"Best philosophical ideas improve Humanity"



of the First Dialectical Symposium

Athens, Greece, October 4 - 8, 2010

Taking into consideration the global diachronic changes to Earth’s History as well as evaluating the situation currently present on the planet and connected with

  • keeping up Life as it is on this minimal part of the Universe, home to Intelligent Life on the first place, being threatened in the process by ever-increasing dangers that can bring Life to full disparagement and entire extinction;
  • an unfavorable course of the Humanity development wherefore Human beings continue to be divided not only in terms of gender as well as racial, national, religious and other criteria but above all into: rich and pure, educated and uneducated, well and ill brought up, moral and immoral, that is, exponents of humane and inhumane attitudes;
  • goals and targets of the UNO and the UNESCO as its part and their strategy to unite Mankind through the popularization of best Philosophical ideas, as well as goals and issues of Philosophy itself, targeting practical solutions to problems confronting the Humanity,

the participants of the Athens WORLD PHILOSOPHICAL FORUM, i.e. those who, having a sound reflection, are mostly concerned with the above as well as fathom and understand current dangers to Life and threats to the existence of Humanity itself, appeal to ALL people on the planet individually as well as collectively, to realize all these issues in full and to take adequate measures before it is too late on all levels of their status, rank, position and civil activity for maximum consolidation of Mankind to stabilize the state of affaires on Earth and to prevent its further deterioration in order to avert fatal consequences both for the present and for future Human generations.

The participants of the FORUM have stated that in spite of the fact that all of us are living already in the XXIst century:

  1. MAN has not yet become the top earth creature, i.e. a real Homo sapiens sapient; most individuals expose their lives and consequently those of other creatures everywhere on the planet to more and more dangers, continuously breeding animosity and violence, fostering unfairness and - at the same time - polluting, littering and poisoning the environment (i.e. the ecosystem), thereby worsening the conditions of their own habitat. Not less littering goes through infosphere (the sphere of information).
  2. Though in Nature it has been ordained that living creatures of one species are not apt to killing those of the same species, human beings continue to kill each other and to develop arms for mass extermination, threatening to use them at any time. This indicates that not all individuals on Earth have reached the proper level of conscience, corresponding to brain parameters of the modern Homo Sapiens. And it creates additional difficulties for consolidation of the Mankind.
  3. Wisdom and morality have not yet become the top values either in politics and economics or in everyday life. The highest interests and motivations of behavior of most people are still profit-making, unlimited acquisition of wealth and thirst for political power, thereby causing violence and injustice and a blatant rights discrimination of people which depends on enormous amount of wealth owned by only a few, a state of affairs that gives political power to oligarchy. Human rights are not everywhere in proportion to individual's duties.
  4. Unlike the whole material Universe existing and functioning under common Laws of physics and harmony, Mankind is segregated and discriminated by various differences in ideology, legislation, faith and traditions, many of which provoke mutual hate and animosity between individuals, their communities, societies and even states. Therefore, under such conditions of living, each person individually and the Humanity as a whole do not feel themselves safe on Earth and in a position to secure their habitat for themselves and for future generations. Today's generation, using their TIME advantage, i.e. their earlier appearance in the world, makes the life of future generations even more complicated by aggravating, degrading and even often exterminating whatever they themselves have inherited from previous generations.
  5. Philosophy after the Edict of emperor Justinian I of 529 A.D., which in fact banned its classical version, stopped holding an enlightening function in its human mission of spreading love for science, wisdom and morality. It seems that the Edict of Justinian is still in force. Consequently we notice many defects and distortions in peoples' consciousness within the modern scientific Picture of the World, also in the societies’ process of cognition of truths and acquisition of moral grounds, as well as in the progress of ethics and aesthetics and eventually of uniting and integrating segregated groups of individuals and societies into a Single and Unified Humanity.

