"Best philosophical ideas educate,
consolidate and unite Humanity"


Papers offered on Program topics

Topic 13 
Self-governance of the Humanity: Earth Government, Earth Constitution, Unified Earth ideology, Earth (World) citizenship – isn’t it the time to start creating real social institutions on the basis of these ideas?

Dr. Evanghelos Moutsopoulos - Member of the Athens Academy of Sciences, Greece
Is a Renewal of Humanism Possible Today?  
Nicholas Hagger -
writer, philosopher - UK
Universalism and Universal World State 
Dr. Ivan Bogdan - PhD, professor, Moscow, Russia
World intellectuals should rally for system work for solution of Mankind problems
Dr. Shaoyu Zhang - PhD, prof., Inner Mongolia, China
The human principles of Aristotelian practical philosophy
Dr. Valery Goryunov - PhD, Prof., St-Petersburg, Russia
The problem of realization of humanistic ideals in relativistic model of society 
Dr. Anatoliy Arlychev - PhD,
professor, Moscow, Russia
Social humanism as an ideological driving force of civilization
Dr. Glen Martin - PhD, professor, Radford, USA
The Concept of “Ethical Responsibilities”
in Relation to the Earth Constitution
Dr. H.A. Shankaranarayana - PhD, professor, Bangalore, India
Converging Philosophy for the (E) Merging Converging World – An Approach of Synthesis
Dr. Alexander V. Maslikhin - PhD, professor of Mari State University, Russia
Ideas of pacifism, peace and nonviolence in condition of globalization 
Dr. Natan Solodukho - PhD,
professor, Kazan, Russia
The situational approach to solution of global problems
Dr. Evgeny A. Abramyan - PhD, physicist, Prof., Russia
Sustainable development – how can it be achieved?
Dr. Philippos Nicolopoulos - PhD, assoc. Professor of sociology, Greece
The Large Sense of the Platonic Consideration in Politics and the Multilevel Crisis of the Contemporary Society

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