“Best philosophical ideas to educate, consolidate and transform Humanity into integrated Earth-XXI CITIZENSHIP”

Consciology (the science of consciousness)

in the global fight with Dementia

"Education is the greatest problem and the hardest task for a person,
because consciousness depends on education, and education,
in its turn, depends on consciousness".                                   

Immanuel Kant

Dated June 12, 2017



General ideas about consciousness

      Until now consciousness is the least studied component of the process of human thinking from a scientific (and especially from the scientific philosophical) point of view, though the interest to its cognition in recent years is growing more and more (along with the natural growth of the self-consciousness of humanity).
      Oxford International Dictionary of Psychology characterizes consciousness this way: “The having of perceptions, thoughts, and feelings; awareness. The term impossible to define except in terms that are unintelligible without a grasp of what consciousness means. Many fall into the trap of confusing consciousness with self-consciousness – to be conscious it is only necessary to be aware of external world. Consciousness is a fascinating but elusive phenomenon: it is impossible to specify what it is, what it does, or why it evolved. Nothing worth reading has been written about it».
     One of the most famous in the world modern experts on consciousness – Professor of philosophy from Australia David Chalmers describes the phenomenon of consciousness in his book ‘The Conscious Mind’ as follows: “Consciousness is the biggest mystery. It may be the largest outstanding obstacle to our quest for scientific understanding of the universe…
      We have good reason to believe that consciousness arises from physical systems such as brains, but we have little idea how it arises, or why it exists at all… Present-day scientific theories hardly touch the really difficult questions about consciousness. We do not just lack a detailed theory; we are entirely in the dark about how consciousness fits into the natural order.
     Many books and articles on consciousness have appeared in the past few years, and one might think that we are making progress. But on a closer look, most of this work leaves the hardest problem about consciousness untouched. Often, such work addresses what might be called the “easy” problems of consciousness … but in each case one is left with the feeling that the central problem remains as puzzling as ever.
      This puzzlement is not a cause for despair; rather, it makes the problem of consciousness one of the most exiting intellectual challenges of our time. Because consciousness is both so fundamental and so ill understood, a solution to the problem may profoundly affect our conception of the universe and of ourselves”.

     Based on this, for today the consciousness can be considered as the highest form of mental activity of the human brain, by which he understands and analyzes himself, and everything that happens around him. It is the consciousness of humans that determines the style and way of their life, their everyday behavior, and therefore represents the most valuable and important function of any thinking organism, and above all, of humans.
      It is proved that consciousness is a part of the mentality (the total mental activity) of any living creature on the Earth, along with the psyche (the reflexivity of organism), intellect (cognitive {educational} ability of the brain) and algomodule (a set of learned by brain algorithms of know-how of vitally necessary actions and behaviour). It is quite clear that this division is conditional, based on the criteria of optimality and pragmatism, as arbitrary ones are numbers in mathematics, miles and feet or kilometers and centimeters in space, hours and minutes in time, as languages of peoples, in which they communicate, therefore the above distinction in brain activity is the most optimal and helps to understand better its properties and functions, as well as features of the mental activity of all living things.
     It is quite natural that the inherited genes received from parents and other ancestors carry the basic influence on the formation and ability of the mentality of every living creature – the genotype of organism, which, supplemented by the knowledge gained in the process of further education and learning, generates a corresponding phenotype, which becomes the foundation of the mentality of any highly organized living creatures, including humans. All these create the basis of their brain activity, making them subjects of the informational metabolism going constantly in their brains, thus generating their everyday behavior.
      These are brief knowledge about the mental abilities and brain functions that should know everyone who wants to understand what is the most unique phenomenon in the Universe, what actually consciousness is, from which not only the lives and well-being of every particular individual were depended, depends and will depend, but also the fates of peoples, nations and civilizations, and ultimately, of Humanity itself, and the Life on the Earth in general.

      So, consciousness has been and remains one of the basic notions of philosophy, sociology and psychology, denoting the human ability of ideal playback of reality in mind, i.e. a person's comprehension of the surrounding being and causal-sequential regularity of alternating events and phenomena of life.
      Consciousness, therefore, is an attribute and a function of combinations of the elementary particles of the Universe Matter, linked in a special way in the brain in highly organized organisms, including the most highly organized and developed, that in reality the human brain is, becoming able in a specific their combination to reflect in the process of thinking all the observable objective world in all its diversity. In other words, one might even say that through the brain of the people, through consciousness generated in them the Matter of the Universe, surrounding all of us, self-cognizes and self-realizes itself more and more, deeper and wider.
     We shall not dwell here in detail on the physiology of the process of functioning of the brain carrying out all the functions of consciousness, only briefly recall the background of the origin of this most important for human knowledge notion.
      So, according to the teachings of the greatest ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle, human is a political, or social, animal, which is characterized by an instinctive aspiration to "a joint cohabitation" due to "the consciousness, awareness of the common good." "He who is unable to join and become a part of a community, - he wrote 2.5 millennia ago, - who does not need anything or anyone, sufficient to himself, then, not being a part of the state (i.e. society – ed.) he is either beast, or God." Association of people, according to Aristotle, is a natural way of their being, in which the possibility of "communication of similar to each other people for the sake of possible better existence" appears.
     It is the communication of close (similar) by the level of development of mentality, especially consciousness, individuals that has led to the creation of society. Thus, Aristotle, one of the first formulated a logical necessity of the unity of people, specifying, however, two possible opposite directions in the development of humans from the animal level: one (in his terms) in the direction of the beast (i.e., conditionally negative), the other - to the God direction (i.e., conditionally positive), while noting also, what is extremely important especially now, that society requires similarity of consciousness of communicating and uniting people.
      Sameness, similarity of consciousness, or similar knowledge – co-knowledge, of what? The analysis of the history of consciousness establishment shows that recognition of the need of development of value, axiological orientations in the direction of goodness and usefulness, and not in the opposite direction, on the one hand, deliverance from all vicious, and not follow them, on the other, a similar understanding of the advantages and dangers posed by one or another trend, and perceiving them as the norm and the abnormality, and not vice versa, can serve as a uniting outset for people.
     On this basis, the hierarchy of the noospheric values and negaspheric vices over time, has become to compose the ontological foundation of the ethical, moral balance of a person, defining the nature of his formed consciousness, the variety (diversity) of its shades. The totality of existing, established value-vicious orientations have formed and still creates a kind of the axis of consciousness, supporting the stability of a person, or contributing to his decline; his predisposition to harmony, to development or degradation; the continuity of a particular type of behavior or activity, motivated by the directivity of needs and interests. Because of this, value orientations act as the most important factor regulating, determining the motivation of individual in judgments and actions.
      Developed value orientations are a sign of maturity of a person, indicator of the measure of his sociality, the basis for a decision in an individual plan of the question about the meaning of life, by which the integration of the combination of value orientations in a holistic and unique somewhat, specific for a given individual, occurs.
     Thus, on the basis of the genetic inheritance, supplemented by acquired knowledge and education, obtained experience and skills, not only the horizons of the worldview is expanding, but also an individual own value system of every person is being build, the individual set of values is composed in such a way, that he in his quest towards perfection over time can supplement it more and more, making his life more meaningful and purposeful.
      At the same time a list of known vices is being fixed in his consciousness, which a person seeks to get rid of in every way, or not acquire them at all. In cases, if the set of values turned out somehow incomplete or distorted, it may directly affect the fate of the individual, leading to the loss by him of semantic settings and life orientation.

     The ideas of two opposite tendencies that exist in the world and influencing the process of formation of consciousness, and with it the being, got the development from Augustine the Blessed, another philosopher of antiquity, who in the fourth century substantiated the essence of Christianity and believed that "there is always no more than two kinds of human communication. One of them is a world of evil, the other is a world of good."
      The list of universal value orientations evolved from century to century gradually, with the development of human consciousness. Axiological (value) basics of the world outlook and behavior were included always yet in the ancient biblical texts of edifications, where in addition to behavioral precepts at the same time necessarily were given concepts of sin, expressing certain prohibitions.
     In Russia, the herald of axiological orientation of worldview ideas, setting a certain value normativity, was the Russian philosopher V. S. Soloviev, who more than 100 years ago asserted that the future of humankind is alternative: either biologization of life, a rapid growth of material needs and degeneration of people into the beast-race, beast-hood, or the cultivation of all positive, all the best in society and achievement of the God-manhood.
      Speaking about consciousness, it is impossible not to mention also the Russian academician V. M. Bekhterev, neurologist, who construed the consciousness as an awareness of knowledge. In 1888 he wrote on this subject the fundamental scientific work “Consciousness and its borders”.
     At present, a number of scientists and philosophers, united in organizations such as, for example, "Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness" or "Global Consciousness Project" are engaged in the study of consciousness, but, unfortunately, tangible results in this subject they have not yet reached.

A scientific approach in the cognition of consciousness

      Anyway, but in the end by now it is generally accepted that consciousness is the highest stage of mind having evolved over millions of years in all living on the planet Earth and which have achieved the highest degree of development only in the most perfect organism, resulting from the long evolution of the biosphere on the Earth - in human being, and precisely in the most important organ he has – in his brain, to be more exact, in its neuron-neuropile layer that contains about 100 billion nerve cells called neurons. The highest realms of neuro-psychical and intellectual-mental activity of the most advanced subsections of the brain in the process of its functioning reveal actually something what the people because of their ignorance still name the heart, the theologians – the soul, the medics – psyche, and only scientific philosophers rightly title it as consciousness. Thus, according to its etymology the consciousness in fact is not not at all a medical, nor clerical, but strictly scientific-philosophical term and notion.
     It is authentically known that every individual has consciousness, but the trouble is, that the majority of people know nothing about consciousness as such, and especially about their own consciousness, though their whole life, as the lives of the people around them, of their natural environment depend on the condition of their consciousness. Maximum, what people have achieved from the scientific point of view in this direction at the moment, it is the summing up of the medical knowledge about the psyche, establishing neurology and psychology, on the basis of which appropriate medical specialists – neurologists, psychologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists are being trained.
      Here it is impossible not to mention the ideas of the famous Russian physiologist and psychologist Ivan Sechenov, who in the second half of the 19th century developed the natural-scientific theory of the psychical regulation of behavior. In his book “Reflexes of the Brain”, he described how any psychical activity of humans is just a response of their brain to irritations coming from the outside world. At the end of any psychic action, there is always a contraction of certain muscles. In this work Sechenov began to consider the psyche not from the spiritual, but from the medical point of view. When excited, human receptors transmit the necessary information to the brain and spinal cord, where it is processed, after that the brain transmits response orders to perform this or other action to effectors. In other words, Sechenov was the first man, who discovered the reflex character of the psychical activity of people.
     Sechenov's ideas further were developed in the scientific works of another Russian scientist Ivan Pavlov, who made a significant contribution to the development of psychology and physiology. It is he, who is considered the founder of such a scientific direction as higher nervous activity. In 1904, for his work, he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine.
      In Europe, the successor of Ivan Sechenov was Sir Charles Sherrington, an English neurophysiologist, who received the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1932 for describing the functions of neurons. He affirmed that the nervous system, including the brain, can be understood as a single interlinking network. His alternative explanation of synaptic communication between neurons helped shape our understanding of the central nervous system.
     With all of this, it was proved for the first time that to the phenomenon of consciousness the psyche has a distinct relation, and the scientific, mainly medical knowledge used for its description and regulation, used by medical specialists, has only a collateral relation to consciousness, since for diagnosis and correction of consciousness in addition to specific medical knowledge about the structure and functions of the brain, nutrition of brain cells, it is also needed other, first of all, the scientific-philosophical knowledge about the specifics of the informational filling of the content aspect of consciousness.
      That is why, in addition to knowledge about cellular metabolism, experts in the field of consciousness should necessarily possess also clear knowledge about the informational metabolism, occurring throughout all human's life along with the cellular metabolism. Thus, the content aspect of consciousness comes out to the fore in knowledge about consciousness as it is, in its formation, diagnosis and correction.
     For this reason, at present a quite new science was established – the science of consciousnessconsciology (from Eng. - consciousness – awareness, anc.-Gr. - logos – knowledge), which can become the basis for educating and training of specialists with medical-philosophical knowledge - consciologists, consciotherapists, consciatrists – specialized on formation, diagnosis and correction of consciousness (individual, group, regional, national, and even universal, global). It is they, but not family psychologists, should be available to every person, every family, every community at the local, regional, national, and now, global levels.
      However, it should be noted at once that philosophical knowledge for informational filling of the content aspect of consciousness should be not scholastic, i.e. far from real life, i.e. not those, which are now being studied in most nowadays universities, but teachings of strictly scientific, scientifically-practical Philosophy, which was created and being practiced in Ancient Greece and which was banned in 529 by the Byzantine Emperor Justinian I, forgotten since then, and only now is being revived under the opposition of scholastics by the thinkers of the World Philosophical Forum.

     It is well known that in the existing at the present day reality the living of people on the Earth is globalized increasingly. Similarly, the process of globalization should be reflected increasingly in the consciousness of each human, as more and more also should be globalized the public consciousness, eventually becoming the basis of the global public consciousness. Therefore, consciology should clearly describe, and consciologists and consciotherapists should clearly imagine, correctly regulate and explain all those processes and phenomena.
      All people, and specialists-consciologists in the first place, should know firmly that on the basis of initially filled through the informational metabolism the content component of consciousness, later on through mechanisms of the psyche all the practical actions of all the living beings, including humans, are being realized, resulting in their everyday conduct, the way and style of their life; i.e., the composition and completeness of its content component directly impact on the specific and character of each formed consciousness, thereby on the entire current living activity of a certain human, and with him, and of a social formation (socium), where he is a member if he is.
     It is not a secret that as a rule with age the consciousness of any human fades due to the fading of his brain activity. This can be observed looking at the elderly, each of us over time would feel so. In this regard, one should be very careful in correct use of relevant terminology. For example, when we hear: "A man has lost consciousness", i.e. "passed out", it only means that he does not show signs of life, the signal subsystem of his psyche in his brain was cut out for some reason from his consciousness, nothing more. It is more correctly to name this like anesthesia of consciousness, disconnection of consciousness.
      "To lose consciousness" actually means to lose gradually (if they were present) conscience, the ability of self-analysis and self-control, to change the range of interests, motivation of settings, morality. This doesn't happen accidentally, it happens gradually and can be connected with the most widespread in the world disease – dementia, i.e.imbecility, which due to this has become the indicator of completeness, perfection and development of consciousness. Therefore, dementia can come, occur at any moment of life of a living being, including humans, for very different reasons. In essence, it is a disease, but the disease of non medical nature, but because of a wrong informational metabolism. It is as if during cellular metabolism to eat inappropriate food (stones, wood, arsenic, etc.), then you will get any disease until fatal outcome. The same thing is during the informational metabolism, a deficiency of necessary knowledge or receipt of inappropriate knowledge and information inevitably leads to the disease of consciousness – consciopathy, up to an atrophy of brain, which ultimately can cause lethal outcome.
     Consciopathy (or inadequacy of consciousness) can be congenital, hereditary and acquired. Statistically the acquired form of consciopathy is most common. Regardless of this, the main, most important indicative features of consciopathy characterize:
     1) the degree of completeness, of completion of consciousness formation,
     2) its accordance to the current historical time of evolutionary development of the civilization, its civilizational progress,
     3) absence in this development of any distorting, omissions or delays.

