"Best philosophical ideas to educate, consolidate and transform Humanity
into integrated Earth-XXI CITIZENSHIP"

Typical messages of the Forum support


from India

Dear friends,

Comments: Currently, I am heading the Centre for Study of Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policy. The Centre has been conceptualized as a rallying point, as well as, a source of inspiration for all the inter-related issues concerning Dalits, Minorities, and other marginalized and socially excluded sections of the Population. The major concern of this academic body is to analise the societal lapses faced by the socially excluded. I am interested in the Study of Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policy; Human Rights, Social Justice, and Rural Development. I am very happy about the initiatives of the World Philosophical Forum. I would like to associate myself with the WPF. I want to participate in the 5th Dialectical Symposium to be held in Athens. As I am from India, a developing country I request you to give me an opportunity to participate in the Symposium.

With best regards,

Professor Raja Mohan Rao

from the USA

Dear Gentlemen,

I was informed of your Forum by a friend of mine living in Athens.
The Motto of the Forum are the words of Immanuil Kant: "If there is a science, man really needs, that is philosophy, which teaches how man can reach a place in the world appropriate to him - and from which everyone can learn what to be to become a MAN".
I found it an interesting and humanitarian cause. I am a firm believer that science is needed to guide us into a better 21st century before it is too late. Recently my children brought my attention to the works of Jacques Fresco, the inventor of the Venus project (he lives in town called Venus in Florida, USA). His projects and philosophy seem to encompass those of your Forum as his efforts are for a world that strives to benefit everyone. We have also the Zeitgeist movement which is trying to bring Jacques Fresco's ideas to reality. This non-profit movement started less than a year ago and already has a quarter million members, 7300 located in Greece.

Perhaps you are thinking, what has this to do with philosophy, but while thought and thinking are necessary elements, so are tangible results. When people first read about such projects as yours they are sceptical of their simplicity as the structure of our society is not motivated by what is good for MAN, but MONEY and greed. I understand that "MAN" in your Forum's motto signifies a species, but men have not always had their or others best interests at heart, as the world today reflects.

I write to you as one person who hopes for a better future for my children, their children, the world's children before it's too late.


Alice Watt

from Nigeria

Dear Great Thinkers,

I write to express my support for the laudable program of promoting world peace and harmony. The ideas on practical utilisation of our knowledge in the increasing world disorder is the most acceptable way of thinking and acting. Ideas must be generated at any point to increase our welfare and not to decrease our happiness. The world has witnessed increasing barbarism and cruelty at all levels and degrees. It is a contradiction of human logic which seeks peace and gain turbulence. The human race must rethink its values not at the level of ideas but also at the practical utilisation of them. Our thoughts must corresponds to our acting. Peace must be seen to triumph over evil and men must overcome disorder.

I want to be a participant of the forum and would like to submit my paper.

Yours in service to humanity

Dr.Anshi, Martin Wang

Benue State University, Makurdi

from Canada

Dear Mr. Kondrashin and Mr. Demirtzoglou,

I would like to express my gratitude and deep appreciation to youfor the opportunity to have attended and presented at the prestigious World Philosophical Forum held in Athens on October 4th to 8th, 2010.
It was a great privilege and true honor to have met you and your esteemed colleagues who are dedicated, knowledgeable and avant-garde world thinkers. I am very pleased that Dr Timi Ecimovic, an expert in sustainability and climate change, has introduced me to such wonderful people. I would also like to thank you for having elected me to be Co-chairman and Coordinator of North American countries for the World Philosophical Forum.
I will do my utmost to uphold the values of the Forum and it will be my pleasure to assist you in any way that I can.

With kind regards,

Ricaardoe Di Done

Founding President, president fondateur
Organization for the Protection of Children's Rights (O.P.C.R.)
Organisation pour la Sauvegarde des Droits des Enfants (O.S.D.E.)

Montreal, Quebec

from Ukraine

Dear colleagues,

With great interest has learnt the Forum program. It has very actual and important issues. It would be desirable for me to take part in discussions of problems. I wish to join the formation of problematics of the Forum. I hope for further cooperation.

Best regards,

Gomilko Olga Evgenevna

The Doctor of Philosophy,
The senior scientific employee of Institute of philosophy of G.Skovorody
National Academy of sciences of Ukraine,
The vice-president of the Ukrainian philosophical fund (FISP member)


