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of the Second Dialectical Symposium

Athens-Thessaloniki, Greece, October 3 - 12, 2011

The participants of the 2nd Dialectical Symposium of the WORLD PHILOSOPHICAL FORUM held in Athens-Thessaloniki at October 3-12, 2011 have stated that:

  1. The present situation in the world continues to be far from sustainability. Humanity is separated and disunited by many contradictions coming from huge differences in ideology, standards of morality and way of life, social behaviour, education, etc. Many international institutions try to find solutions to rising disagreements by holding various summits, conferences and congresses, proclaiming countless Declarations. But all of them give very light effect in stabilising Earth human life even in spite of enormous activity of such international WORLD hyper-organizations like UNO and its cultural-scientific branch – UNESCO.
  2. The main reasons for this low inefficiency are: the dominating of national political and transnational financial interests in the global process of Humankind’s further development; a very low level of civil consciousness and knowledge as well as huge theistic differences that exist among the inhabitants of the Earth which become more and more dangerous for Mankind’s Life security;disregard of the standards of Wisdom, Reason and Morality that have been specified by the best human minds during dozens of centuries.

    No influence on international politics is being exerted even by the most important precept proclaimed in Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted by the United Nations in 1948 which states that «All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood». According to the above Declaration every individual and every organ of society can achieve that only by means of enlightenment and education. This highly authoritative recommendation is either unknown or completely ignored by most of the world population, and above all by the world and national politicians.
  3. Everyday life in most parts of the Earth indicates that technogenic evolution advances the development of civil public consciousness. This means that enlightenment and education of Humankind as a whole, especially civic education, are far behind the required level of the 21st century. Furthermore, general civil knowledge and consciousness of most people on Earth do not match the required level of the present day. As a result, economic, political, environmental and humanitarian crises and catastrophes pursue humanity with alarming frequency and depth. All this gradually increases the threat of self-destruction of Humanity in very near future.

The participants of the WPF Second Dialectical Symposium appeal to ALL peoples on the planet both individually and collectively to realize the existence of all these threats and challenges to Humanity in full and join the initiative of the WPF civil activity on all levels of their social status, rank, position before it is too late for the maximum consolidation of the planet's inhabitants to stabilize the state of affairs on Earth and to prevent its further deterioration in order to avert fatal consequences both for the present and future Human generations. Taking into account recommendations of the First WPF Dialectical Symposium’s Resolution, the participants call to concentrate Humankind’s efforts to follow the «Global Development Goals of Humanity in the 21st century», as proclaimed by the United Nations Organization, i.e.:

  1. 'Freedom from want': the Development Agenda
  2. 'Freedom from fear': The Security Agenda
  3. 'A sustainable future': The Environmental Agenda
  4. Renewing the United Nations

But in order to avoid Humankind’s self-destruction and achieve a more perfect and secure life on Earth the above points need to be added with some others, such as:

  • To improve possibilities everywhere and to unify requirements to humanistic upbringing, arts education and civil enlightenment, to formation of modern mentality of the people of 21st century on the basis of common sense, reason and morality, with presence of the conscience, healthy psychic setup and a developed consciousness.
  • To streamline and refine people’s way of life, making it worthy and civilized, healthy and socially comfortable, having specified common to all lists of values and vices, rights and duties.
  • To generalize and make common moral norms and standards of culture of communication and behaviour of people, first of all public behaviour and bioethics, gradually raising their average level for all Humankind as a whole.
  • With the acquisition of the above knowledge by all inhabitants of the planet, to certify their status as members of an entire society of Citizens of the Earth (world), making it attractive, accessible and worthy of respect, at the same time improving the system of an effective global self-governing of Humankind by members of the new society.
  • In process of increasing the proportion of Citizens of the Earth (world) among actually living generation of the planet population through their joint efforts to reduce the level of terrorism, radicalism, ignorance, criminality, corruption, drug abuse (including alcoholism and tobacco smoking), double standards and doublespeak, injustice and social inequality as well as of all kinds of weapons to general and complete disarmament of the whole Humankind.

Taking into account all these circumstances, the participants of the WPF recommend world communities which are fragmented and excessively segregated, to suspend the tragic course of suicidal development of Life on Earth and of Human civilization itself and to strengthen their association by following these pieces of advice:

  1. To continue to endeavour to unite and consolidate Humankind into a fully integrated entity on the basis of Wisdom and Morality - the only values that lead to general social Harmony on Earth as a whole. To let everyone understand that we are all citizens of a planetary village, where new ideas and values can spread now instantaneously. If we set our minds to it, there is no reason why we cannot achieve these glorious ideals. We should resolve to work together to realize an ancient dream of the solidarity of human beings.