     This can happen because of:
     1) incomplete or incorrect education of an individual in the initial period of his growth (maturation),
     2) incorrect or harmful informational entourage, in which he lives, i.e. the destructive impact of the negasphere that unhealthily effect on the informational metabolism flowing constantly in his brain,
     3) as a result of degradation of personality due to alcohol, drugs, inhabitancy,
     4) due to old age, physical injury, atrophy of the brain, or stroke.

      All these lead to a demential disease of an individual regardless of age, manifested in one of ten degrees (stages) of its severity (from the first to tenth), characterized by such phenomena as, for example, manias, phobias, delusional complexes, schizophrenia, paranoia, paraphrenia, Alzheimer's, etc.
     Frankly speaking, all humans on the Earth are ill with dementia. It is an indisputable fact. The question is – in what degree (from 1 to 10)? The disease can have quite slight, non-hazardous for surrounding stage, but it can reveal itself in the most severe and dangerous 10-th stage, herewith its severeness or slightness do not depend on age of an individual, and depend on his genetic heritage, upbringing and education, as well as further informational "feeding" of his brain throughout his life.
      Thus, the presence of dementia in humans is a specific indicator of the soundness of his mentality generally, the degree of maturity or distortion of his consciousness. Meanwhile, it should be borne in mind that "Every distorted consciousness (and with it, appropriately, and mentality) is underdeveloped, but not every underdeveloped consciousness is distorted".
     Therefore the consciousness of any individual is usually in one of three phases: it is either 1) correctly formed, or 2) underdeveloped or 3) distorted. To lose it in a moment is simply impossible, but the informational environment that feeds it is extremely important, as a healthy consciousness by wrong information-knowledge can gradually become sick, and with underdeveloped or distorted consciousness the severity of the disease will increase only more. At the same time, when we have a severe degree of the demential disease of consciousness, then even with correct information-knowledge it is very difficult to restore it completely as it is difficult to restore by good nutrition heavily diseased kidneys, liver or heart. Surgery in curing of consciousness is powerless.

IDEAL CONSCIOUSNESS - tuning fork (etalon, reference, standard) format

      From the foregoing it follows that consciousness as such is being formed in the neuron-neuropile layer of the brain of each human along with the psyche (the reflexivity – the ability to respond adequately to signals of receptors by means of reflexes), algomodule (learned individually know-how – "knowledge-algorithms of how to do anything") and intellect (cognitive ability of this very brain), composing together the so-called mentality of a human, his ability to think. From correctness of the consciousness forming it depends the degree of its development, the presence of its important part – self-consciousness, the direction and completeness of their development, the ability to function, defining acts and deeds committed by an individual in everyday life, at home and in public life.
     The human consciousness in no way is separated from biological, biochemical, bioenergetic, physiological, and informational processes, which are constantly going on in his body, it is directly linked with both the cellular metabolism and the informational one accompanying an individual throughout his life. Being the most important component of the mentality, it directly via the signal subsystems of the human psyche affects the range of his everyday interests, motivation of his behavior, style and way of his life in a much greater extent than other parts of the mentality.
     From an early age we were taught that "being determines (or is determined by) consciousness", while not specifying which of these notions is the object of influence, i.e. in what direction should be put the arrow: this way or that way . However, in real life everything comes to conformity by itself, and our being, our mental outlook and culture of our behavior are determined not so much by our psyche and intellect, how much, and above all, by our matured consciousness, by the direction of its growth, the degree of its maturity and lack of its distortion. Herewith, only a ripening, or underdeveloped consciousness can be subject for active influence from outside, i.e. it is open for replenishment of knowledge (with appropriate intellect). Formed consciousness, i.e., the matured-aged one, especially highly distorted, to adjust, to correct it it is most difficult, and sometimes, just impossible.
     Thus, on the one hand, consciousness undergoes during its formation (it should undergo) the influence, impact, "the determination" of proper upbringing and education, and only after that it itself obtains the ability to determine the being (in the presence of a healthy psyche).
      On the other hand, with lack of beneficial, a "correct" influence, it is distorting, and as a result, it becomes either underdeveloped or distorted, i.e. in any case a demential one.
     With this in mind, the process of social development occurred and still occurs until now everywhere by formation of a summative set of value, axiological orientations as well as perfection of mentality through the development of thinking capabilities and deepening of consciousness of each human being, who became by his fate a member of a particular community of people, in one of two specified opposite directions: in the noospheric one - positive, productive, useful, i.e. as it should be, and in negaspheric - vicious, destructive, under other circumstances.
      In process of evolution of human mind, historically in his consciousness over the animal instincts (animal consciousness) gradually, increasingly different levels of purely human consciousness were being formed, i.e. the subconsciousnesses, determining and defining more and more not only all his human being, the culture of his conduct, the course of everyday actions, but also his social, public relations, evaluation of events and phenomena happening around him (depending on the breadth of his outlook), his direct desire to influence them or participate in them.
     Therefore, the fundamental principles of the healthy, correct, ideal (Etalon, tuning fork) consciousness can be formed, composed primarily in individuals having a physically healthy organism with correctly formed hemispheres of their brain, who are able through upbringing and education to comprehend broad outlook understanding the world, reinforced by a versatile range of knowledge and experience that help to understand and distinguish among various kinds of notions the truths of being, to possess common sense and sanity.
     All of these eventually contribute to the emergence in them of highly evolved consciousness, which is strictly individual, mandatory, personalized attribute of the truly human being (Homo sapiens), the main source of his MIND. Without above conditions, the consciousness cannot arise in humanoid creatures, if they have not received at least the basics of correct primary education and elementary contemporary scientific knowledge. The lack of properly formed consciousness, its immaturity and/or distortions attribute a human-like individual to the category of non-humans, at best – of subhumans.
     It is the completeness of the palette of consciousness subconsciousnesses of a person, the correctness, fullness and updatability of the content component of the consciousness, their interconnection and interaction with his psyche, algomodule and intellect determine a range of his interests, the latitude and scale of outlook, a set of motivational orientations, his moral forming as a personality that ultimately affect every day on the reasonableness of his judgments, reasoning, deeds and actions, the way of his life and norms of behavior.
     The forming of consciousness, its content component, as it is known, starts in the course of primary informational metabolism (children and youth learning and education) similar to the processes occurring during the initial stage of the cellular metabolism in the first period of growth of the young organism. In other words, if for thousands of years the necessary set of nutrients derived from the biosphere has been selected, which provides the basis for the formation of a healthy adult organism and maintains its cells in working, functional condition throughout its later life; the same process is in the forming of the mentality and upholding of sanity, but rather, of the reasonableness of consciousness, when initially the Minimum of universal panhuman knowledge is needed, i.e. a certain set of value concepts, which any person, having acquired them in the period of his upbringing and education, must subsequently use throughout all his life. This knowledge should be regularly updated and upgraded with the help of useful (correct) books, lectures, movies, radio, TV, the Internet and other sources of information obtained from the infosphere, but ideally – only from the noosphere, which correspond to ideals of the scientific-practical Philosophy.
     That's why, in order to form a complete, properly developed, undistorted consciousness it is so important the correct value orientation of upbringing and education, people's awareness of noospherity and negaspherity of various notions and concepts, the accessibility to noospheric knowledge, the accuracy and a correct analyticity in coverage of current events. This correctness (the reference standard) can become known most notably in the teachings and knowledge of the classical scientific-practical Philosophy, which is a kind of guideline in the diversity of knowledge. With this in mind, Plato asserted that only Philosophers can be good Heads of States, or at least those persons, who are well versed in Philosophy. Of course, he meant Philosophers of the scientific-practical Philosophy, not scholastic “philosophers” of nowadays, who at that time did not exist in the Ancient Greece.
     As in the case of a violation of the biochemical replenishment by micronutrients in the process of the cellular metabolism as a result of unilateral, low-value or harmful food physical illnesses of organism of various degrees of severity happen, leading to dysfunctions of certain organs; the same happens also in cases of a violation of the process of informational metabolism as a result of improper upbringing and education (in the process of primary accumulation of knowledge in the consciousness), consumption-learning of a unilateral, low-value, harmful, negative or junk information (in the process of secondary accumulation and circulation of knowledge in the consciousness), when a dullness or even distortion of consciousness take place with all the signs of the demential disease of varying severity – benign and malignant schizophrenic abnormalities leading to dysfunctions and unreasonableness in judgement of individuals, their reasoning, deeds and actions, their lifestyle and norms of their behavior.
     The more diverse and harmonious set (conjunction) of positive knowledge an individual or a social organism (society) have obtained, the more they are true and scientific, the more spheres of being they cover, the closer his personal scale to the ideal (reference standard) scale of values and vices of the classical Philosophy, then the higher level of ideality of the correct individual and social (public) consciousness we can observe, the more they can serve as the tuning fork (the reference standard) for formation and correction of the consciousness of other individuals. And it is according to the achieved level and direction of development of the own consciousness an individual or a society (as an organism) act (react on events and phenomena) in any life situation of ongoing existence-being.

     So, the elemental base of the content component of consciousness as it is, its unique building blocks are semantic notions of the infosphere, which, as we know, are evolving in time and space, reflecting their increasing truth, bringing knowledge to the objective reality.
     Concepts, including value notions, are classified by fields of knowledge, selected according to the spheres of being and gradually evolve in the knowledge and skills distributed in the brain memory in appropriate subconsciousness, which in their classification have common features, on the one hand, with spheres of the macrocosm, on the other, with the hierarchy of values-vices.
     Therefore, for the formation of a perfect, healthy, correct (reference) human consciousness in the twenty-first century it is necessary during the initial training and education to study (to understand, to learn, to load into own memory) the contemporary Personal Minimum of pan-human universal knowledge, the motto of which could be surely the quotation of Kant: "The Starry sky above me and the moral law inside me ... I ... directly connect with the awareness of my existence." This Minimum includes the following knowledge:
     1) about "Big History", the contemporary scientific picture of the world, about the structure of the biosphere and the infosphere;
     2) about the basics of the classical scientific-practical Philosophy and its main ideas;
     3) about the current list of "Universal core values and vices" based on wisdom, reason, morality, justice and responsibility;
     4) about universal human responsibilities (duties) and rights;
     5) of the contemporary nowadays universal ideology of Humanity in XXI century – Transuniversalism;
     6) about the universal canons of culture and standards of the decent human behavior, about the foundations of ethics (including bioethics) and aesthetics;
     7) of the healthy and orderly way of life that should be followed, and also of General vices in lifestyle and behavior that should be avoided;
     8) on the history of the world's major religions, theism and secularism, on the main modern threats and challenges to Humanity (internal and external), as well as the recommended by the scientific experts ways of their solutions;
     9) on the 5 levels of socialization of consciousness , and also to speak the language of the nowadays intercommunication (the international English), to be able to use the computer, Internet and a mobile phone;
     10) on the variety of deviations of consciousness and ways of lowering the level of its dementivity (defectness), if any.

     It should be borne in mind that this Personal minimum in the process of further evolution of Humanity becomes more and more complicated, being added, deepened, and perfected, what will continue to happen definitely in the future as well, and together with it the reference-tuning fork prototype of consciousness does not stay still, but is improving also further more. Therefore, in order to have a modern, proper, close to the reference consciousness, corresponding to the twenty-first century, it is necessary to replenish constantly own knowledge, to update and change in your memory old notions for the new ones. Otherwise, consciousness gradually would deviate, i.e. depart from the norm, becoming more and more defective, and eventually it will go into the category of demential, acquiring consciopathy – one of the forms of dementia.

     It should be borne in mind as well that for the formation of the modern but already the civil consciousness in the twenty-first century it is necessary in addition to the above pan-human knowledge to study (to understand, to learn) the contemporary Minimum of civic knowledge, which among others concepts contains also information:
     11) about Aristotle's table of types of state (political) rule and contemporary structures of self-government of society through the universal socialization;
     12) about universal duties and rights of the Citizen, and other Universal declarations;
     13) about the structure of the world economy, to know the current political and geographical map of the world, main indicators of global statistics, and political situation and events in different parts of the planet;
     14) on local, regional, national and global legislation;
     15) about Global citizenship and the Universal Constitution of the Earth.

     A more detailed information about all these knowledge-concepts, their changes and updates one can find on the World Philosophical Forum website.
     It is there, where you can find the reference scale-table of values and vices, with which every individual, every community of people should periodically compare, collate their respectively individual or communal scales-tables, carrying out a kind of adjustment of consciousness, as it is done when setting up musical instruments, when you compare their sound with the sound of the reference tuning fork or the sound of the first violin before an orchestra starts playing. In this way, in reality the process of gradual alignment and orientation of the global pan-human public consciousness is flowing, albeit very slowly. The problem is how to accelerate this process.
     However, the reference scale-table of values-vices still is not the tuning fork and not the first violin, and therefore, moving together with the point of the AR (the Actual Reality) along the historical axis of time in the direction of positive development – the progress, it also accordingly is transforming, harmonizing, modernizating, improving. That's why the comparison and collation of the content component of consciousness with it should be regular, systematic, and systemic.
     In addition, the pan-human, universal reference scale-table of values-vices serves as the basis for the whole system of reference images and ideals, i.e. figurative purposes, to which people (by the words of the philosopher Seneca) "should move". This system should include all current list of life roles (functions), i.e. the reference "ideal family man", "ideal wife", the reference images of a janitor, salesman, taxi driver, traffic police, journalist, official, Governor, Minister, lawmaker, President of a country.
     Some reference images over time, functionally are becoming obsolete, less topical, as, for example, the coachman or farrier, the others, on the contrary, are modernizing, or even just only appear like newly born reference images of the TV host, programmer-software engineer, marketing manager, etc. Having the necessary set of reference images and ideals, some people have the opportunity to seek what they are (should) to do to become, while others, comparing the actual characteristics of the candidates – find those ones whom to elect (choose, assign) to some office position for another term. But in any case people should be moved by desire, maintained a keen interest to Kantian imperative "what to be to be human".
     Thus, composing an individual scale-table of values and vices by choosing an appropriate reference image, then each person composes a different scale-table of motivational desires-aspirations that shapes his life's targets and purposes for the remaining period of life to live it in the best way for him and for everyone around.

