Scientific arsenal of Philosophy can help Humanity


Moving from tradition to innovation
only scientific arsenal of Philosophy can help Humanity
to get practical solutions of to-day and future global problems

Elias Demirtzoglou

WORLD PHILOSOPHICAL FORUM in its nature is the unique project aiming to unite thinkers of the Earth armed with noble intentions - to discuss existing world problems that trouble Humanity, solely merely continuous general problems which break the world peace, those that all of us can witness every day on TV or read in newspapers. Thus the Forum activity is aiming to find meaningful solutions to at least some of them, those the most dangerous problems which continue from day to day without any obvious reasons.
The natural disasters, the political unrests and military conflicts throughout the world, the ideological disagreements, the economic crisis, the climate-resulted cataclysms that pounds our everyday lives are just a few of the global problems that this human race faces.
On the other hand, we cannot fail to notice disastrous results as observed from various groups of individuals, ethnic, race, social, nations’ and even civilizations’ conflicts, deriving from hostility and misunderstanding, thus aggravating differences among the peoples. This can be widely observed in European, South American, Middle East and Asian countries, in short, just about throughout the world.
It is due to all this, that our humane sensitivity for our home planet has driven us all into this Forum to underline, discuss and seek solutions for, so we will be given a chance to continue looking forward to the future existence of this human race .
Surely, most of the people on Earth can see and understand all these problems and they all wish to have them solved the soonest possible, but unfortunately they have no idea how to do it; if they did, they would have already applied the right solution to all of them. We do also notice, that every now and then groups of experts, mostly politicians, meet on various conferences trying to discuss and analyze a situation, but instead, it continues to deteriorate with every passing day. This could very well be a proof that the grounds of their discussions are either based on wrong issues or targets, or the chosen solutions end up using the wrong approaches and tools.
As we all know, Humanity has a long recorded History. Therefore the troubled periods and corresponding approaches to solutions of problems, as they have been registered, have pointed out the significant conclusion that serious thinking can produce practical ideas which can lead to methods of facing each issue. And in the pages of history there is solid indication that most of the respective and perspective ideas or solutions originated from the simple minds of scientists and philosophers of Ancient Greece, and the fact that the WORLD PHILOSOPHICAL FORUM started shedding its radiant light of modern philosophical ideas from the place where the right philosophical concept was first born, is hardly to be seen as a coincidence.
Therefore, solutions came out of ideas, and ideas were the result of proper thinking and discussions, whereupon discussion could very well be considered a product of various creative minds and correct positive consciousness.
And discussion of issues at hand has its roots in Ancient Hellenic gatherings of great philosophers, which were called Dialectic Symposiums, with the sole purpose of brainstorming opinions and ideas, on equal basis, to produce conclusive results to various concerns. These Symposiums came to be equally popular as the Olympic Games, and could very well be considered too as Competition Games of Minds, of Wisdom and Reason. These so called traditions, although prohibited a few centuries later, Mankind found it necessary to revive them as well as the noble spirit of the Olympic Games.
And of course, the present time is really the right time to revive them and bring forth this really important, but formerly degraded tool to the aid of our world, in the form of WORLD PHILOSOPHICAL FORUM and its Dialectical Symposiums with ideas equipped with wisdom, reason, morality, conscience, values, ethics, sincerity and dignity towards humanity. And it is now, more than ever that our world is in need of Wisdom and Morality, should the human race consider its vital problems worthy of applicable and drastic solutions.
There is no other reasonable alternative for Mankind for the TIME being until it is too late.
But why does Mankind finds it so difficult to bring peoples of the Earth together to a unified system of values or a correct ideological concept? Could it be that their differences lie upon terrestrial nationality? Could it be that their true differences lie upon religion beliefs? Or maybe the language barrier contributes to this approach?
I am sure that everyone will agree with me that together with cultural behavior, also race characteristics, ideology, nationality, living standards, honor, faith and social status, all contribute to restrain a unified level of values and a proper ideology. But why do we need to bring individual different set of values within the scope of a universally accepted code of rights?  Maybe it is because Humanity should start looking upon commonly accepted values and standards with a sincere intention, so that the human beings of present and future generations should be given a chance to be brought up, educated and develop social consciousness, much like Socrates, who was the first to say: “I’m not an Athenian, nor a Greek, but a citizen of the world”.
Surely, this cannot be accomplished by just a wishful thinking, no matter how noble the intentions might be. Efforts should be directed to our best of capabilities, so that through dialectic meetings, the scientists, philosophers and thinkers of the world will be in a position to present solutions to Humanity to consider. If this comes to pass, at least the half of Mankind’s problems will come to be solved.
So far, we have already a lot of proposals sent to our Program committee from all over the world that are in papers published on our website.
I am sure that this Forum’s proceedings are merely the start of our future work. Once again, the greatness of the philosophy via the dialectic method is called upon to present solutions to the world.
But to make all these words materialise into actions, we should invite the majority of the thinking minds from all countries of the planet to be united at least through becoming permanent members of the WORLD PHILOSOPHICAL FORUM Organization. It is our duty that we should start appropriate programs so that the consciousness training of the people of the World towards global issues in each country is strengthened in their number. Only in this way we can overcome our problems and unite the Humanity to an entire human society, to a single living organism. I hope we can do it together with all of you, and hopefully with all other thinkers of the world who, I hope, will join this activity from now on.

                       Vice-President of the World Philosophical Forum
                                                      Elias Demirtzoglou


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