"Best philosophical ideas educate,
consolidate and unite Humanity"


Papers offered on Program topics

Topic 3 
List of main global threats and challenges to Humanity of nowadays and in the near future

of major global threats and challenges
to Mankind today and in the near future

The Humanity is seeking
the way to self-survival

Evgeny A. Abramyan - PhD,
physicist, Professor, Russia
XXI century: problems and outlooks
Mikhail Weller - Writer, Russia
Outlining a bridge across the abyss
Gerald Gutenschwager - PhD - Professor Emeritus Washington University, USA
The Dialectic of Change
Naum Yaroschuk - PhD, Russia
The problem of nation as a global problem
Alexander Voin - PhD, Israel
The global crisis of Humanity and the scientific technological progress
Mikhail Shternberg - PhD, Russia
Ways to surmount world crisises
Alexander Maslikhin - PhD,
Nikolai Khlybov,
Alexander Fedyaev, Mari, Russia
Global problems of mankind: existing dangers and organizational decisions
Peter McCormick - PhD, France - Canada
Nuclear Disarmament: What A Reasoned and Meditative Self Restraint Looks Like
Alexander Maslikhin - PhD,
Damir Mukhamatgaliev, Mari, Russia
Global Problems of Humanity in Terms of Visualisation

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