"Best philosophical ideas educate,
consolidate and unite Humanity"


Papers offered on Program topics

Topic 15 
How to improve the Life of Humanity globally - the most interesting, wise and reasonable suggestions of practical philosophy

Alexander Voitov - PhD
in Economics, Russia
Practical philosophy - the true meaning and perspectives
Robley E. George -
Ramifications of Socioeconomic Democracy
Igor I. Kondrashin -
PhD, philosopher, Russia
The two Ancient Greek traditions – the first one is revived, the time came to revive the second tradition
Dr. W. Julian Korab-Karpowicz -
Professor, Praha, Czech Republic
Global Solidarity as a Way to Overcome Current World Problems
Dr. Helen Tsolakidou -
PhD, Greece
How social class of students of Lyceum influences their performance in school and their further education
Ravil Kalmykov - PhD,
Ivanovo, Russia
Complex Research from Within and Outside - as Interdisciplinary Tool in Studying Self-organizing Systems of the Different Nature
Paris Katsivelos -
Professor of Dramatic Art, Athens, Greece
Philosophy of Esoterism
Dimitris A. Pollatos -
thinker, Athens, Greece
Global prosperity and the use of the quote “Ta panda rei" in the improvement of our daily life
Olga Gomilko - PhD,
Kiev, Ukraine
Ontological Turn in Science and Practical Turn in Philosophy: the Way for Reconciliation of Human Reason and Life on the Earth
Carlos Antonio Arias Reggeti - writer, Venezuela
Universal Model for Integration and Development
Lawrence C. Dellasoudou -
Professor, Athens, Greece
Components and extensions of equality: Illustrative examples

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