Demential deviations of consciousness

     So, there is a conventionally ideal-etalon consciousness, which to have should aim all the inhabitants of the planet. Having obtained such in his youth, and having neighbors with a similar, sub-etalon consciousness, a human can be firmly convinced that he himself and the whole community, where he resides, will live in peace and harmony happily ever after. But this can happen only when the consciousness they all have is formed according to perfect patterns, and the informational metabolism, i.e. nutritional information for their brain, meets all the necessary requirements.
     Unfortunately, in life it happens quite rarely: either the consciousness itself has been formed not on those knowledge that were required, or the information for the informational metabolism was used far from adequate. As a result, the consciousness of the individual deviates in either direction from the desired parameters, acquiring consciopathy, i.e., dementia of varying degrees of severity.
     Russian writer Leo Tolstoy, philosophically thinking at one time, wrote: "All happy families resemble one another, each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way". The same we can safely say about consciousness, that: "All people with normal consciousness resemble each other and are happy, every person with abnormal consciousness is unlike any other and unhappy in his own way".
     The fact is that if the parameters of the ideal consciousness are clearly defined and unified as the central trunk of a tree, then deviations can occur in different directions, often opposite, as branches of a tree. That's why, if sameness of consciousness is always unambiguous and clearly defined, the deviance of consciousness is multiple, and very uncertain in direction. For example, the secularism of consciousness is quite clear and strictly defined, while theistic versions we can count many hundreds, and all of them are antagonistic usually not to the ideal-etalon concept, but to each other, being in constant rivalry and enmity between themselves (see the Big History).
     It is because of this, in the society, now already global, there are so much strifes, conflicts and confrontations, some of them armed. All conflicts, on any social level, happen because of a deviative consciousness of members of any given society. So, 1) any family breakdown (divorce) is easily explained by the presence of deviance of the spouses consciousness (both are variably affected by dementia), 2) a revolution and a civil war in a country – a clear deviative consciousness in different groups of the population, both conflicting parties are variably ill with dementia, 3) the war between some States or groups of States – the dementia fully rampant among the fighting parties, 4) great wealth of the ruling oligarchs of a country and suffering from poverty and hunger the main population – variably ill with dementia the entire population of this country, is doomed to misery and extinction. And so is in all.
     Dementia of various degrees of severity through the deviative consciousness has covered practically the entire population of the planet, and like anaconda squeezes its hug. If Humanity does not wake up, does not show their will to survival, to talk about his future does not make sense – it just won't come, the dementia of highest severity will finally strike the global public consciousness, and Humanity being seriously ill, will cease to exist, unconsciously self-destroying itself.
     Speaking about the unconscious, we should remember that the first, who seriously tried to structure consciousness and its deviations, was the Russian academician V. M. Bekhterev. He wrote about this: "The highest degree of consciousness it should be recognized without any doubt such a state of inner peace, when a person, on the one hand, has the capacity arbitrarily to put into the sphere of consciousness one or the other of those notions that were before in his consciousness, on the other, he can give a report about phenomena that are happening in his consciousness, of the change of some views to another, in other words, he can analyze the mental processes that are happening in himself. This ability of self-cognition always is a characteristical sign of the complete consciousness; loss of this ability is the first sign of beginning of consciousness dementia...
     In pathological cases accompanied by a progressive weakening of the mental sphere, as in secondary dementia and progressive paralysis of obsessed, consciousness loses gradually the capacity of self-cognition, then those sets of concepts start to decompose, the combination of which is characteristic of the moral personality of the individual; over time, such patients are loosing already the reality of time, and then the reality of place, while the self-consciousness and the consciousness of I as a subject, remain mostly undisturbed even in case of a significant degree of dementia. But there is no doubt that in some cases of extreme decline of mental ability also these elementary, and at the same time, more resistant forms of consciousness are being lost, and from all the mental wealth only a vague feeling of his own existence is left to the person.”
     With this in mind, now it became clear that in the structure of a typical aggregate human consciousness of any individual one can distinguish groups of subconsciousnesses of the content component, through which the self-consciousness is generated, as well as individual peculiarities of personal perception and behavior, elements of public up to the globalistic consciousness. While the direction in the development of the subconsciousness because of certain specific circumstances can be, as we have already known, either positive, normal, productive, healthy, in short, the noospheric, i.e. in the direction of the conditional "God-manhood", or negative, abnormal, destructive, pathologically sick, thus, the negaspheric, that is, in the direction of the conditional "beast-race, beast-hood".
     It should be borne in mind that, if positive, productive subconsciousnesses are not cultivated, not composed in the process of upbringing and education, not developed during the whole life of an individual by obtaining proper information, then left empty niche arbitrarily or accidentally are being filled with any garbage information, among which there are a lot of harmful and vicious elements. This, incidentally, was noticed long ago. "To our mind - Blaise Pascal wrote at his time, - is inherent to believe, and to our will - to want; and if they have no worthy objects for belief and desire, then they tend to not worthy." Just in this way we have individuals with consciousness, allowing or even targeted, for example, profanity, alcohol, drugs, theft, lies and sadism and rejecting work, honesty, discipline, kindness, honesty, etc.
     The value concepts in these cases get vicious orientation, aimed in the opposite direction from the harmonious development of an individual, and certainly more distant from perfection. Vicious concepts replenish negaspheric knowledge, contributing to formation of negative subconsciousnesses (negasubconsciousnesses), for which is also inherent, on the one hand, the gradation of the macrocosm spheres, on the other, the hierarchy is vicious-valuable concepts that have a destructive direction and contributing to creation in society of a kind of stinking enclaves of anti-being (while a normal living existence presupposes the noospheric value orientation).
     Bekhterev writes about it so: “Here it is useful to note that in common parlance the concept of unconsciousness or partial consciousness is mixed with painfully perverse consciousness. So, about a mentally ill person, whose content component of consciousness is unhealthily distorted, i.e. is filled instead of healthy ideas with absurd concepts, usually say that he is in an unconscious or semi-conscious state. More correctly, however, in this case, not to speak at all about unconsciousness or a partial degree of consciousness, but only about unhealthy its content, in other words, about some morbid perversion of consciousness.”
     Thus, in the result of a negaspheric influence on the informational metabolism, in some people a violation of its normal course happens, and in their psychotype destructive, negative negaconscious begin to be formed, i.e. in the direction of the "beast-hood" – pathologically unhealthy direction.
     It is known that to the description of defects of mentality of human being, and first of all, of consciousness, many great thinkers have devoted many pages of their works. Among them it is difficult to highlight a more accurate and scrupulous philosophical study in this field than the description about diseases of head, made by Immanuel Kant, in which he reasoned as follows: "Civil system in the process of its development generates wits and clever, and at times also fools and liars, and creates the likeness of wisdom and good conduct, when you can do without reason and honesty, it would be just enough beautiful dense veil, which spreads modesty over secret ailments of the mind or heart.
     I propose here a small list of names of ailments of the head, starting with from its powerlessness during dementia until its convulsions during insanity. But to know these nasty diseases in their evolution, you should preliminarily explain their weaker extents, ranging from stupidity to absurdity, because in everyday life these qualities are more common and still lead to the above.
     A stupid head does not have enough acuity, silly - cleverness. The ability to catch something quickly and to remember, and also to express it either easy and how it needs, in a very great extent depends on the sharpness of the mind; therefore a fairly clever person can be very stupid, if he learns something with difficulty, though later, having a great maturity of judgment, he understands that. The state of shackled mind, when a person is unable to foresee bad consequences of some prevailing passion or inclination, is folly. The opposite of a foolish person is a reasonable person; the one, for whom any folly is strange, is wise.
     A reckless person understands well the true purpose of his passion, although he remains in the power of this passion, able to tie down his mind. The same passion makes a fool just stupid. I believe that every stupidity is rooted, in fact, in two passions - arrogance and greed. Both of these propensities are not compatible with fairness and therefore are hated, both by their own nature are absurd, and the goal prosecuted by them destroys itself.
     The diseases of impotence and perversity are referred to illnesses of head. The first ones can be given the common name of dementia, the second - the name of insanity. An imbecile suffers from a significant weakening of memory, mind, and usually even from sensual perceptions. This disease in most cases is incurable, because if it is difficult in a disordered brain to eradicate a wild mess, then it is nearly impossible to refill a new life into his dead organs.
     The number of main types of mental disorder can be divided into three groups: first, the perversion of concepts obtained through experience at insanity; secondly, impairment of ability for judgment in cases of craziness; third, impairment of the mind in relation to more general judgments in cases of madness. All other phenomena of the sick brain can be viewed either as different degrees of the mentioned cases, or as a sad combination of these diseases, or, finally, as close intertwining them with strong passions.
     A disorder of mind, for example, it is when even having an undoubtedly correct experience express absolutely incorrect judgments; the first degree of this disease - madness, which already in the first based on experience judgments acts contrary to the general rules of reason. A madman sees things or remembers them alike correctly as any healthy person, but behavior of other people he usually interprets on the basis of some ridiculous ideas about himself, and in accordance with this, thinks that he is capable to read in the eyes of others, God knows what suspicious intentions, which never came to their mind. An arrogant person to a certain extent is mad: from the fact that people around him look at him with a grin, goggling, he concludes that they are delighted with it.
     The second degree of a mental disorder in relation to the higher power of cognition is, in fact, that the mind, turned into an abnormal state, becomes entangled in absurd imaginary subtle judgments about general concepts; this second degree can be named insanity. In more severe degrees of this disorder an inflamed brain is filled with all kinds of pretentious, ultra-slim visions: invented the length of a sea, interpretation of prophecies, or some other jumble of absurd inventions. If the unfortunate neglects in this connection judgments, based on experience, then he is called frenzy…
     The disordered state of mind, which makes it insensitive to external sensations, is crazy (Unsinnigkeit), and if it is in the power of anger, it is a frenzy (Raserei). Despair is a temporary madness of man, who lost all hope. A violent temper of mentally disordered person is called do rabies (Tobsucht). Rabid, because he's reckless, insane.
     In the natural condition, a person can be exposed to only a few types of folly and unlikely to some stupidity. His needs keep him always so close to life and give to his sane mind so easy occupation that he almost doesn't notice that for actions he needs mind. To his rude and ordinary desires, the inertia imparts moderation, leaving to that little ability for judgment, what he needs, yet enough force to rule over them in accordance with the greatest for himself benefit.
     It is worth to pay at least some attention to the cases [of these diseases] in order to find out that at first always the body suffers, that when the germ of the disease develops yet unnoticed, there is observed some dual perversity, which, however, does not give grounds to assume a mental disorder and is discovered only in the love fads, in stiffness or in a futile profound philosophizing. Over time the disease suddenly is detected and forces to seek its cause in a previous state of mind.
     However, it would be much better to say that a person became arrogant because he is, to some extent, has become abnormal, than to say that a person has become somewhat abnormal, because he was so arrogant. These regrettable maladies, unless they are hereditary, give yet hope for their successful cure, and above all in such case it is necessary ask doctor to help. However, with respect to philosopher, who could prescribe a diet for the soul [consciousness], I would not like to delete him completely from this case... As a sign of appreciation, and doctor would not refuse his assistance to philosopher in those cases, when the latter would have made a significant, but always vain effort to cure stupidity."
     To mental diseases (i.e. diseases of consciousness) Kant adds delirium in waking in fever; idiocy - an inability to set own ideas in order; insanity, craziness – violated ability of judgment, a madness - a disease of disordered mind, insanity with rage. The only general characteristic of insanity is loss of common sense and appearance instead of it a logical self-thinking not connected with reality. In any case, it is necessary to pay tribute to Kant, who, for the first time in the humankind history, spoke out about a medico-philosophical method of correction of human consciousness, i.e. for prototype of consciology.
      V.M. Bekhterev also did not leave without his attention so important for humankind field of knowledge, but being only a neurologist, he could not touch philosophical aspects of the disease, and considered the issue only from the side of cellular metabolism. He wrote: "Mental disorders as disease conditions, serving as expression of violation of functions of the brain, not always - it would be more accurate to say, only relatively rarely - are in connection with the anatomical violation of the brain itself. In fact, only a small group of mental disorders, related with rough diseases of the brain, can be reffered to diseases of the brain itself. All other mental diseases (of consciousness – ed.) are common illnesses of an exchange or self-poisoning, which affect the nutrition of the brain and thereby disrupt its functions.
     I.e. it is obvious that in the pathology of many nervous and mental disorders we are dealing, in essence, also with a total disturbance of activity of glands of internal secretion, resulting in common metabolic disorders and in creating conditions for self-poisoning of organism. In addition, the effect of some poisons imposed into the body from outside, such as alcohol at acute and chronic its consumption, as well as other narcotics, to such extent reminiscents manifestations of main seizures of mental diseases, that the analogy with the poisoning by internal poisons during mental diseases arises by itself.
     Alcoholism, which has reached such gigantic development in contemporary society, is without doubt that evil, which carries within itself a germ of decay of personality. Alcoholic – it is a person with a blunt perception, reduced morality and weakened will, i.e. he differs precisely by those features that characterize a decline of personality. There is no need to prove that alcohol, paralyzing the sphere of feeling, intellect and will, fundamentally undermines the basic principles of personality, and is at the same time, one of the major reasons that lead to the development of mental disorders, degeneration and criminality."
     In the history of Humankind evolution one can find many examples of various defects in the mentality even of the people, who held the highest cells of the State pyramids, i.e. rulers, heads of States, governments, empires, moved to the area of public attention, on top of events, to levers of power by various life circumstances. As specific known examples, such personages like Caligula, Hitler, and some other could be reminded. Later, they, as a rule, were called maniacs, tyrants, villains, but they were only just individuals with a contorted, inverted consciousness. Their defectiveness was not noticed by many, as it is not understood by a part of individuals and right now. And this becomes one more proof that inferiority, misery can be a massive phenomena. While the main defects of mentality are well studied, to their explanation, revealing, wide inspection and eradication evidently it is devoted not enough attention.
     And it is really so, but because of a number of reasons the reference-etalon prototype of "the soul"-consciousness was not approved throughout the planet, but on the contrary, such prototypes there was a lot, each religion had and has until now its own, due to this, chaos and confusion all life through was in this question. Who is "Saint", who is "insane" or "defective", it is difficult to understand until now. A multitude of reference-etalon prototypes of consciousness is being kept on the planet so far, sowing everywhere demential morbidity of consciousness, and with it wars, famine, destruction, misery, environmental catastrophes, poverty and ignorance of the people masses.
     In fact, how can a person navigate himself in the world where according to one creed people with obvious mental disorders, loss healthy logic and life orientation are considered "faithful", while on the basis of another doctrine they are "unfaithful". If earlier such situation with assessing of the state of mentality was acceptable, then in the recent history the actions of people with defects of mentality, being at the pinnacle of power, have become incomparable with the former by its harmful effects on the course of historical events in the life of any nation, Humanity as a whole. Enough to recall only those like Hitler and Stalin, whose deeds brought trouble to fates of hundreds of millions of people.
     Now, in our days, in the age of high technology, when methods of self-destruction of all the living on the Earth are invented, even multiply, the approach to assessment of mentality of people should be special. Because even an ordinary operator of a rocket launcher, under certain circumstances, can easily leave only a half of actually living generation of humankind, making for the remaining half their further existence not only full of misery, but generally quite problematic.
     Not less harm to humankind can bring people with defects of mentality, possessing modern knowledge of biology and chemistry. Who does not know about new dangerous types of viruses and consequences of terrible mass epidemics that can mow millions of inhabitants of the planet? Who has not heard that modern knowledge taught in Universities allow even students-chemists to synthesize "hard" potent drugs, various poisons and explosives? And how much damage to normal people dementially sick advanced computer users make globally, spreading malicious virus programs and committing hacker attacks in all directions.
     Graduates of medical educational institution with the idea "do no harm" taking, when receiving the diploma, the Hippocratic oath. The time came to give similar oath by chemists and biologists, and by students for missile launching, and operators of nuclear reactors (remember Chernobyl) – all it is impossible to count. But the oath can effect somehow only on the consciousness of a person with normal mentality. There is no oath that can stop the people with demential mentality from vicious actions, what large scale they may be - they just don't realize it, not that kind of consciousness they have.
     To understand this, it is enough just to imagine, for example, the next with the nuclear button a monkey and to think, if she realize, is aware of the consequences of pressing that button or not. Knowing that monkey’s consciousness, like of most non-humans, is too far from the reference-etalon ptototype, we can firmly assert – she does not realize.
     People with minor and medium-sized defects of consciousness always lived and still live among us, look around and watch closely. And in yourself you, if you like, will detect certain defects in comparison with the reference-etalon one, which is likely, you already know, but do not consider them as such - so are accustomed to them. But do not soothe yourself, with age, dementia is only amplifying, if you do not resist it.
     Actually, seeing around yourself mass dementivity, involuntarily you start to get used to it, to consider it as the norm. You need only to change the place of inhabitation, at least for some time (abroad trip to a decent country), or to meet the righteous, perfective person, i.e., the one with more normal, closer to the tuning fork, etalon consciousness to realize the degree of dissemination of mass mental dementivity.
     Scattered attempts to identify people with defects of mentality and to influence somehow to reduce their number have been hampered since olden times due to the absence until today of any parameters of the reference (etalon) mentality prototype and descriptions of possible deviations from them. In this connection, the fact of publication yet on December 19, 1722 by the Russian Emperor Peter I "the Decree about fools and silly women", prohibiting them to marry in between, is interesting in itself, i.e., already then, the importance of maintaining a healthy gene fund were specified, what, unfortunately, it can not be said about current times.

