participants of the WPF 5-th Dialectical Symposium appeal to ALL peoples on the planet to understand all the threats and challenges to Humanity and join the UN, UNESCO and WPF initiatives in improving the possibilities everywhere and for everyone on Earth of humanistic upbringing, civic education (also: the application of critical and philosophical thinking to everyday issues , the dissemination and popularization of philosophical knowledge to all societies) and secular enlightenment in order to form the modern mentality for all the inhabitants on the planet in order to become members of a single hyper-society of Citizens of the Earth (World), making our planet attractive, accessible and worthy of respect, while improving the system of effective global self-government of mankind by members of this very hyper-society.

Taking into account all these circumstances, the participants of the WPF recommend to world communities:

  1. To continue efforts to consolidate Humanity into a fully integrated Earth community based on Wisdom, Morality, Justice, and Global responsibility – the only values that lead to overall social Harmony on the Earth as a whole. Rather than political and economic prejudice leading to formation of military blocks and fostering world trade of weapons of mass destruction. Common sense, reason, justice, and morality should become ultimately the fundamentals of people's lifestyle, the main instruments in politics, economics and business, as well as the consolidating and restrictive factors in international relations and therefore form the basis of lawmaking in all countries and international organizations. The intelligent, educated and moral version of a HUMAN Being might henceforth become the highest ideal on Earth and the universal identity on the planet in the XXI-st century. Each individual should strive to become an intelligent and moral being by means of civic upbringing and education. This is their inalienable right - the right of each born individual and, at the same time, their social duty as well.
  2. To educate people means to shape their consciousness through its saturation with the most advanced, scientifically grounded ideas on which their daily behavior at any part of the world should be based. It is confirmed that the only advanced and constructive set of ideas to be studied by the population of the Earth, is Transuniversalism, which being based on the best ideas from traditional religions, beliefs, teachings, philosophies and ideologies, as well as the theory of Neohumanism & Transhumanism, forms the Universal ideology of the Earth human civilization-XXI. Only by relying on ideas and values of Transuniversalism it is possible to start the general enlightenment and civic education as the Global Program of the Education for a new, more uniform identity - the (Global) citizenship of the Earth-XXI, thus saving Humanity from self-destruction and continuing its further progress.
  3. The main objectives of both present and future generations of Mankind should be the preservation of nature and the favorable climate on the Earth with the help of the achievements of bioethics, the tightening and unification of relevant sections of international agreements and national legislations as well as the improvement and harmonization of interpersonal relations and of the individual personality itself by the universal raising of public cultural behavior, which in turn will eliminate widespread alcoholism, drug abuse, tobacco smoking, corruption, crime, terrorism and other evils, changing for the better the human way of life on our planet.

The WPF participants call upon the international community in order to reach self-preservation and continued successful moral, intellectual and cultural progress:

  1. To support the UN, UNESCO and WPF initiatives in improving the possibilities everywhere and for everyone on Earth of humanistic upbringing, civic education (also: the upholding and dissemination of critical and philosophical reflection and knowledge) and secular enlightenment in order to form the modern mentality of the 21st century for existing generations of the planet population based on common sense, reason, justice and morality, with a soundly advanced presence of the conscience, healthy mind and a developed consciousness in order to eventually render all people members of a single hyper-society of citizens of the Earth (World).
  2. To join (Global) Citizenship of the Earth-XXI in order to enlarge the Global community of Earth citizens - Earth-XXI CIVILIZATION and to start as soon as possible the system of global self-government of mankind thereby raising its effectiveness ; to appeal to all mass communication media and international and national organizations to support this project as the most important goal of the UNESCO “Medium-Term Strategy for 2014 – 2021”.
  3. To develop and disseminate the ideas of classical philosophy - the main holder and vehicle of the true scientific tradition and of the norms of wisdom, reason, justice and morality. These ideas concentrated in the Transuniversalism manifesto should be recommended for study all over the Earth. Therefore the efforts of the UN, UNESCO and WPF to disseminate these ideas for a wide practical use in the light of current innovations should be considered important for ALL in the world and maintained everywhere.
  4. To popularize and propagate practical philosophical ideas on a world-wide range, thereby alerting all individuals to their right to exercise and resort to philosophical thinking, to sensitize policy makers, through relevant mass media and advertisement as well as educational agencies, to the importance of philosophical analysis and to help all major Educational institutions, not least UNESCO itself, to get wise to the importance of utilizing the philosophical traditions and trends developed in different world cultures, an initiative that will help bridge over major social and cultural differences thereby facilitating the world societies integration process.
  5. To keep in mind that the true consolidation of the Humanity is a long-term process and the solution of related problems should be ongoing permanently. To encourage WPF to continue to hold scientific conferences worldwide in the form of the revived ancient Greek tradition of Dialectical symposia and hold the next one – the 6-th annual Dialectical symposium “The Constitution of the Universal State of Earth (USE) on the basis of Global (Earth-XXI)
    citizenship as the firm guarantee of security and progress for the entire Earth civilization
    ” in as many countries as possible, and its final session in Athens, Greece, in early October 2015 for further discussions of options for the Concept of further development of Humankind proposed by thinkers of the world in order to establish efficient Mankind’s self-governance based on Universal Earth Constitution and Earth Parliament decisions.

On behalf of the Symposium participants

Chairman of the Steering Scientific Committee
WPF President
Igor Kondrashin

Honorary WPF President
Athens Academy member
Evanghelos Moutsopoulos


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