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"Best philosophical ideas educate,
consolidate and unite Humanity"


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Topic 14 
Citizens of the Earth (World) – what they should be in the 21st century and how they should differ from non-citizens, alien beings? What should be the process of their educating, training and multiplying, its monitoring and formalization to raise confidence and respect for this status?

Mental-status hierarchy of society

What kind of individuals prevail in it and constitute its essence?

MINIMUM of civil knowledge,
which every individual on Earth should obtain
to become a real Man (a Human Being) -
an Earth Citizen of the 21st century

Peter Kemp - the ancien president of FISP, Copenhagen NV, Denmark
Citizen of the World as a Cultural Figure
Alexander N. Chumakov - PhD, professor, Russia
Globalization and cosmopolitanism
in the context of modernity
Hugh McDonald
- journalist from the USA
The Challenge of a Global Environmental Philosophy to Humanism: Revaluation of Cosmopolitan Ethics
Evgeny A. Abramyan - PhD,
physicist, Professor, Russia
On Transhumanism
Dr. Igor Kondrashin - PhD, philosopher, Russia
The improvement of civil education of all the Earth population is the only way to the Sustainable Future of Humankind
Dr. Glen Martin - PhD, professor, Radford, USA
The Ethical Foundations and Curricular Principles of Global Education
Dr. Shaoyu Zhang - PhD, professor
Inner Mongolia, China
Aristotle's philosophy is the source of human civilization
Dr. Inna Birich - PhD,
professor, Moscow, Russia
Human qualities 
Zhamgyrbek Bokoshov - PhD,
professor, Kyrgyzstan
Development of a global identity
Lavrentios G. Dellassoudas - PhD, Professor Em., Greece
The evolution of man to a citizen with universal consciousness
Dr. Valerian Petrov - PhD,
associate professor,
Yoshkar-Ola, Russia
Philosophy of education in solution of
global problems of today
Dr. Vislavy Zorin - PhD,
professor, Kineshma, Russia
How to become not only clever, but wise as well 

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