     So, the main defects of mentality, as such, are the defects of its constituents, namely:
     1) in cases of defects of the psychepsychopathy:
        a) too high reflexion expressed in neuroses, psychoses. In practice, such people manifest themselves as "crazy", neurasthenics, brawlers, boors;
        b) extremely low reflexion up to areflexia, i.e. practical absence of proper reflexion. In non-medical cases, it refers to people inert, not reacting on the course of events, supporters of the position " it is not my business". Exactly such people are being exploited for thir perposes by political charlatans;
     2) when there are defects of the algomodulealgopathy – incompetence, inability to acquire household and professional knowledge and skills, i.e. "armless", unprofessionalism;
     3) in cases of defects of the intellectintellectopathy – aphrenia, bad memory, and inability to understanding, perception, evaluation, generalization, etc.
     4) in cases of defects of the consciousnessconsciopathy – underdevelopment or distortion of the content component of consciousness, mitigated or incorrect self-rating and self-understanding, expressed in delusional-schizoid deviations.

     The more serious and deeper some of those defects, the more negatively they influence on the human mind, on the complex state of the mentality, one way or another specifying and aggravating its overall underdevelopment or distortion, generally meaning its being affected by one of the degrees of dementia.
     In practice, until now, the counteraction is effected only to the defects of psychepsychopathy, which more or less are studied and fit for understanding and medical treatment (mainly of their violent forms) by neurologists and psychologists by means of psychotherapy. Defects of algomodulealgopathy and intellect – intellectopathy, which are also easily identifiable, cannot be solved already by medical methods, and therefore the eliminating of their dementivity can be effected now by medical-philosophical methods of consciotherapy.
     Meanwhile, the demential defects of consciousness generally are the least studied area of knowledge, since the research base for that is practically completely absent, and the creating of it is opposed by the same dementially sick people, who are filling everywhere the corridors of political power, scientific institutions and establishments, upbringing-educational systems. Therefore, below there is a brief causal-analytical list of such defects.

1. The first, most fundamental defect of the consciousness of global importance, leading to its distortion, is the multipathed approach to the question of understanding of the World, of the Universe, and the World origination. It is no secret at all that almost every religion describes their own ways of understanding this issue, which often radically oppose to each other. Even in the scientific world there are two conflicting versions of the origin of the Universe (the evolutionary one and the theory of "Big Bang"). Such a mess in this issue is a fertile ground for a demential deviation of consciousness, which already can make the mentality ill.
The founders of the scientific Philosophy, such as Aristotle and Kant, rightly focused on this issue, beginning their scientific-philosophical concepts with its consideration.

Recommendation of consciology: in order to have a healthy consciousness, it is necessary to know the question the world understanding at least at the level of the textbook on Astronomy, extended by the knowledge about the structure of the biosphere and the infosphere. At a deeper interest to the issue, to replenish the knowledge by reading the book of Stephen Hawking "A Brief History of Time" and the book "Dialectics of Matter." Many interesting information on the subject can be found in the Internet and in Wikipedia.

2. The second fundamental global defect of consciousness is knowledge (but rather, not knowing) of the History of Humankind. There is also the multipathed attitude and multiple discrepancies in this matter. The problem is that apart from numerous religious versions, contradictory each other, there was also the bad practice of describing of historical events, imposed by politicians and rulers.

Recommendation of consciology: in order not to harm your consciousness, you need to adhere to the understanding of the course of historical events, including the story of the world's major religions, theism and secularism, outlined by the authors and scientists, working on the "Big History". A lot of information about historical events can be found in the Internet and in Wikipedia.

3. The third fundamental defect of consciousness of global meaning, is knowledge (but rather, not knowing) about the contemporary list of "Universal core values and vices", identifying Good and Evil. In this issue, for today there is such a confusion and chaos that to make it clear it is very difficult even for a normal person, that makes him immediately involuntarily dementially sick. The main contradiction here are being made religious different interpretations of these concepts and notions, sometimes quite opposite.
Classical philosophers always considered this question of great importance. Among them it necessary primarily to remind the names of Socrates, Plato, and some others. The appropriate science was created – Axiology.

Recommendation of consciology: currently there is no unified list of "Universal core values and vices" exept the one that was elaborated by the World Philosophical Forum, which is published on its website. The top core values of it are wisdom, reason, morality, justice and responsibility. In order to stay mentally healthy, it is necessary to follow this WPF list.

4. Another fundamental global defect of consciousness is knowledge (but rather, not knowing) about the contemporary list of universal duties (responsibilities) and rights of human being and citizen. Duties and rights are being interpreted in different countries quite differently, but there are few people who adhere them, and if adhere, then without adequate control. In order to regularize somehow this issue, the United Nations in 1948 adopted the "Universal Declaration of human rights". About human responsibilities, the UN has not approved any Universal Declaration. It was adopted by the Supreme Council of Humanity in October 2017. Its text can be found on the website of the World Philosophical Forum.

Recommendation of consciology: Philosophy teaches: there are no rights without duties, as there are no duties without rights. Therefore, to maintain consciousness healthy from dementia, it is necessary to know and use in own life by each inhabitant of the Earth at least those duties and rights that are enshrined in the "Universal Declaration of human duties" and "the Universal Declaration of human rights".

5. Another fundamental global defect of consciousness is knowledge (but rather, not knowing) about the meaning of life, of the universal canons of the culture and standards of decent human behavior. It is them, at what should be aimed the upbringing-education of youth at all times. Classical philosophers imparted to this question great importance. It is appropriate to recall here the names of Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Confucius, Kant. Aristotle was the first, who introduce the term ethics, and wrote about it the thousand-page book. Kant generalized questions of education in his famous "Lecture on pedagogy". In the contemporary world, in most countries in the education of young people are engaged deeply sick of dementia people. Therefore, neither purpose of life, nor the canons of culture or standards of decent human behavior do not have universal, science-backed outlines, what leads to disease of dementia and degradation of public behavior globally.

Recommendation of consciology: to avoid it, it is necessary to provide everywhere for all age groups of population, regardless thir social status in process of primary and civic education teaching of the fundamentals of ethics (including bioethics) and aesthetics, meanwhile remembering that in addition to the universal ethics there are also, often intersecting, computer, medical, professional, social, political, environmental, business, legal and other types of ethics.

6. The following fundamental global defect of consciousness is knowing (but rather, not knowing) of a healthy and orderly way of life, which should be followed, and of common vices in lifestyle and behavior, which should be avoided. This includes issues of ecology, cleanliness, not littered and developed environment. There are a lot of teachings, traditions and recommendations of various schools, beliefs and authority on the subject. Ignoring best of these requirements will result in demential soreness of individuals.

Recommendation of consciology: to avoid this, it is necessary to learn and use the most recommended advices, relying on common sense, temperance and self-feeling.

7. Another fundamental global defect of consciousness is knowledge (but rather, not knowing) by the population of the planet about the essence of citizenship. On this subject it is written so many useful truths, ranging from the classic philosophers of Ancient Greece, by later philosophers, especially by Paul Holbach, writers and poets from different countries. It is enough to recall on this subject only one quotation of Aristotle: "Taking into consideration that the State in its totality keeps in mind one ultimate goal, it is clear that one and the same upbringing should be for all, the same social science, and the care about such education should to be common, but not a private matter, as it is now, when everyone cares about their children privately and teaches in a private way whatever he likes. What has common interest, in the same all should be engaged together. Moreover, it should not be thougt like that every citizen is for himself; no, all citizens belong to the State, because each of them is a particle of the State. And the care about each particle, of course, should bear in mind the care about the whole". From the above it follows that being a citizen it is the state, though public, position, and the citizen should know what to be for that, and to study to be like this.
At present, the common knowledge about citizenship is not systematized, and in the most part forgotten or ignored. Due to this, very often corresponding demential distortions of mentality of most of the inhabitants of the Eearth are observed, expanding the incidence of dementia and its widespread manifestation in the form of tyrannies, oligarchies, democracies, i.e. that is against what Aristotle warned, and with them the ongoing military conflicts, destructions, poverty and misery of people around the world. Calls of the UN for systemic civic education are being ignored categorically by most countries, keeping their people in ignorance, and therefore, in a constant morbid state of dementia. The call of the UN and UNESCO to foster global citizenship is being realized in the test mode only by the World Philosophical Forum, but due to lack of financial and media support this process may take many years. At the same time, the danger of self-destruction of Humanity is much closer, as it is known, only two and a half minutes is left on the symbolic clock of the atomic scientists – Nobel prize laureates, from the universal, planetary catastrophe. Who will win this race for the survival of Humankind – the reason and the sense of self-preservation, or dementially sick global leaders, affected by the widespread ignorance, who bring closer and closre the overall end?

Recommendation of consciology: World Philosophical Forum performs all possible work on the socialization of global consciousness and formation of Global citizenship. It is recommended to countries-States, where there is no systematic civic education and, as a result, no active civil activities, to create this, including simultaneous the study of local, regional, national and global legislation.
The inhabitants of the Earth, whose consciousness is not yet very much exposed by the disease of dementia, are invited to participate in this activity on a volunteer basis, as implementation of their yet not realised global civil duty.

8. The following fundamental global defect of consciousness is knowing (but rather, not knowing) about the future of Humanity, of the perspectives and goals of its development in this globalizing and already cosmopoliticizing world. The evolution of the Universe nobody has canceled, and the Universal laws in it as well. Humanity, as а collective inhabitant of the Universe, is forced to obey these laws, which are stronger than laws adopted by parliaments and congresses of all countries on the Earth, decrees of Presidents and monarchs, and even of the Resolutions of the UN Security Council. Ignoring such questions leads directly to the disease of dementia.

Recommendation of consciology: to compensate own knowledge in this matter, for the start it is necessary to study the contemporary universal ideology of Humanity in XXI century – Transuniversalism, as well as the Universal Constitution of the Earth, published on the website of the World Philosophical Forum. Later, recommendations and perspectives in this issue, information about the current major threats and challenges to Humanity (internal and external), as well as of the ways of their solutions recommended by the scientific experts, will be presented to the Citizens of the Earth by the Supreme Council of Humanity.

9. One more important fundamental, but somehow different among others, type of defects, already of mentality at large, is knowledge (but rather, not knowing) about the so-called psycho-conscious pathologies of brain, i.e., those, in which both the phyche and consciousness are simultaneously affected. We are talking about four types of such abnormalities, such as:
     a) schizophrenic diseases;
     b) delusional (delirious) distortions and settings;
     c) phobias and manias;
     d) psycho-conscious erroneous reflexion on a wrong motivation and unmotivated areflexia.
All these deviations have the demential nature, i.e., are the appearance of psychoconsciopathy. Their origin can be genetic in nature, or acquired due to an impairment of the cell or informational metabolisms, or to some injuries and mutilations. Until now this type of pathologies was related to psychical or neurological, but now, knowing of its link also with consciousness, it becomes definitely consciological, and therefore this theme needs some bigger attention.

