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Universal diagnostical-educational program 'MIRROR of MY SOUL'

Every normally developed person has a normally developed brain, capable to perform the functions of normally developed mentality, adequating the requirements of the contemporary epoch, i.e. the beginning of the XXI century.
If the brain is developed normally, then the normally developed mentality provides to an individual a normal expression of his psyche and intellect, consciousness, self-consciousness, and in the best case, even his self-awareness, enabling to understand the meaning of his own life.
If the brain is not developed in the normal way, then the individual's mentality is not developed accordingly that gives grounds for the emergence of certain demential deviations, abnormalities in his thinking.
Underdevelopment of the brain can be caused by both physiological (defective genetics, brain trauma), but more often, by informational and educational reasons and flaws in the educational period in the formation of the mentality.
For this reason, there is an urgent need to detect the presence of demential deviations, abnormalities of the brain of a person, their nature and significance. It may be necessary for a range of real-life situations.
For example, when you want to enter into a lasting marriage, not bringing it to a speedy divorce, you want to know the dementivity of the mentality of your favorite and compatibility of your consciousnesses.
Another case can be a circumstance when you, as a Manager, want to hire a good employee with a healthy, well-developed mentality, but you don't know whom to choose from the group of desiring without a detailed picture of their mentalities.
The next important case can be regular elections of any level, when from a long list of candidates you can't choose a decent candidate to be during the next electoral term a good Deputy or a leader with the lowest level of dementivity of his mentality.
And since the parameters of the mentality depending on the age of a person are changing constantly the same as the requirements to it, then every individual has to monitor on a regular basis throughout his life the level of the development of his mentality (i.e. the results of his brain's functioning), its adequacy to the contemporary requirements, like it is necessary for any personto to monitor constantly their blood pressure, the level of cholesterol and blood sugar, as well as the heart, liver, lungs conditions, etc.
It is also useful to monitor the functioning of the brain and mentality parameters of your relatives, colleagues and friends, periodically taking interest in the result of diagnostics of the components of their mentality.
Specialists-consciologists are engaged in the identification of the contemporary parameters of the standard, Etalon mentality, and if you have an interest in the subject, you may read about it in the special description of the canons of the new science in the field of BIOPHILOSOPHY - Consciology.

According to the most cautious evaluations of WPF experts the mentality of more than three quarters of the Earth population is affected by Dementia in varying degrees, more than half of the planet inhabitants suffer from schizophrenia, or/and oligophrenia (mental retardation) of varying severity, the main manifestations of which are autism and delusional complexes - phobias and manias.

It is quite natural that the best results of the diagnosis of these mental disorders and/or deviations you can get during the interlocution with a specialist-consiotherapist in the format of a secular confession.

However, an approximate, indicative level of the mentality development and its dementivity can be defined independently by oneself according to the following scheme of online diagnostics made on the basis of the universal and General human and civil knowledge that everyone on the Earth should know and master these days, i.e. in the second decade of the XXI century.

But in order to get the access to the online diagnostics, you have to pay the appropriate amount for the provided opportunity:

The payment for the online diagnostics in the amount of 35 euro can be transferred to WPF Bank account in:
ALPHA BANK, Athens, Greece,
IBAN account No.: GR06 0140 1980 1980 0278 6037 120
Swift code: CRBAGRAA
to the name of Igor Kondrashin

If you like, you have the possibility to pay the fee for the online diagnostics from your debit or credit card:

WPF online Diagnostics
About the transfer of your amount, please, let us know by e-mail- wphforum@gmail.com.

After checking your payment, a password will be sent to your e-mail address,
with which you will be able to enter the page of the online diagnosis of your mentality and consciousness:



If you already the Citizen of the Earth, then you can simply insert the last four digits of your ID number:

Your ID number of the Citizen of the Earth:             


If diagnosis of your mind shows an unsatisfactory result, then you are advised strongly to contact immediately
one of the Centres of diagnostics and correction of consciousness-mentality of WPF for a more accurate diagnosis and,
if necessary, correction of your mentality in order to improve it to the maximum extent.

and counteraction to DEMENTIA
" are located at the following addresses:

1) Russia, Moscow - is opened in February 2018 (Address and telephone number of WPF Center you can find out on the request to - wphforum@gmail.com)
2) Greece, Athens - will be opened in June 2018
3) Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur - will be opened in November 2018

In addition to consultation and advices on the diagnosis and correction of your consciousness (mentality), in the WPF Center you may receive the official WPF "Certificate" on the parameters of your mentality and level of its dementivity.
At the same Center you may apply for and obtain the supranational personalized "CERTIFICATE of the Citizen of the Earth-XXI".

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