Taking into account all these circumstances the participants of the FORUM recommend world societies which are still excessively segregated to reinforce their union on the grounds of Wisdom and Morality and to observe the following advices, in order to prevent the tragic process of the suicidal development of Life on Earth and of the Human civilization:

  1. To make every possible effort to unite and consolidate Mankind into a fully integrated entity on the basis of Wisdom and Morality - the only values leading to general social Harmony on Earth as a whole; to make a detailed list of those main global threats and challenges to the Humanity at present and in the near future which hinder this process and to do all that is possible to overcome them or to prevent them from taking place; to support the Citizens of the World international movement for peoples' multiplication and association everywhere.
  2. For this purpose, to raise everywhere on Earth the level of peoples' consciousness up to high standards with the help of upbringing and education. Consciousness-raising should be facilitated by a wide dissemination of the Resolution 1580 (2007) of the Council of Europe "The danger of creationism in education". Through gradual transuniversalization and convergence of cultures it is necessary to unify the most important aspects of lifestyles and ameliorate the patterns of behaviour involved in each of them. This should contribute to the prevention of war conflicts, acts of terrorism, corruption and other kinds of criminal activity still widespread within societies.
  3. The intelligent and moral version of MAN might henceforth become the highest ideal on Earth. This target should be promoted by a more effective implementation of the UNESCO Strategy on Philosophy. Each individual should strive to become an intelligent and moral being by means of upbringing and education. This is their inalienable right - the right of each born individual and, at the same time, their duty. But besides this duty every person has many others - i.e. towards themselves, towards society of nearby people, towards Humanity as a whole and towards Nature. The most important of them are: not to interfere with others’ way of living, if it is normal, to protect Nature and to oppose antihumanitarian theories and practices.
  4. Wisdom and morality should become the grounds of people's way of life, the main instruments of politics, economics and business, as well as consolidating and restrictive factors in international relations instead of military blocs and the weapons of mass destruction and therefore form the basis of lawmaking in all countries and international organizations, and all laws should be gradually standardized, based on the highest standards of human coexistence. For this purpose democracy should universally be transformed by sane and wise politicians into a much more perfect and sophisticated form of government - noocracy (the power of reason), which will promote growth of enlightenment of people, reduce the number of ignorant and immoral as well as the gap between rich and poor, at the same time multiplying the number of reasonable and moral people.
  5. Safeguarding of nature and favorable climate on the Earth by means of achievements of bioethics toughening and harmonizing the relevant sections of international agreements and national legislation should be the main aims and objectives of both present and future generations of mankind, along with the perfection and harmonization of human relations and the human being itself through general increase of the culture of behavior. These will make possible the eradication of alcoholism, narcotics consumption and trafficking, tobacco smoking, corruption, criminality, terrorism and other forms of evil practices everywhere, changing for the better the peoples’ way of life.

The participants of the FORUM appeal to world societies to pursue the following, for the purposes of self-preservation and successful moral, intellectual and cultural development:

  1. To support the FORUM participants' recommendations in order to consolidate Mankind’s attitude on the basis of Wisdom and Morality trough general improvement of Human Lifestyle - the Culture of individuals’ behaviour everywhere on Earth; to encourage Mass-media and educational systems ideologists to have an adequate contribution in this mission by realizing and carrying out their true task which is to promote the dissemination of these values at large.
  2. To consider the philosophical tradition as the main holder and vehicle of scientific traditions, standards of wisdom and morality. Therefore the UNESCO efforts on dissemination of this tradition’s ideas for broad practical use in view of to-day innovations should be considered as important by EVERYONE and supported.
  3. To act on the premise that the effective consolidation of Mankind is a long-term process and to keep in mind that the efforts aiming at the solution of the problems connected with this question, should be permanent. Recommending, recording as well as summing up the various approaches to the accomplishment of the overall goals referred to above should be in the form of annual Dialectical symposiums of the WORLD PHILOSOPHICAL FORUM and the next, the second one is planned to take place in October, 2011, under the name "Best philosophical ideas to educate, consolidate and unite Humanity" to discuss variants of the Concept of the Humanity development, of the World Constitution, questions of education and training of the Citizens of the World, standards of culture of behaviour, unification of lifestyle on the planet, etc.

On behalf of the participants of the FORUM

WPF President
Chairman of the Organizing Committee
Elias Demirtzoglou

Chairman of the Programme Committee
Igor Kondrashin


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