     A) Let us start with the most common demential disease of consciousness in the world – schizophrenia (schizo – split, divide, tear apart, fren – heart, mind, will). The doctors attribute it to psychosis, however, taking into consideration the deep connection of the psyche with consciousness via the signal subsystems, this kind of diseases is more likely refers to defects of consciousness, while the psychosis are just their outer symptoms. A more profound analysis of the disease reveals that its main cause, in addition to the above ignorance and incorrect knowledge, is in loss of control of the cerebral activity of a person over his own "selector of the centre of attention fixation". The function of this switch-selector is similar to the mouse in the computer, by which clicking we change the picture on the screen. If the mouse is out of action, then it is already impossible to show a picture you want on the display, and instead whatever else may appear on it.
     The same problem humans have, when due to a failure in functioning of the "switch-selector of the centre of attention fixation" in his brain the person loses control and management over his own attention, and it makes a certain chaos in the normal process of his thinking, wnen a certain manifestation of it in the human behavior starts and then suddenly it changes for something completely different. By the way, by the same "switch-selector" the attention is switched off each time, when the brain is switching to the sleep mode –"the attention screen is going out." As a result of such regulatory failure of the process of thinking, a person's attention is becoming deactualized, and he gets out of the reality into one of deactualized, hallucinatory areas of the content component of his consciousness.
     The most generally recognised and characteristic for schizophrenia abnormalities in the development of mentality functioning it is considered autism (i.e. someone’s detachment from the surrounding world and locking himself in an own, inner world, which is far from objective reality) and degradation (disintegration of psyche functions or elements of consciousness, leading to inappropriate behavior). It is quite obvious that under these criterions of demential deviations the true followers of all theistic mythologem immediately can be qualified, and also ardent upholders of the scholastic philosophy. These deviations can be both individual, and group, and even mass.
     However, there are many other, less known symptoms. Because of their obscurity, many of the common stereotypes of human behavior that are different from the norm, are not always considered schizophrenic, though actually they are.
     As already noted, the cause of severe forms of this disease is likely genetic, i.e. a negative impact on the normal development of the human genome, and primarily, on the main organ of the organism – brain, of bad habits of their ancestors, but first and foremost, his parents. The results of these impacts (of ignorance, of consequences of smoking, alcohol, or drug consumption) are not always can to be adjusted even by phenotypic methods, i.e., the right upbringing and education.
     Therefore, the individuals, who inherited a schizophrenic gene, i.e. the loss of control over one's own "center of fixation of attention ", or have developed this disease due to any abuse already in the process of own maturation and development, seem to be constantly at the bifurcation point, and any unfavorable factor can influence on their behavior: quarrel, bad news, alcohol, drugs, some painful notice, and so on, not to mention even such causes as failure of the circulatory system, liver, kidneys, alimentary intoxication, skull trauma, endocrine disorders, etc.
     That's why we witness so frequent cases, when some normal-looking people suddenly demonstrate some obsessions, fantasies, fits of unjustified anger, or simply illogical behavior, not to mention the more unexpected acts, such as swearing, hysteria, rioting, vandalism, pugnacity, etc., up to murder or suicide.
     To recognize mild forms of schizophrenia is much more difficult. Taking into account that the "center of fixation of attention " also carries out control-regulation over the flow of the receiving by human information, then the onset of the disease is usually accompanied by a disorder of the informational metabolism – the informational intoxication, i.e., the increase in the consumption of informational trash, or plainly harmful information, to which the sick person is revealing an unhealthy, even narcotic craving. On this pernicious demand, by the way, the programs of most TV channels are planned, when in primetime low quality movies, movies-horror, crime and soap operas, and other TV garbage are shown, which, together with ShIZO-ill individuals, for lack of alternatives, also healthy people are forced to see.
     But sometimes it happens on the contrary: long-term consumption of harmful information and informational trash leads through info-intoxication to schizophreniasation of their active users. Examples for this again are the programs of presentation of information and TV news by the channels of modern television, radio stations, newspapers and news agencies from the so-called "independent" media.
     The early period of the disease is often latent, barely visible, when during months or even years the closest surrounding of the sick person, not being experts, is unaware of the developing disease process. Only an unexpected worsening (hysterical breakdown) or a progressing degradatioben of the person in one form or another, indicate the severity of mental illness of the individual. Symptoms of that can be severe excitement, sense of fear, darkening of consciousness, strange behavior, unsystematized delusions, hallucinations.
     A person, who becomes ill with schizophrenia, i.e., one of the varieties of dementia, often starts to be closed and uncommunicative, while showing interest in strange, unusual things. He becomes indifferent to his friends, job, all the everyday matters. He loses the ability to talk about any specific, everyday subjects, showing interest in some unusual areas of knowledge, little-known doctrines of science, philosophy or religion.
     Sometimes he reveals himself by delusional suspicions, chaos of strange thoughts, lack of attention in conversation, laughter, apathy, i.e. inappropriate behavior. Also, it can be his lack of initiative, avoidance of society, or vice versa, too frequent visits to gatherings, such as football or hockey fans, excessive religiosity, obsessive thoughts, actions, and phobias, etc.
     Since the disease affects primarily human consciousness (including self-consciousness), then, in contrast to cases with neurotic disorders, the patient-schizophrenic never realizes himself as such, and therefore confesses in the disease to anyone, not even to himself, not seeking healing or searching deliverance out of the situation.
     Schizophrenia, which until now is being attributed to psychical diseases, yet mostly affects on demential deformation of consciousness, including self-consciousness, and this fact makes it the subject of detection and cure by specialists-consciologists. The main features of its manifestation should be considered: changes of personality (decrease of activity, emotional devastation, autism, etc.), various so-called pathologically prolific symptoms (delusions, hallucinations, illusions, affective disorders, catatonia, etc.). The scale of deviations from the reality is extremely wide: from a false interpretation of an event, phenomenon, or notion (a delusional setup, overvalued ideas) to a complete detachment from reality and moving to a irreal world, accompanied by hallucinations, illusions and delusions. The process is predominantly chronic (in the form of seizures or continuous).
     There are three stages in the development of the schizophrenic process – acquisition, adaptation and degradation. There are also four generally accepted types of schizophrenia: simple, gebefrenical, katatonical and delusional, which are described in detail in the available literature. These forms are often mixed and pass from one to another, and sometimes it is even difficult to determine, which of them dominates.
     Schizophrenic process usually develops incrementally. Symptoms of the beginning of schizophrenic illness (schizophrenic perseveration) can be the most unusual: from repetition of meaningless gestures, words, facial grimaces, pastime, strange poses to futile mannerism, stereotyped conversations up to, for example, mystical rituals, carrying out for patients a function of protecting from some unknown. Such acts primarily inherent for many religious ceremonies and rituals of different sects and mystery, secret societies. Repeating certain actions or mantras, which for an uninformed observer might seem senseless, the sick imagination paves the way (Latin "ritus" is derived from the Sanskrit "ri" – to go, to swim) in a mysterious world that could threaten by misery and misfortune.
     In social life, rituals are often used in cases, when people (especially ignorant) encounter with unknown, religion, power, death, and even love. At the core of rituals, accompanying neuroses of obsession, magical thinking lies, a belief that if to follow a particular ritual, then nothing bad will happen. Neurotic anxiety, the fear of unknown are replaced by the fear to violate a particular ritual, which actually has nothing to do with the essence of the unknown.
     The isolation from a continuous process of learning and obtaining truthful information about the surrounding real world leads to disturbances in the flow of informational metabolism, reflected in the fact that an irreal, schizophrenic world begins to be formed in a person’s mind, over time becoming more and more dim. Therefore, it is possible to foresee in advance, how the patient will behave, and what stereotypes can be observed in this connection. The unpredictability, perceived at first as an oddity, due to repetition becomes predictable eccentricity that causes instead of wonder and fear all the more pity, but also certain concerns.
     Early symptoms of the disease include strong desire for hoarding of useless things, extraordinary dedication and conscientiousness when performing repetitive stereotyped job. The surrounding people perceive such patients simply as weirdos. How much a person is a slave of his habits, so much the sick of schizophrenia cannot break free on his own from his stereotypical forms of activity – delusional settings, hallucinations, mannerism, eccentricity, etc.
     In process of progress of the disease, it becomes harder to "deduce" the patient to a normal way of life, and even if this can be done, then usually after a while he again returns to his fixed stereotypes, perceived by the uninformed as stubbornness or eccentricity. Increasingly adapting in the irreal, schizophrenic world, where the patient feels more confidently, he, by losing stereotypes of mentally healthy people, is gradually losing his foothold in reality.
     The final stage of the disease - the phase of degradation - is characterized primarily by an emotional-sensual and intellectual dullness, accompanied by different degrees of apathy and disinterest up to organic stupefaction and disintegration of personality, reflected in the complete loss of sanity, of individual focus on common order, sense of time, merging into one formless infinity. Not only the memory of the past disappears, but also the interest in the future, in the present, replaced by complete indifference. The patient becomes more and more like a pitiable semblance of a person, for whom the following definitions are more suitable: " stupefied", "without healthy life guidelines", "eccentric".

     The criterion of exit from a schizophrenic state, if it happens, is the fact of recognition of the disease by the patient himself and his criticism in relation to own morbid symptoms. The return to the "normal world" can be considered successful only after the complete rejection of the former sick person and his resolute denial of the reality of the psychotic world (what happens not often, because it is difficult for anyone to accept the fact, that the things he was worried about so much, which were marked in his psyche, are a fiction).
     However, the practice shows that in most cases, as a result of the beared disease, there remains a stable change of personality, called the schizophrenic defect. This change can be either insignificant: emotional coldness, reduced initiative, lack of energy, of joy of life, irritability, distrust, etc., and more expressed: the delirium of messianism, of persecution, invention; barratry, hypochondria, mannerism, eccentricities, emotional-sensual stupefaction, isolation from decent people, etc. up to dedication of himself entirely and without remnant to some idea – charitable, religious-sectarian, pseudoscientific, marginal art.
     Nevertheless, the main manifestations of schizophrenic defect are the interruption of interconnection of the psyche with consciousness, expressed in the loss of self-esteem and self-control, the change in the hierarchy in the system of human values-vices, leading to the strengthening-weakening of some subconsciousnesses of the patient, reinforcing negasubconsciousnesses. The sick person since some time may begin to respect brute force, theft and even corruption, at the same time condemning truthfulness and kindness. He can start to get upset about the fate of unknown to him people living on the other side of the Earth, while remaining indifferent to a tragedy of his relatives, neighbors, his own destiny.
     In view of the wide variety of schizophrenic symptoms, the knowledge of the varieties of the disease will make it easier to recognize the sick person even for a nonspecialist, however, there is a universal way to distinguish a schizophrenic from a healthy person: these are the constant efforts of the second to know the real world, the desire to put it in order (if it is in some part for some reason lost, missing), to improve, to refine, to perfect, in contrast to being of the first one in an irreal world, the lack of desire to leave it, to say goodbye to his habits, illusions, based , as a rule, on those or other delusional hallucinations.
     Therefore, only the schizophrenic detachment allows sick people to litter and not to pay attention to the dirt in a stairwell, a broken elevator, endangered trees or poisoned river. A normal, healthy person with a positively developed consciousness is incapable for a bad offense, bad behavior, especially for a serious crime.
     The symptoms of morbid, schizophrenic deviations it is necessary to distinguish categorically from creative innovations in the process of the scientific theorizing, which are the result of researches that contribute to the development of noospheric knowledge. I.e., if the process of understanding of the real world at some stage cannot be satisfied by existing knowledge, then missing concepts and explanations of events and phenomena of external reality are being replenished with scientific creations of internal cogitative structures, fantasies, hypotheses. The healthy interest in knowledge and explanations does not endure emptiness. The most true of them gradually become new noospheric knowledge. The criteria of evaluation in such cases can be, above all, practical results and experiences, as well as logical scientific expertise of highly qualified scientists-specilists, existential demand in them of the growing number of sensible people.
     If Galileo Galilei in his time with the help of telescope, and Kepler mathematically have not started to prove the correctness of the heliocentric model of Nicolaus Copernicus, maybe, until now Humanity would have thought that the Sun revolves around the Earth. And with their help, though after 300 years, but after all the geocentric model was rejected. If the famous physicist Max Planck would not read randomly at the beginning of the twentieth century a short article on 29 pages of some patent clerk Albert Einstein and did not support his ideas stated in it, it is not known when the world would learn about the Theory of relativity. Therefore, genius propositions or unexpected scientific hypotheses can be called schizophrenic only by envious or ignorant persons, or by those who do not comprehend the process of noospheric creativity.