    Now the population of all countries should realize simultaneously that we share a common abode, the planet Earth, and that all members of human civilization have a similar personal responsibility for overcoming any differences and wide dissemination of ideals of true planetary communal conduct.
  2. Wisdom, reason and morality should become the grounds of people's way of life, the main instruments of politics, economics and business, as well as consolidating and restricting factors in international relations instead of military blocks and weapons of mass destruction and therefore form the basis of lawmaking in all countries and international organizations. The intelligent, educated and moral version of a HUMAN might henceforth become the highest ideal on Earth, universal identity on the planet in XXI century. This target should be promoted by a more effective implementation of the UNESCO Strategy on Philosophy. Each individual should strive to become an intelligent and moral being by means of upbringing and education. This is his inalienable right - the right of each born individual and, at the same time, his duty.
  3. A great number of ideas on how to consolidate Humanity, circulating all around the planet at present time, contradict each other. Their analysis shows that the most advanced and constructive set of ideas that should be studied by the Earth's inhabitants is Neo-Humanism Neo-Humanism, which together with Trans-Humanism composes the theory of Trans-Universalism - the ideology of Earth civilization-XXI. Only by relying on Trans-Universalism can a general enlightenment and education and civic education be started as the Global Program on educating a new, more homogeneous identity - (Global) Citizenship of the Earth-XXI, thereby saving Humanity from self-destruction and continuing its further progress.
  4. To educate people means to mould their consciousness with the most advanced scientific based ideas which should be the ground for their everyday social behaviour in every part of the world. On this basis the World Philosophical Forum initiated the “Program of educating and certification of Earth Citizens-XXI” and established for this purpose in November 2012 in Athens, Greece the Socratic Philosophical School. The primary ideas, which candidates should learn in order to become very knowledgeable, are to be Trans-Universalism ideas. And if earlier throughout the entire history of Humankind politicians, conquerors and tyrants have tried to unite the Humanity in a top down way, now for the first time in History a serious attempt of the most advanced part of the planet's population is taken to begin the consolidation and unification of Humanity by the Socratic method, i.e. from the bottom up with common approaches to solving human problems, generalization of lists of values and vices. It is currently the only way to transform the Chaotic Earth's population into the Wisely governed Earth's Civilization.
  5. The main objectives of both present and future generations of Humankind should also be the safeguarding of Nature and favorable climate on Earth through achievements in bioethics, toughening and unification of the relevant sections of international agreements and national legislation, along with the perfection and harmonization of human relations and the Human being itself through a general increase of the culture of behavior. These will make possible the eradication of alcoholism, narcotics consumption and trafficking, tobacco smoking, corruption, criminality, terrorism and other forms of evil practices everywhere, therefore changing people’s way of life for the better.

The participants of the WPF appeal to world societies for the purposes of self-preservation and further successful moral, intellectual and cultural progress:

  1. To support the WPF's recommendations and initiatives in the formation of (Global) Citizenship of the Earth-XXI; encourage Mass-media, international and national educational organizations and the education systems on adhering to this mission through a wide spread of civic knowledge, as well as truthful and complete information about this.
  2. To improve more ancient classical philosophical traditions as the main holder and vehicle of true scientific traditions, standards of wisdom, reason and morality. Therefore the efforts of the UNO, the UNESCO and the WPF on dissemination of this tradition’s ideas for broad practical use in view of today’s innovations should be considered as important by EVERYONE in the world, and supported.
  3. To act on the premise that the effective consolidation of Humankind is a long-term process and to keep in mind that the efforts aimed at solving the problems connected with this question should be permanent. To encourage WPF's initiatives to find solutions to the threats and challenges to Humanity in the form of revived ancient Greek tradition of Dialectical Symposia and to hold the next – the 3rd annual Dialectical symposium of WORLD PHILOSOPHICAL FORUM taking place in Athens, Greece, in October 2012 under the theme "Best philosophical ideas to educate, consolidate and transform Humanity into integrated Earth-XXI CITIZENSHIP" to discuss variants of the Concept of the Development of Humanity, offered by world thinkers, of the World Constitution, to speak about 21st century standards of thinking & living, questions of education and training of Earth population consciousness in order to raise the mentality from “past” centuries’ level to the required at present well educated human mind, etc.

On behalf of the Symposium participants

Chairman of the Steering Scientific Committee
WPF Vice President
Igor Kondrashin

Honorary WPF President


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