"Best philosophical ideas educate,
consolidate and unite Humanity"


Papers offered on Program topics

Topic 7 
Ways of elimination of differences between individuals with a view of unification of human mentality to consolidate them worldwide. Mental parameters of the modern Man and ways of his integration into present-day structures of social life

How to unite
the separated Mankind?

What disunite people and how to prevent it?

Fidel Gutierrez Vivanco
- Lima, Peru
Human being's Universal Formation
Adelino Сattani - PhD,
professor, Padua, Italy
Debating for persuading, debating for convincing
Gennadiy Menchikov -
Doctor of Philosophy, professor, Kazanj, Russia
Neoclassical philosophy: why Humanity has a prospect
Vasilij Fedotov - PhD,
professor, Chuvashia, Russia
Ethnic philosophy: the nature and specificity
Elizabeth Goldwyn, - PhD,
professor, Israel
Practicing dialogue
Dr. Yurij Rotenfeld - PhD, professor of  Lugansk National Agrarian University, Ukraine
About the place of mind, reason and morality in the context of human development 
Dr. Helen Tsolakidou -
PhD, Greece
The policies for developing democracy in school and the practices for establishing it. Their impact on Greek students’ performance
Antonio Tomas Ana - professor,
Jose-Luis Ferreira - professor,
Patricio Batsikama - professor, Angola
Etonism: the Homo Toleraticus in XXI century 
Nikolaj Gavrilov - PhD,
Alexander Maslikhin - PhD,
professor, Mari, Russia
Universal and special in the development of finno-ugric community
Renata Mikhailova - PhD,
professor, Cheboksary, Russia
The Diversification of the Spiritual Life of Peasantry in Modern Society
- writer, Athens, Greece
Albert Camus: From the absurd of death
to a combative optimism

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