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Prize nominations
of the Forum

As it is known at present time there is no international prize nominations in the field of Philosophy, wise Politics and Human Conscience. At the same time no one country in the world is connected so tightly with the origin of classical Philosophy as Greece. Due to this fact it is proposed to start nominating prominent persons of the World of today or of the past in the above fields of social human activity and to award the winners with annual honourable World Philosophical Forum International Prize.

The WORLD PHILOSOPHICAL FORUM starts to award with the annual prizes on following nominations:
- on Philosophy - for the most useful, wise and practical work in inquiry of Life on theoretical basis of classical (scientific) Philosophy, in development of its theoretical grounds, in educating Humans' Consciousness to protect the Earth nature and keep progress of Human Mind and Life as a whole
The nominees for the World Philosophical Forum International Prize on Philosophy - 2010 are:
1. The antique Greek Philosopher Aristotle, who once contributed to the systemic development of the classical Philosophy most considerably, knowledge of which is needed for the Mankind especially nowadays, and who, it seems, is not yet duly appreciated by the Humanity, as well as
2. Chinese philosopher Confucius, known for his wisdom, and whose teachings are relevant until now.

- on Reasonable (wise) Politics - for the most socially orientated wise political activity to save environment and to bring peace and progress to the Humanity

The nominees for the World Philosophical Forum International Prize on Wise Politics - 2010 are:
1. Prime-minister of Norway - Jens Stoltenberg, and
2. Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger,
both ones are mostly satisfy the requirements of the nomination

- the "Conscience of Humanity" - for the foremost achievements in fostering public morals all around, for actions only "on conscience", for outstanding efforts in raising the level of reason and morality in the mentality, and, above all, in consciousness of people.

The nominees for the World Philosophical Forum International Prize "Conscience of Humanity" - 2010 are:
1. the former Prime-minister of Singapore - Lee Kuan Yew, who had changed his country within 25 years to highest standards with minimum corruption and dirty in streets, and
2. the present Secretary-General of UNESCO Irina Bokova, who is essentially the nominee for this award due to her official position and range of questions being solved by her in this post
The special Forum nominations committee which will include prominent world thinkers can announce the names of the winners of these nominations of Honour during the FORUM work.

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