     B) Very close to schizophrenic is the group of mental diseases known as delusional complexes. Their significant difference from schizophrenia is that in case of schizophrenia, the change of individual's inner world occurs completely, holistically, while in case of delusional complexes it happens only partially. Being ill from schizophrenia, a sick man becomes as if he is a different person, but while having delusional complexes, beyond delirious images of the deformed fragment of his inner world, he remains who he was, keeping adopted by him (and even generally accepted) way of behavior. The world perception and worldview become inadequate.
     Delirium is a pathological state of a person, when he is engulfed by ideas or feelings, which do not correspond to reality, far from it. While in this condition, the person becomes deaf to any reasonable arguments and evidences that refute his assertions; it is impossible to dissuade him from their alleged "truth". The pathology of the state consists precisely in changes in the conceptual structure or sensory sphere of a person beyond certain limits of some norm. In the genesis of each delirium there is inability to understand the being, the surrounding reality and related with this a sense of fear of unknown. But thanks to the constructed delusional compositions, the reality becomes more clear and understandable for a given individual, and fear or anxiety is decreasing.
     Delirium is a symptom of a psycho-conscious disorder of the mentality, manifested in false judgments, assumptions and, as a consequence, in actions that have only an incorrect subjective justification and can not be quickly corrected. Very often, such a disorder leads to disturbance of mental activity, accompanied by incoherent speech of the sick person, staying in an unconscious state. Delirium is generally something senseless, absurd, illogical, incoherent, which recently is combined more often with the polysemantic concept of psychology - complex (from Latin complexus - communication, combination).
     As a result of this merger, the new synthetic concept has appeared – delusional complexes. The group of mental disorders that are very close to schizophrenic, were related to them. They indeed can lead to schizophrenia, to be its residual state or relapse. Delusional complexes and setups occur in everyday life of people so often that they are not interpreted already as morbidity. Their origin is the result of disturbances both in the cellular and, first of all, in the informational metabolism, i.e. due to bad upbringing, lack of education leading to ignorance and lack of culture, but more often to delirious morbidity. For this type of sick people, the images they see, are quite different from the reality. Moreover, under the influence of feelings of injustice, guilt, jealousy, lust for money, power or fame, party or ideological dogmas, political speculation and other fixed emotional settings, all the wholistic picture of the surrounding reality eventually changes for them.
     Delusional complexes can be classified on the basis of their structure (stable, unstable, sensual) and topics related to attitudes towards people, their own role in society. The most characteristic of them:
     Paranoia (paranoia, from the Greek para - beside, near, contrary to, against, false, and noos - mind, reason, meaning) is strictly conceptual delusional complexes, characterized by rigid fixity and orderliness. The delusional system remains unchanged for years, it is usually thoroughly formulated and distinguishes by a logical precision. Therefore, the cases of paranoia are recognized with great difficulty and require a deep scientific-consciophilosophical analysis.
     Paraphrenia is demential-delusional complexes with a fixed and orderly, but more sensual than conceptual, structure (delusional-hallucinatory complexes). The thematics is various, the characteristic is the presence of illusions and hallucinations.
     The sense of threat is a false fear of the surroundings, not justified by the objective situation, and arising only from the internal setup of an individual. In social life, examples of this can be found in isolated groups, representing social or national minorities.
     The feeling of guilt and injustice – the first feeling is: transforms the social surroundings into a harsh judge, it seems for the sick person that all are condemning him. The sense of injustice differs from the sense of guilt by rejection of the imaginary verdict of the surroundings. A person feels unjustly offended by people (power, state), or destiny and is rebelling against it. Behind his neurotic feeling lies the belief in justice, being understood rather childishly (i.e. the element of demential-undeveloped consciousness), in the form of his own perception of fair, good, socially-protective world. The very fact that the reality is not like this, that it is impossible to go through life, not allowing injustice from yourself and not being exposed to injustice on the part of others, provokes a morbid aggression towards the world and particularly to those who, in the imagination of the sick, are responsible for this injustice. Hence the well-known definition of such patients is "persecutor persecute" ("persecuted persecutor").
     Impossibility of understanding – darkness (like ignorance) arouses fear in a person. Dark (or not filled with knowledge) space is easily filled with fantasy products. On the periphery of the field of vision (understanding), where the contours and colors (essence) of visible (recognized) objects are erased, the image of reality (realities) undergoes deformation. This feeling also includes cases when the intellectual ability of the brain is below the limits of uptaking the quantity of incoming information. Then a demential feeling of chaos appears in the person. For such a man it becomes impossible to orientate in the holistic situation of surrounding reality, it becomes incomprehensible, excruciating, disturbing. The reality that became chaotic, causes irritation, or fatigue, and instead of attracting, repels.
     There are many other demential-delusional complexes, such as delusional personality development, delirium of barratry, delusion of grandeur and messianism, delirium of persecution, delirium of sinfulness, delirium of insignificance, delirium of love, delirium of pregnancy delirium of jealousy, of depersonalization and derealization, hypochondriacal delirium, and many others.

     C) To the delusional complexes the so-called phobias and manias also pertain – they are obsessive states of inadequate experience of fears of specific content. The individuals exposed to them are often aware of unfoundedness of fears, and even treat them as morbid and subjectively excruciating experiences, but still they are not able to control them.
     In those cases, when an individual does not detect a clear critical understanding of the groundlessness, unreasonableness of fears, then it may be not phobias or manias, but pathological doubts (concern) or simply ordinary demential delusion. Phobias differ primarily by the fact that they have certain behavioral manifestations - obsessive, ritualized actions, the purpose of which is to avoid the subject of phobia, or to reduce fear.
     The most common phobias are: nosophobia (fear of disease), including cancerophobia, cardiophobia, etc., sociophobia (fear of public speech, fear of blushing, etc.), claustrophobia (fear of closed space, ofindoors) and agoraphobia (fear of open space), anthropophobia, hydrophobia, microbophobia, hypsophobia, and others.
     The most famous manias include such obsessive psychic disturbances of consciousness as megalomania, toxicomania, graphomania, persecution mania, mania of sadness, etc.
     It should be borne in mind that this list of demential diseases of consciousness in the process of futher evolution of Humanity is becoming more and more complicated, appended, deepened, and perfected, what will continue to occur undoubtedly in the future, as together with it does not stay still the reference-tuning fork (Etalon) prototype of consciousness, which also continues to improve. Therefore, in order to have a contemporary, proper, close to the reference-standard consciousness, corresponding to the XXI century, it is necessary to replenish constantly own knowledge about demential diseases of consciousness, to update and change in your memory the outdated concepts for new ones. Otherwise, as we know, consciousness gradually deviates, i.e. retreats from the norm, becoming more and more defective, and eventually shifts into the category of demential, getting one of the forms of dementia.

     D) Psycho-conscious erroneous reflexion on a wrong motivation and unmotivated areflexion. To this group of demential abnormalities of consciousness, one can attribute all deviations resulting from improper upbringing and education, incorrectly occurring informational metabolism, i.e. practically from the whole causal-analytical list of defects of the content component of consciousness. That is, where there is a need for some definite reflexion, a completely different, erroneous one appears, or even versa an unmotivated areflexion.
     So, for example, not knowing of the scientific picture of the world forces an individual in search of the foundation of self-identification to reflex on various sorts of unscientific or pseudoscientific mythologems and pseudo-theories that are far from the reality. This immediately reflects on the correctness of his reflexion or creates a background for an unmotivated areflexia, what ultimately affects the whole subsequent course of thinking, judgments and actions, on everyday behavior and the way of life in general.
     All the same happens also at not knowing of the Big History, of the reference list of values and vices, of own real rights and duties, as well as due to other fundamental defects of consciousness listed above.
     To unmotivated demential areflexia, one should attribute such typical deviations of consciousness as: indifference, lack of feelings of self-preservation, compassion, conscience, empathy, fairness, indignation, industry, diligence, respectfulness, and many others.

     This is the main list of demential defects-deviations of consciousness from the normal-standard, each of which entails one or another degree of the disease dementia with all the ensuing consequences for the destiny of an individual himself, of people around him, of the society, of which he is a member. If a sick person with dementia in severe form gets into the leadership of a country, of a nation, then disasters as a consequence of his demential illness, overwhelm the whole country. Historical examples of this are well known to all, the current depressing situation in many countries shows the same, as well as the worsening situation of the planet population practically by all life indicators in general.

Diagnosis and classification of mindset state

     So, after having studied the above, each person from now on can already independently try to estimate his own self, i.e. his formed mentality and, especially, his own consciousness, comparing it with the above-described reference standard-tuning fork one and determining its defects from the possible above listed ones. If to do this correctly, then it is already emerging a degree of their development or distortion, affecting the level of harmonious development of a personality and a possibility of self-correction and keeping in the norm one's consciousness as a whole.
     If some negaspheric deviations are found in it, then a person gets a real opportunity to get rid of them intentionally, and in the future to continue to influence, positively affect on the course of his development on the way to further improvement, correctly having defined the directions and methods facilitating reduction of its already possible inferiority in functioning of consciousness. To take advantage of this opportunity, it is not just the right of every person, it is his vital duty.
     Moreover, it is necessary to remember that one or another positive aspect of consciousness it is possible to consider as active, if it becomes a dominant of behavior of an individual and is confirmed by practical activities, carried out as a result of the adequate response to relevant irritants-exciters that appear constantly in the life around us. It is clearly expressed (observable) meaningful actions in the everyday existential behavior of a person that characterize the presence or absence of one or another aspect or defect of consciousness, as well as the degree of its development. In other words, only fully-fledged reflexion can testify the presence of necessary knowledge in the consciousness of an individual. If they are absent, then an appropriate areflexia can be detected in the individual, or, as some people say in everyday life, an indifference of one kind or another (he can be indifferent, for example, to work, politics, family, sex, justice, etc.).
     How is it possible individually to detect, diagnose in oneself or in someone else the presence of presupposition, for example, to schizophrenic abnormalities, or other demential defects of consciousness? There are several ways, each for different degrees of the disease.
     The simplest methods of diagnostics are applicable to longstanding and deeply enough developed forms of dementia, when the individual himself in his depths with the help of introspection (self analysis, if such ability he still has) already guesses that not all is well with his psychoconsciousness, although he never acknowledges this to others. Apparent symptoms of schizophrenia can be unprovoked outbursts in mood, depression of the person, especially if they are caused by the impact on the brain, for example, of alcohol, drugs or a stressful situation, etc. That is why even "light" schizophrenics should not drink alcohol or get into a nervous situation - there may be failures.
     Easier, or disguised, forms of schizophrenia are somewhat that more difficult to identify. And, strangely enough, but it can be done, best of all, with the help of ordinary logic, although this requires some time for observations and the standard set of knowledge of the scientific Philosophy. Its methodology can help anyone also for introspection.
     As a matter of fact, the human brain, as it is known, forms a certain intellective model capable to anticipate the features of the future result, which can be compared at the end of the action with the real results. That is why argumentations, promises of any individual (especially politicians) are easily checked for signs of schizophrenia by the logic of his words and actions, i.e. by comparison of the declared, promised and actually achieved outcomes.
     If a person constantly talks about unreal things, assumes impossible obligations or gives unrealistic promises in advance, without having substantiated logically, proving by his actions the possibility of their fulfillment and practical feasibility in them, then this is clearly from the field of mild forms of schizophrenia - morbid fantasies. For other people around, it is enough to ascertain this, and that can be often enough to avoid worse consequences. At the same time, these schizophrenic discussions should not be confused with acts of intentional deception, fraud, which are classified already according to articles of the Criminal Code, although fraud itself is not inherent for humans with a normally developed consciousness, but is included in the arsenal of nonhumans, i.e. of dementially sick persons.
     A mentally healthy person must have obligatorily in self-consciousness a normal human indeterminacy expressed in the wording "cogito ergo sum", the correct conceptual translation of which means "I doubt, therefore, normal".
     Negative directions of development of the double orientation of an individual consciousness are expressed in severe forms of demential disorders, consisting in the fact that instead of the union "either", “or” (i.e. a healthy person exercises always only a positive choice and does not assume a possibility of simultaneous existence of a second, negative selection) the union "and" is used, and at the same time with "world of good" (positive reality), it is supposed the existence of "world of evil" (negative schizophrenic world). The development of consciousness in this direction is the most terrible pathology of dementivity of mentality.

