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Topic 9 
Citizenship of the XXI-st century through civil upbringing, education and enlightenment. Variants of effective and reasonable social self-governance and administering

What type of social order is the best?

of types of government
developed by Aristotle

Dr. Glen Martin - PhD, professor, Radford, USA
Holistic Education as Empowerment
Dr. Adelino Сattani - PhD, professor, Padua, Italy
The right, the duty, the pleasure of debating.
How to foster the civil education
Dr. Steven Vogazianos Roy - PhD, historian and Ethnologist,
United Kingdom
Principles of a world citizen’s conscience and a methodological approach to streamlining ways of attaining and harnessing their dynamics
Anatoliy Tolstoukhov - PhD,
Iuriy Mielkov - PhD, Ukraine
DEMOCRACY for the 21st c.:
from dominatiom to co-creation,
from the state to the human being
Dr. Shaoyu Zhang - PhD, professor
Inner Mongolia, China
Democracy is not lack of human
Dr. Konstantin Dolgov - PhD,
Professor, Moscow, Russia
The politician and the philosopher 
Dr. Evgenij Kutovoy - PhD, professor, Moscow, Russia
Issues of global governance of
the transition to multipolar world
Alexander Voin - PhD, Israel
Modern democracy
Dr. Philippos Nicolopoulos - PhD, assoc. Professor of sociology, Greece
The responsibility of political leadership in the contemporary economic crisis, the issue of value orientation and the contribution of radical humanistic philosophy
Naira Danielyan - PhD,
Associate рrofessor, Russia
Transformation of Scientific Rationality Conception from the Position of Transition Process from «Information Society» to «Knowledge Society»
Mariya Rosenko - PhD,
Associate рrofessor, Ukraine
On the issue of definition and perspective of noocracy transit

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