The Earth Human civilization is in great DANGER ! ! !


The Humanity is capable to solve all to-day major global threats and challenges
and the time came for Mankind to start the process

Igor I. Kondrashin

Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted by the United Nations in 1948, states that «All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood».
According to the above Declaration every individual and every organ of society can achieve that only through enlightenment and education.

It is well known that reason is sanity, the ability of true understanding and comprehension of actuals of reality and of own existence, the skill not only to distinguish true from false, good from evil, values of vices, but also to use rational scientific knowledge as the supreme and final authority on all disputed issues of human life during the formation of positive levels of own consciousness.

At the same time, conscience is a person's ability to carry out moral self-control on the basis of the norms formulated in a given society and rules of behavior, to formulate for himself independently high moral duties, to demand from yourself their performance and to make a self-appraisal of made acts from the heights of morality, i.e. this notion of moral consciousness, the inner conviction that what is good and evil, the awareness of moral responsibility for own behavior, it is the ability of a person, critically estimating own actions, thoughts, desires, to realize and interpret own discrepancy to the due as own imperfection.

Judging by the poorly controlled situation in the world and occurring conflict events, it is obvious that not all individuals on the Earth possess reason and conscience, so are sufficiently enlightened and educated and therefore worthy of being called human beings.

Consequently, the basic threat to ALL Life on Earth - the growth of the number of individuals on the planet insufficiently brought up, educated and enlightened to have adequate for the XXI-st century consciousness, and with it both high-grade reason and conscience.

From here follow:

1. Major global humanitarian threats:

- massive and widespread illiteracy and ignorance, low culture of behavior and bioethics;
- widespread disregard for issues of personal and public hygiene and environmental protection;
- a growing shortage of drinking water, foodstuffs and power resources;
- impossibility for many people to feed themselves and their families.
2. Major global social threats:
- poverty, unemployment and malnutrition (hunger);
- inability to maintain the universal purity and preservation of public order;
- pretentious luxury and demonstration of their wealth by separate individuals, causing by these bad feelings among the disadvantaged.
3. Overall global ideological threats:
- absence until now generally accepted philosophy that meets modern science;
- the continuing vacuum in the creation of a progressive universal ideology due to neglect to the values of classical philosophy since the Byzantine Emperor Justinian I (529 year);
- as a consequence, growth in the number of ignorant and unscientific ideal and ideological dogmas, contributing to the alienation, fragmentation of the world's population up to the hostility of certain groups, and even the peoples, nations, states and their units.
4. Major global political threats:
- Lack of Concept of Further Development of Mankind based on modern science;
- as a consequence, the political hegemony of certain economic structures in world politics, utilizing national and global political institutions in the interest and for the benefit of a narrow circle of financial and wealthy individuals for their further enrichment;
- attempts of some political institutions to impose its political will on other nations and all Mankind not by the methods of promoting positive examples of modern scientific knowledge and belief, but through the use of outdated ideological dogmas, the policy of double standards and doublespeak, a show of force or a threat of its use;
- potential threat of regional conflicts smouldering escalate into inter-state and even global military conflict with unpredictable consequences for the fate of Humanity.
5. General global threats and challenges to Humanity:
- Continued misunderstanding and absence of serious attempts to struggle with the base threat to Life on the Earth – global growth of number of people with the underdeveloped till the level of 21-st century or deformed consciousness by means of enlightenment, corresponding education and proper upbringing;
- acts of terrorism and military conflicts of the global character, which can lead to such planetary consequences as a nuclear winter, hypermass epidemics or intoxications, etc.;
- irreversible changes in the climate of the planet with horrors of floods, hurricanes, droughts, fires and poor harvests, mass illnesses;
- disappearance of woods, drying of the rivers and lakes, destruction of habitual florae and faunae, which negatively affects the health of the population of the planet;
- death of people from mass hunger, natural disasters, earthquakes, typhoons, tsunamis, epidemics and global anthropogenous catastrophes.

If misunderstanding of danger of the specified threats and challenges will continue, but the struggle and counteraction to these threats immediately and everywhere won't begin, the self-destruction of Mankind is inevitable in the very near historic time.
To eliminate or prevent these threats and challenges it is possible only one nonviolent way - to improve the worldwide system of upbringing and education, to unify it globally and on its basis to develop the consciousness of ALL inhabitants of the planet so that they become capable to understand each other in every spot on the globe and to live with each other in peace and harmony, in the conditions of general progress and prosperity.
Human beings (people) with underdeveloped or distorted consciousness cannot be considered as high-grade, full-fledged individuals, i.e. a real Man. It is a semifinished product which recruits ranks of individuals with the imperfect or deformed consciousness (i.e. the worst variant of the layman), or even non-humans.
As such individuals are incapable to implement fully their public duties, then for this reason they are unworthy to use in the same measure the human rights. Only bringing them back to normal consciousness through education and training can make them real, socially active people and full members of Humanity.

Thus, there is only one mechanism for establishing coexistence on Earth of all its inhabitants - their mental improvement for a more developed status – to residing on the planet as a new, more perfect social identity of people of the new type – as the CITIZEN of the Earth (WORLD). Finally ALL individuals of the Humanity should become Citizens of the Earth. It was exactly this dream, which philosophers of ancient Greece creating their own works laid down in the basis of classical philosophy. That's what the best part of the current population of the planet should do, because only their consciousness and psyche are able to realize approaching large-scale threats and challenges to Humanity, each of which is capable to become the reason of its complete destruction.

Together, let us not allow it.

                       President of the World Philosophical Forum
                                                      Igor Kondrashin


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