     So, an individual who has defined in his active (in his I, self) only positive, productive aspects of consciousness of any degree of development and, if this corresponds to reality, then he might be considered as a normally oriented human, and the culture of his behavior can be considered as an example of the norm and claim for the title of a comprehensively developed personality with a broad outlook and high morality. The higher is the percentage of such kind of personalities in a certain community, the more developed, modern, civilized and viable becomes the public consciousness of this socium, the more attractive it is to live in. Thus, associating the development of consciousness with the enlightenment of mind, we may rightfully use the term "diopters of consciousness", counting in any individual and even socium the presence of both positive and negative subconsciousnesses with defective deviations, designating the corresponding "pros +" and "cons -".
     Reasoning in this way, it is easy to calculate individuals with sets of negative, destructive negasubconsciousnesses, filled with delusional complexes, what gives all grounds not to consider such an individual as an intelligent being, but rather, in severe cases, to classify such people as abnormal cattle-beings, beast-persons, or nonhumans, inhumans. Speaking strictly in scientific language, their deviative consciousness has received a negative moral balance, became demential in varying degrees of morbidity, and they themselves, manifesting the judgments and behavior of morons and schizoids, can be attributed to the category of the so-called Dementors.
     Therefore, the less a number of productive subconsciousnesses are present in the consciousness of an individual, the more meagre, feeble-minded and immature he is, the more likely the appearance in him of destructive negative subconsciousnesses, the more dangerous he is for those people around him, the less benefit and more harm from his presence the community of people around him has, or the relevant nationality, nation, the State, all Humanity as a whole, the higher the level of the indicator of dementivity of the public (social) consciousness of the given socium with all the consequences arising from this.
     A characteristic historical example of the last time – the migration to European countries with relatively low level of dementia of certain orientation of migrants from the South with a more underdeveloped or distorted consciousness of evidently different orientation of dementia instantly dramatically increased the aggregate common level of dementia of public (social) consciousness in these countries, and with it the terrorist threat for their population.
     Historically, the first sign of the division of society on humans and nonhumans was the creation of fences within the same socium. I.e., to separate themselves from nonhumans, humans began to construct hedges, fences, detaching from them, or imprisoning them over the fence (grid). Eventually, in order to control their actions, departing, as a rule, from generally accepted norms, the society has become and is forced until now to maintain the police, special forces, courts, lawyers, prisons, mental hospitals and institutions, and finally, the army with stocks of weapons, capable to exterminate many times the entire Humanity.
     Not having unified and approved on a global scale (and this was the main task and responsibility of the United Nations, who was to involve for this purpose to help the specialists of the scientific-practical Philosophy, that is, genuine Philosophers of all countries, where there are any) the world perception – the Universal worldview, corresponding to contemporary scientific data, the Universal reference table of values-vices, lifestyle and culture of behavior, Humanity as a whole and every state in particular now face the necessity to produce or acquire tanks and bombers, missiles and submarines, air defense systems and atomic bombs, chemical and bacteriological weapons, endangering the most unique creation of Matter - the LIFE of the present and subsequent generations of humans on the planet Earth.
     Yet Confucius asserted that for a human there are concepts of "good" and "bad", but for an animal – no. Charles Darwin, as if continuing this thought, wrote: "I completely agree with the opinion of those writers, who assert that out of all the differences between human and animals, the most important is the moral sense, or conscience. We see in it the noblest of all the feature of a person". So, in nonhumans, in the individuals, whose consciousness has become dementively sick, there is no correct division on "good" and "bad", as they have neither morality, nor conscience.
     It is quite natural that people in practice rarely self-critically, as per conscience, recognize in themselves a negative development of consciousness, more often they do not even realize its negativity. This is one of the main causes of the schizophrenic (dementive) split of their I (self), when, having a negative set of subconsciousnesses, people think of themselves as about a positive personality, thereby creating for themselves and for others an unrealistic, inverted conception of the world around them.
     However, the appearance of inhumans was not accidental in the Nature and initially even brought a definite benefit to the process of its Evolution. They were some sort of cleaners (orderlies) of the human civilization, the catalysts for its accelerated development (i.e., by analogy they are the same predators - human wolves, hyenas, tigers, vultures, etc.). But over time, there appeared also another populations of nonhumans, parasitizing on the healthy humans (like louses, cockroaches, rats, locusts, etc.), of which there are no any benefit at all, especially when their number increases uncontrollably. To them it is necessary to add even persons with minor schizophrenic abnormalities, if their abnormal behavior is not identified and not controlled by normal people. The modern type of nonhumansbeast-persons are the superanimals and pseudo-people - suggestors (suggest - to inspire), and manipulators-adapters. The predatory setup in them includes most often two zoopsychoconsciological traits: malice and insidiousness.
     The community, in which the number of nonhumans - beast-creatures prevails, not separated from humans by a fence-cage, i.e. staying on the outside of the fence-cage, can not exist for a long time (as hyenas alone can not live by themselves), because the norm of social behavior itself already is changing. Such a community from the moment of reaching a certain critical number of nonhumans is virtually doomed, as there is no harmonious development or progress in it. In this case, nonhumans - beast-creatures either exterminate each other themselves, or, after all, they are being isolated in a securely guarded fence-cage.
     A normal person also cannot exist alone in a community of nonhumans-dementors for a number of reasons. First of all, he does not find in it objects for communication, because society implies the communication of "similar each other people" (see Aristotle). However, there is no desire to communicate with a normal person and in nonhumans - beast-creatures, they perceive him in their own way – so it was conceived by Nature. Therefore, a normal person either leaves the community of nonhumans-dementors (up to emigration), or they get rid of him in any other way, up to his extermination.
     Even more it made the life situation complicated, due to the presence in society of even a small number of unrecognized nonhumans in our time, in the era of contemporary technogenic production and proliferation of weapons of mass destruction worldwide. Now only one manufacturer-nonhuman, by draining into a river toxic waste, can poison a whole city of normal people. One terrorist-nonhuman (not to mention an organization of nonhumans), having seized any weapons of mass destruction (chemical, bacteriological, atomic), can exterminate millions of people of normal population, and, having infiltrated into a State system of administration, by misappropriation of large financial means to deprive them, or make them unhappy in some other way.
     This can be attributed to a new species of Dementors-hackers creating computer viruses and penetrating into computer systems, ranging from banks and corporations upto the systems of public vote. And how many victims die every day as a result of road accidents provoked by dementors-drivers? And what horrible dementors are those people, who construct, produce, sell-buy, and are ready at any time to use weapons that kill humans! And they use it, and they kill humans. Here it is possible to mention and teachers of military schools that train in droves dementors-killers.
     When the number of nonhumans-dementors in a society exceeds the permissible norms, then it becomes dangerous for the whole this very socium; when the number of nonhumans-dementors has become significant on a global scale – the whole of Humanity is in peril. Therefore, a nonhuman-pervect-monster is the one, who deserves to be cast out of the society for learning how to become a human. In this regard, diagnosis of individuals around, the recognition in them of possible nonhumans-dementors becomes not just a moral imperative of all normal people, starting with themselves, their detection, determination of the degree of their danger, the choice of a particular type of isolation for them, and attempts to correct their consciousness in the direction of noospherity, but the most important State task for the countries of the whole world, for Humanity as a whole at the present stage of Being.
     The English writer Herbert Wells turned out to be very perspicacious, having written in 1904 the novel "The Country of the Blind", in which he described how a sighted person got into the society of the blind, and they tried to blind him also. If the writer lives in our time, then in the continuation of that story he would have written another one, definitely naming it so, what we see around us today in fact – "The Planet of the Sick with Dementia", it is when sick people with dementia rule the world, forcing all reasonable people to live according to the Laws of dementia, in every way distorting their consciousness.
     In any case, a more difficult situation in determining and qualifying nonhumans-dementors is with those people, who have mild schizophrenic abnormalities, because during periods of relative calm of the disease they are like normal people, and only during periods of exacerbation or in a stressful situation their consciousness drastically polarizes, and they display all signs of nonhumans. That is why in encyclopedic dictionaries the patients with schizophrenia are characterized as people with a varying, changing personality. Goethe in his time once described this disease so metaphorically: "Two souls live in my chest".
     The personality that they have, of course, it does not change, but under the pressure of circumstances, there come periods of exacerbation in the acute form, when negative subconsciousnesses get out on the forefront with their vicious and delirious manifestations, naturally suppressed during the periods of normal behavior of the individual by the brain centers of his self-control, i.e. by the regulative function "the center of fixation of attention" of the brain.
     This polar turnover, or shift, or a change is especially unpleasant, as it often disorientates normal people, and even the schizoid himself, because to detect, when in the consciousness of a certain individual the sign + has changed to the sign - , and vice versa, no one, and even he himself, exactly can not – there are no such devices – and the only reliable way to detect the moment of turning-changing remains ony a logical analysis of his behavior by other, more normal people, having in their arsenal of knowledge the insight about the standard-tuning fork consciousness, the reference table of values-vices, the healthy lifestyle and norms of correct behavior, i.e. the etalon, exemplary notions, with which it is possible to compare one’s observations and draw inferences.
     It should be kept in mind that in stable nonhumans-dementors, both rational opinions and behavior itself (both domestic and social, not to mention civil) have, as a rule, stable dementive deviations from the norm, and against the background of everyday manifestation of the individual’s behavior these deviations serve as a dominant for the destructive subconsciousness, while the productive ones at the same time are very slightly observed. With age, however, negative subconsciousnesses can dominate even more, bringing the individual to a lethal end, or, on the contrary, to fade due to the impact of some favorable life circumstances on them, i.e. positive correction of this consciousness.
     Regarding the level of contamination with dementia of public consciousness at the level of national States, it is enough to look through the statistics of the UN “Human Development Report”, published annually, where the listed figures quite accurately characterize the aggregate condition of the national public (social) consciousness of appropriate countries, and thus the country's place in a corresponding table clearly indicates the level of morbidity with dementia there – http://hdr.undp.org/sites/default/files/hdr_2015_statistical_annex.pdf

     With regard to classification of the state of a mentality from results of its diagnosis, then, prior to the introduction of the Consiology, as science, in fact, there was no such classification. The only known indicator in this series was and remains the intellect-intelligence coefficient IQ - Intelligence Quotient. With the development of consiology, this coefficient will be improved and used more widely.
     It is quite natural that for a precise description-assessment of the state of mentality this only one coefficient is clearly not enough. Therefore, to describe-asses the state, for example, of the algomodule from now on it is introduced the algomodule coefficient AQ - Algomodule Quotient, for description-assessment of the state of psyche – the psyche coefficient PQ - Psyche Quotient, for description-assessment of the state of consciousness – the consciousness coefficient CQ - Consciousness Quotient. As the above coefficients are being introduced into the practice, the overall summative indicator of the description-assessment of mentality becomes the mentality coefficient MQ - Mentality Quotient, and for description-assessment of the degree of morbidity of an individual with dementia – the coefficient of mentality dementiveness DMQ – Dementivity of Mentality Quotient.
     It is the indications of these coefficients of a certain individual that will be of interest to both a bride and fiancée of each other, and their parents, and to personnel departments of all enterprises, and to employers, and to employed about their employers, and to voters about candidates for all government and local administration bodies at local, regional and national levels. It will be important for inhabitants of each country to know the indications of these coefficients of leaders of their countries, and to citizens of the planet – of the Heads of international organizations and neighboring countries, and later – of the leaders of the supranational Universal State of the Earth.
     Therefore, we will reach yet those times, when, before to register for elections, potential candidates of any electoral level (from local to supranational) will have to pass pre-election compulsory diagnostics from consiologists to determine all 6 coefficients of their mentality at a current moment, and already with these indications to go for the elections, if he is registered with such.
     As stated above, attempts to calculate parameters of the assessing coefficient have so far been only regarding the intellect-intelligence coefficient IQ - Intelligence Quotient, although they are made according to random, disparate methods of non-specialists. In most contemporary IQ tests, the average score is set at 100. A result of 70 points or less is considered low. In the past, this mark was considered as an indicator of mental underdevelopment and intellectual disability, characterized by significant cognitive impairment. The result below 70 points is being received by approximately 2.2% of people. The result, exceeding 140 points, is considered high, and the result of more than 160 points promotes a person to the rank of genius. Thus, most often the scores are interpreted as follows:
     1 - 24 - deep mental retardation;
     25 - 39 - severe mental retardation;
     40 - 54 - moderate mental retardation;
     55 - 69 - mild mental retardation;
     70 - 84 - borderline mental retardation;
     85 - 114 - the average index of intelligence;
     115 - 129 - above the average;
     130 - 144 - moderately gifted;
     145 - 159 - the gifted;
     160 - 179 - extremely gifted;
     180 and above - deeply gifted.

     With the development of science consiology, an approximate calculation of all the above assessment coefficients will be made according to unified methods, including reference tables and special profiles-questionnaires.
     The parametrs of these coefficients will indicate approximately the following:

1) By the psyche coefficient PQ - Psyche Quotient:
     1 - 50 – complete areflexia, weak reaction to irritants; or inadequate high reaction to irritants up to hysteria and aggression;
     50 - 100 – certain passive or increased reaction to irritants up to adequate reaction to irritants, intemperance, superactivity;
     100 - 150 – adequate reaction to stimuli with some nervous deviations;
     150 - 200 – perfect reflexivity, deep deliberations of behavior.

2) Regarding the intellect-intelligence coefficient IQ - Intellect Quotient, see above.
However, on this coefficient it is necessary to add such internals-functions of the brain, as the presence and depth of self-consciousness, the power of memory and self-memory, the ability to comprehend and cognize.

3) By the algomodule coefficient AQ - Algomodule Quotient:
     1 - 50 – complete absence of skills for work, absolute professional incompetence;
     50 - 100 – there are some professional skills, but inefficient, unskillful possession of them, the desire for work is preserved;
     100 - 150 – moderate professional training, the desire to improve knowledge;
     150 - 200 – high professional training, focus on professional development.

4) By the consciousness coefficient CQ - Consciousness Quotient:
     1 - 50 – absolute deviance of consciousness, all signs of severe forms of schizophrenia and delusions;
     50 - 100 – insignificant deviance of consciousness, mild forms of schizophrenia, delirium, phobias, manias, and other abnormalities;
     100 - 150 – non-dangerous tolerant forms of deviance of consciousness, light forms of phobias, manias, and other psycho-consciological deviations;
     150 - 200 – consciousness, close to perfect with minor psycho-consciological abnormalities.

5) By the mentality coefficient MQ - Mentality Quotient (as an average result of indications of coefficients AQ + PQ + IQ + CQ / 4 = MQ):
     1 - 50 – absolute idiocy, schizoidness, severe forms of psychopathy, consiopathy, etc. up to atrophy of the brain; qualification – nonhuman, inhuman;
     50 - 100 – complex disorders of mental functions of the brain; qualification – subhuman, philistine;
     100 - 150 – adequate cognitive functions of the brain; qualification – subhuman, philistine right up to the titles of Human and Citizen;
     150 - 200 – close to perfect-reference indications of the development and work of brain; qualification – Personality, Citizen of the Earth, Aristocrat of the Earth, Genius, Philosopher.

6) By the coefficient of mentality dementiveness (derivative from MQ, i.e. 200 – MQ = ) DMQ – Dementivity of Mentality Quotient:
     1- 50 – practically no demential disease; qualification – human with no dementia;
     50 - 100 – mild forms of demential sickness; qualification – small dementive deviations with perspective of correction;
     100 - 150 – medium forms of demential disease; qualification – dementively sick person with a possibility of treatment and correction;
     150 - 200 – severe forms of demential illness; qualification – Dementor, with age practically is not treated and not corrected.

     The final, a more precise determination of indications of these coefficients, if necessary, will be made after a personal interview with the "being determined" by specialists-consiologists in the specialized Centers for Diagnosis and Correction of Consciousness, and it is quite natural that these specialists themselves should have all these parameters of the highest magnitude. First such Centers are planned to be established under the authority of World Philosophical Forum, where relevant experts will be trained.

     From all that has been said, all the inhabitants of the Earth should draw useful conclusions for themselves. Since the state of affairs on the planet for the majority of its inhabitants, as their comprehensive appraisal shows, is very poor and continues to deteriorate, this indicates about such widespread serious disease on the planet as dementia is. It seizes workers and peasants, bankers and businessmen, children and adults, men and women, ministers and generals, kings and presidents. The fight against dementia is just only beginning.
     Therefore, the first imperative recommendation of consiology is that you are to begin self-analysis and self-diagnosis of your mentality and, first of all, of your consciousness, if they are affected by dementia. If you find it difficult to do it yourself, on your own, then contact the nearest WPF Center for diagnosis and correction of consciousness. This can help you quickly to detect the disease and begin to fight it.
     The second imperative recommendation of consiology is that when meeting with every new, unfamiliar, casual person, to consider him a priori affected by dementia, and communicate with him with utmost attention and caution. Only by knowing him better, by diagnosing his consciousness in your mind according to the now known consiological technique, you can add gradually positive qualities, revealed in him, as points in the CQ and MQ assessments, and since the moment, when the indications of these coefficients would exceed the dangerous minimum (at least >100 points), to consider possible a closer relationship with him. Otherwise, you can be cheated, robbed, insulted, poisoned, beaten, and even killed. The choice is yours.
     The third imperative recommendation of consiology is that if you yourself have found a way how to reduce the level of dementia of your consciousness and mentality, then try to help to form properly, and, if necessary, to correct the consciousness of your children, relatives and friends, fellow citizens. This is your civic duty and direct human responsibility.

