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consolidate and unite Humanity"


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Topic 6 
Standards of culture of behaviour as the most vital part of human culture nowadays. From dialogue of cultures to their rapprochement and transuniversalization

World culture
should be guided
by the best

Evanghelos Moutsopoulos - Member of the Athens Academy of Sciences, Greece
Is Ethical Behavior Independent from Aesthetic Constraints?  
Prof. Tatjana Kuznetsova - PhD,
professor, Moscow, Russia
The aesthetic category of beauty and the beautiful
K.Remi Rajani -
PhD, Professor, India
Gandhian ethics for human conservation 
Elena Starovoytova -
candidate, St. Petersburg, Russia
Tolerance toward personal appearance
as an element in contemporary human behavioral culture
Ariz Gezalov - PhD,
Alihasan Gamzayev - PhD,
Baku, Azerbaijan
Globalization, dialog of cultures and the problems of national identity
Dr. LIN Bao Qun - PhD, professor
Xinjiang, China P.R.
A brief introduction of Huang Mingli intelligence philosophy and how it shows a creative new thinking approach
Alexander Maslikhin - PhD,
Larisa Polushina,
Mari, Russia
Intercultural philosophy in the context of globalization
Rezvanolla Seyfullaev - PhD,
Olessia Stroeva - PhD,
Moscow, Russia
Philosophy of the XXIst century – Dialogue of Cultures
Vilayat Ismailov - PhD, Professor
Abulfaz Babazadeh - PhD,
Baku, Azerbaijan
Countercultural expansion and cross-cultural interaction - philosophical view

 Theocharis Kessidis   - philosopher,
Academy of Athens member

Globalisation and cultural identity

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