from Peru

Dear colleagues,

Receive my greeting to have taken this great decision of organizing the first worldwide forum of philosophy. It is the crucial moment for the human life, where philosophers assumed our responsibility, because we are humanity's eye.
Dear colleagues, there is a very important theme for the world of today: "The universal formation of man for humanity's integration".
I suggest this theme to be added to the list proposed, considering that all stable systems keep in good condition in the universe itself. Humanity is not yet a stable system because it has not yet achieved its integration. Humanity cannot achieve its integration if we do not have citizens of the world, with universal formation. In this sense, in this worldwide forum we should promote the ideas about the man's universal formation for humanity's integration.
We walked by the Third Forum, and successes are widely visible. The WPF in just 3 years has won the philosophical leadership to FISP. In the global era, and the great problems requires urgency. Make a World Philosophy Congress every 5 years is walking too slow. Not according to circumstances. In addition, I have seen a world congress of philosophy is ineffective for the purposes of humanity, for the following reasons:
1. The cost is too high for participants who travel from afar.
2. Do not see the impact of a congress of philosophy in the community.
3. No resolutions or agreements with respect to the problems of humanity.
So the world congress of philosophy remain in the shade. A world congress of philosophy is not the light that illuminates the events of human life. I would like a suggestion, that in the future, innovate our WPF, making simultaneously, a forum presential and virtual, to integrate a wider community of participants. Today we have technology that can help us meet this goal.

My best wishes,

Fidel Gutierrez Vivanco

Lima - Peru

from Germany


Dear Colleagues Philosophers!

My warmest congratulations to the foundation of your WORLD PHILOSOPHICAL FORUM! The World Congress of Philosophy in Greece in 2013 will be a so important and huge meeting that the preparations can't be wide enough.
As president of AIPPh I suggest not forgetting how to transfer the best philosophy into the schools of the world according to the UNESCO program.
Really, our researches must look for the best philosophical ideas, but the power of these ideas should live in our students all over the Earth. Our youngsters have to endure the consequences of the mistakes we made as members of the adult generation just if we are well trained philosophers. Youngsters have to live with the environment damaged by us and with the incredible debts our states amassed.
Immanuel Kant himself, whose citation we find as the motto of the Forum, remembered e.g. in his treatise on eternal and global peace that national debts contribute in a large measure to the danger of quarrels and wars.
Let's look for the best and realistic philosophical ideas, combined with didactics of philosophy: Our students in the schools of the world will be thankful if they realize that these ideas help them to live a better life.

Best wishes -
Sincerely yours,

Dr. Werner Busch

President of Association Internationale des Professeurs de Philosophie

Rothenberg 21
D 24 109 Melsdorf/Kiel - Germany

from India

Dear Mr. Kondrashin,

Though there are thousands of academicians in the world of philosophy, those who constantly experience the pain of seeking truth, and its pangs may be very less. Unfortunately, this writer used to be one among them from childhood. Minds of this class are playground of the hidden forces of EXISTENCE!
We are not able to remain in the regular mould of a person in society as it requires settlement with some base premises and conclusions. When we try to do it, the over-active PRISMATIC function of our REASON taunt us about the relativeness of such stands. As Camus said once, when man says something is right, he implies that some other thing is wrong. Hence we are cursed to go on and on, seeking non-stop.
Dear Friend, I sincerely feel that my contentions about the new perspectives of HUMAN REASON have relevance for future human societies. When Reason is understood as a SEAT or a sensor of 'existential order', we are widening its scope, and potential for future research. When a few more minds work on these leads, many a new vistas may emerge about this central faculty of man.
What makes man to conclude that 'if man is mortal, and Socrates is a man, he is mortal' is this mystery seat of order. We know that 'reasoning' is a faculty. But a lot more features of this mystery faculty is yet to be unearthed by the creative efforts of interested minds.
I draw your kind attention towards what Mr. Pierre Sane, ex-Assistant Director-General for Social and Human Sciences has described as the motto of this Forum: "I want our Social and Human Sciences Sector to be a true laboratory of ideas and of anticipation as well as an international place for research, reflection, exchange . . ."
The scheme of choosing 'Earth citizens' as part of the programs under the WPF's symposium scheduled in October 2012 is an exceptional piece of idea that deserves special appreciation ! Whosoever was behind this great idea, as a means of ensuring peace, rationality and wisdom among the people of earth, deserves to be honored and facilitated !
The contemporary world severely lacks ICONS to represent man's traditional wisdom, reason and common sense. What we have is icons from politics, cinema, sports and media. While the first and the last are conscious players in the art of making a world of their liking and choice, the middle ones (cinema and sports) do not have anything to do with society as a whole, but they simply enjoy the society's seasonal attention and reverence for their class !
Hence, human society was totally ORPHANED for moral, rational and intellectual guidance for leading life in meaningful ways. There was a dire need for ICONS, or alternative source for ideas and opinion other than that from the above routine source. There was no voice that represents plain human reason and wisdom during times of perplexity and confusion.
Thus, your above referred wonderful step would definitely help to fulfill the vacuum in the world ! There was no better solution than this to address the contemporary world's orphaned status !
We have a blog post that touches the above discussed calamity of 'ORPHANED' modern world. We are glad to share it with you, at link:
We once again warmly appreciate the team members, who were behind the invention of the above wonderful program for selecting EARTH CITIZENS to fulfill the millennium goals of UNESCO !


Abraham Joseph

Founder secretary
Conscience of the society


to President of Forum
to Programme Committee