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Topic 2 
The true scientific picture of the World – modern philosophical approaches

The true
scientific picture
of the World

Vyacheslav S. Stepin - Academician
of the Russian Academy
of Sciences, Russia
Universal theory of evolution is the basis of a modern scientific picture of the world
Dr. Igor Kondrashin - PhD, philosopher, Russia
Realistic understanding of the World Scientific picture through a new ontological model: time - space - quality
Dr. Evgeny Abramyan - рrofessor, doctor of
engineering sciences, Russia
Once again about the Future of Civilization and search for other Worlds
Avtarjeet S. Dhanjal -
writer, thinker, UK
How real is the Western scientific understanding of the world?
Vasile Datcu -
thinker, writer, Romania
The Genetics of the Social Organisms
Kaiti Kagaraki - PhD,
Athens, Greece
The True Scientific Picture of the World – Modern Philosophical Approaches
The Damage to the World’s Image from Non-Scientific Approaches
Dr. Anatoliy Arlychev - рrofessor, doctor of philosophical sciences, Russia
Picture of the World in the context of the concept of motion
Dr. Naira Danielyan - PhD,
Professor, Moscow, Russia
Consideration of the Modern Scientific Picture of the World as the Unity of Objective and Subjective Characters
Dr. Timi Ecimovic - PhD,
Professor, Slovenia and
Dr Raoul Weiler - Prof Emeritus, Belgium, EU
The Nature integration and disintegration is one of basic principles

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