Healing correction of consciousness and mentality

     After determination through diagnosis the degree of dementivity of consciousness and mentality in general, the necessity and possibility of their correction and/or healing is considered. It should be assumed that both the consciousness and the mentality of any individual pass during the life 4 phases-stages: embryogenesis, maturation, adult status, aging. For each of these phases are inherent their own peculiarities of functioning and the corresponding indications for all six of the above coefficients – CQ, IQ, PQ, AQ, MQ, and DMQ. It is quite logical that the first two phases-stages are inherent underdevelopment of mentality and consciousness, and for the fourth - their gradual attenuation.
     As it was already noted, dementia is one of the states of the human brain (weak mind) and is inherent in a human at any age after his birth (conceiving). It is quite natural that in embryogenesis demential indication DMQ = 200, i.e. maximal, and the human being emerges from the mother's womb and lives the first months of his extrauterine life with such indicator. But this is an infantile, labile dementia, subject to healing-correction during the process of upbringing-education. It can be roughly compared with milk baby teeth, which soon fall out. At the age of about 3-5 years, self-consciousness and self-memory appear.
     Then comes maturation, which lasts until 18 - 25 years, during which the process of comprehensive upbringing-education is taking place, the formation of human and citizen. How proper this process is going, the better quality the upbringing-education is itself, the more effective the system of his upbringing-education, and the individual has more capabilities to assimilate the taught knowledge, then the higher his MQ is, and accordingly, the lower the coefficient DMQ, the indication of which may be reduced to minimul values, but hardly when it reaches zero.
     In the adulthood, an individual can maintain a low level of dementia, if all the factors that prevent the growth of its level are observed, but the natural process of aging of the organism of any person makes it difficult to constrain growth of incidence of it. At the end of his life, self-awareness, self-memory, memory, the ability to comprehend and cognize, may gradually fade away, increasing the dementia indications of DMQ. The normal, usual state of this indicator during a person's life, if not to take any efforts to lower it, nourishing the consciousness with positive, proper information, is – to grow up. Only a constant flow of positive, appropriate information can slow down this growth, or facilitate to to the lowering of its indication.
     Hence, it should not be surprising the fact that in the period of a person's maturation, and in his grownup age, the dementia indications, depending on the life-changing circumstances connected with the maintenance of the functional state of the brain, can be quite high. Thus, how strange it sounds, but a person is born with a high level of dementia (although with the infant its form), lives with a dementia of a different severity all his life, and dies with dementia, the level of which depends on his efforts to lower it in the initial and mature period of his life.
     In this regard, it is quite logical that to routine measurements of blood pressure, sugar and cholesterol, hormone levels and other measurements of a person’s health condition from now on are added with no less regular for every inhabitant of the planet measurement of no less important indicator of his health – the degree of incidence of dementia DMQ.
     Furthermore, as in childhood it is supposed to make a mandatory set of vaccinations to children against various diseases, then similarly with regard to the early reduction of children-teenagers dementivity and its confrontation to it during the adolescence period, every child should upload into his consciousness the unified for the entire planet version of the Minimum of Children-Youth Knowledge. Up to now its role, to some extent, was carried by children's tales and youth literature. But now, already even in their content, because of the dementivity of their authors, there appeared great distortions, and therefore the creation of a universal unified Minimum of such level becomes one of the paramount tasks of the best minds of Humanity.
     All this should be aimed at achieving the most important goal for any person, so that, orientating on the already known standard, reference (etalon, tuning fork) format of normal consciousness, conditionally accepted with coefficients of consciousness CQ and mentality MQ = 200 points, to strive for all his life not to distance the indications of his consciousness from its ideals, counteracting the manifestations of dementia, struggling with imposed from the outside deviations in his consciousness.
     With a successful counteraction to dementia, it is quite possible to achieve that a deviation of consciousness of a human from the ideal pattern can be minimal, accordingly the DMQ indication – close to zero, what will allow him to live his life normally and happily, having fulfilled all the destinies inherent in his fate.
     The formation of a healthy consciousness, as it is known, occurs in the process of the informational metabolism, similar to the processes that take place during the cellular metabolism in all the body. For millennia, the necessary set of nutrients derived from the biosphere, serving as the basis for formation and maintenance of the body cells in a functional, healthy state, have been developed.
     So, in the formation and maintenance of a normal consciousness in the functional state, in order to avoid schizophrenic deviations and defects in it, a certain balanced set of noospheric, useful information is required, which a person, beginning to receive in childhood-adolescence during upbringing and education at school-University, should subsequently maintain and multiply-replenish with the help of communication with wise people, as well as by books, scientific and educational journals, lectures, movies and other modern sources of useful information, and now with the help of positive Internet web-sites, avoiding at the same time any negaspheric influence.
     Until present, to correct the behavior of people with defects of consciousness only psychotherapy and psychological counseling have been used. However, in view of the complication of the typology of defects, the acquisition of an increasingly mass character by them, only the medical-psychotherapeutic methods of their correction become clearly not enough, and for individuals with a frankly distorted consciousness, it is now not the doctor-psychotherapist or psychiatrist, who is needed, but a very different – the doctor of the scientiphic-practical Philosophy with knowledge of informational and cellular metabolism – a consiotherapist, or consiatrist.
     Therefore, as in cases of a violation of biochemical replenishment of microelements in the process of cellular metabolism as a result of unilateral or inadequate nutrition, or its absence, diseases of different degrees of severity of the organism occur, so the same is in cases of violation of the process of informational metabolism, when as a result of unilateral or poor-quality information or its absence, the dullness of consciousness occurs, developing into dementive disease of different severity.
     With this in mind, as in the cases of prevention of diseases of organs of the body, or when fighting them,or when a correction of the disturbed metabolism is needed, etc., then it is required a special diet, or curative fasting, or enhanced nutrition with high-quality products, prescribed by spesialists-dietitians, so the same is in cases of diseases of consciousness, when for its treatment, as well as correction of the detected violations of informational metabolism, etc. it is required either a special informational diet, or information abstinence, or a special upbringing-educational course (i.e., curative additional upbringing-education, which should be carried out by highly qualified philosophers-mentors).
     The emergence of signs of awareness of the diseased about his own morbid manifestations can be considered as the ending of a demential-schizophrenic state. The full return of the former dementor-shizoid to the "normal world" can be only after a sane self-condemnation by himself of his morbid reasonings and actions, the decisive denial of the pictures of the psychotic world created in his imagination. The disagreement of the diseased to condemn or to abandon morbid fantasies, or consider them as a fiction may indicate that he is still far from a complete or even a partial recovery.
     A demential-schizophrenic disorder, for example, was described yet at the end of the 19th century by Emil Krepelin under the name "early dementia – aphrenia". Then it was differentiated from the manic-depressive psychosis and Alzheimer's disease and renamed into schizophrenia (or from latin. Dementia praecox) by E. Bleuler, who described it as a "split personality". Currently, the prevalence in the world of only fixed severe pathological forms of demential schizophrenia covers a significant part of the population of the planet, but its light forms even are not considered by anyone.
     Schizophrenia is also called as a socio-maladaptive disorder, the damage from which, connected only with disability, is estimated at many hundreds of millions dollars, and the cost of social security and treatment of only identified chronically ill amount to tens millions of dollars, more than 10% of seriously ill persons die from suicide. An even greater percentage is dying already from their hands. 85% of the acutely ill become unemployed.

     Until now, everywhere still there is a practice, when the correction of consciousness of the people, who have committed crimes of various kinds, accordingly convicted and serving punishment, is entrusted to the staff of prisons and correctional camps of ordinary and strict regimes, who themselves do not differ at times with high morals and healthy consciousness. Naturally, the knowledge of consiology and experts-consiologists should help to improve the situation in this matter.
     Thus, the majority of the population, who for one reason or another have light or medium defects of consciousness, i.e. low CQ, is deprived of the possibility to amend it, because no one help them in this seriously. The attempts to put this function on the church and on TV is deprived of perspective, because the teachings of the church themselves, for known reasons, distort consciousness and are lagging behind the contemporary requirements of upbringing and education, and TV editors and media owners, not being specialists, long ago have moved away from questions of education.
     Therefore, the only way out in this situation so far remains to practice self-correction of the defects of consciousness through the widespread study of the scientific-philosophical aspects of Being, to what since long time Aristotle, Epicurus, Spinoza, Kant and other thinkers appealed. Only moral mentors-philosophers, relying on the truths and achievements of contemporary genuinely scientific-practical Philosophy, will be able to render invaluable assistance in the formation of the ideal, and correction of the defective consciousness of people. This should occur through teaching, curative additional upbringing-education, causing corresponding changes in the cells of the brain, beneficially influencing by this on the phenotype of a person, and also, through the correcting both cellular and informational metabolisms, taking into account the individual specific features of deviations in the development of the brain and mentality, on his consciousness.
     If this is not done, if positive subconsciousnesses are not cultivated in the process of upbringing and education, are not being developed throughout the life of an individual by obtaining high-value noospheric knowledge and information, then all prerequisites are generated for the emergence and deepening of demential defects in the mentality, for the formation of negative subconsciousnesses with gradual degradation of mental abilities of the individual, accompanied by progressive dementia, loss of memory, extinction of consciousness, leading to the complete disintegration of human traits of personality.
     Exactly the right, positive knowledge can be as immunity from dementia, a path for lowering its level. Everything that is different from the truths of Being entails a distortion of consciousness and corresponding demential diseases of varying strengths. It is only specialists-Philosophers of classical scientific-practical Philosophy, who are capable to develop this immunity. As Karl Marx used to say at his time: “The Greeks will forever be our teachers”. At the same time, representatives of modern antipode scholastic pseudo-philosophy can only cause or aggravate the processes of the disease with dementia. So, the choice for each individual on the planet is to suffer from dementia, or to be healthy and live a happy and fully-fledged life on the Earth all the time allotted to him by his fate.
     In order to form a proper, healthy consciousness, for its correction, if necessary, to maintain immunity from dementia, a person has all his life to keep in his memory the Personal Minimum of pan-human and civc universal knowledge to facilitate his orientation in the surrounding him society, in the world in general, and in a specific way to regularize the chaos coming to him regularly from the infosphere of informational signals.
     If there is no knowledge of this Minumum in consciousness, or there is no desire to study and update them, then free space in consciousness is being filled with delusional compositions of pseudo-preachers of different persuasions, interpreting reality in their own way, but far from being scientific and true, creating for an individual a morbid illusion of a certain psychical and consiological comfort, drowning fear of the unknown, at the same time turning the individual into a sick with dementia.
     That is why pseudo-preachers of all essence, trying to close on themselves the dementially sick flock, have been always hostile and rejected the ideas of the scientific world, declaring them to be heresy, although strictly speaking, from the very beginning, the original heresy were always the majority of their sermons, precepts and teachings. In this, to a large extent, they are assisted by dementia-oriented editors and media owners, as well as modern pseudo-philosophers-scholastics.
     However, according to the universal laws of the evolution of the Universe, all their efforts will become futile, and in the World Mind and Progress gradually win. There is no doubt about this.

Сonclusions and recommendations

     It is well known that the main wealth in the today world are the human brains, both individually and collectively: their family aggregate, as well as national, and even global totality. It is them that increase the life potential of a person, of a family, a nation, of the whole of Humanity as a whole, in intention to live better and happier. The biggest threat to this potential on Earth is dementia. It is it that reduces this potential to a minimum, making it impossible to achieve full prosperity at any level. Presidents and monarchs, bankers and oligarchs, deputies and lawyers, generals and prosecutors, like ordinary people, young and old, males and females – all the inhabitants of the Earth equally suffer from it. Therefore, the widespread struggle against dementia is a struggle for the survival of everything reasonable, for peace and prosperity on the planet, for universal well-being and welfare.
     Human consciousness is the most important component of the derivative of the brain – its thinking ability; therefore, the knowledge about it, about the peculiarities of its formation, functioning, and its defects are very important both for each person and for a society as a whole, since it itself forms the individual, and what is especially important , a social behavior of a person, compiled by him communities of any level.
     With this in mind, summarizing all the above, it can be asserted that the mystery of consciousness, is revealed finally, as all the deviations in its normativity became known.The main conclusion should be considered the understanding that the maturity of a normal individual consciousness is measured by the awareness by a human being of the meaning of his life, of his social assignment, purpose. According to generally accepted etymology of this word in some languages, the term "person, human" means "goal-setting". The goal setting is his main function, and a life without purpose, without meaning deprives the person, human of this title.
     At the same time, based on the fact that the meaning of life of each individual should be considered a meaningful striving for perfection through positive harmonious development, becoming a reasonable goal of his life, then it is quite natural to assume that this positive development applies both to the individual consciousness of the certain person and to the public (social) consciousness of his certain society, and now, we can already say, and to the global public (social) consciousness.
     Therefore, the cognition of human mentality, but first of all, the comprehension of the peculiarities of human individual and public (social) consciousness and their functions, as well as meaning and feasibility of human life as such, will be able to give society of humans the possibility to understand, guide and regulate not only the course of their own individual and social development so, that it would coincide with the direction of the development of Nature (the matter of the cosmos) and the objective unconditional universal laws of its existence, but also to carry out permanent correction of their actions, their everyday behavior throughout their entire life being.
     Here involuntarily the conclusion arises that through consciousness and self-consciousness of Human and Humanity, as they evolve, the Universe gradually forms the mechanism of own self-cognition, self-awareness, and therefore the process of formation in it of beings, creatures that are cognizing their actions, it is the natural Universal process that will continue and develop further.
     Formulating based on this the final concept of the meaning of life, and therefore, of the highest goal for every human with a mature, positive consciousness, it is possible to say that this meaning consists in living (that is, to act everyday) in the period of time allotted to him by his fate, constantly striving for harmony and perfection, doing everything possible to expand his horizons of understanding the World, to raise the truth of his noospheric knowledge, to achieve full compliance with the unified panhuman list of values-vices, rights and obligations, and if possible, then to leave behind beneficial for the next generations heritage.
     In other words, life is given to a human being only once, and it is necessary to live it so, that in the end, it would not be much pain for aimlessly lived years, so, that shame would not burn for the worthless wasted past, so, that when dying, he could with dignity say the people around, that he lived not in vain, that his life was fully-fledged and had conscious until the end meaning, that he honorably fulfilled the social purpose predestinated for him by fate.
     To live without meaning, without clearly defined goals, it is like like equating a patient with a sluggish form of schizophrenia, stretched out for the entire period of the earthly being of this individual, what often turns into a bestial existence. On the contrary, comprehension of the meaning of life by the majority of members of society, the pursuit of excellence at all levels of its structure should contribute to the development of mentality, on the state of which it depends, what of the generally accepted high human ranks this individual and the given civil society can orrespond. Therefore, the confrontation to dementia – it is a struggle for more decent in all respects and happy life of every person, his family, friends, colleagues, and society in which he lives, and even of Humanity as a whole.
     In the meantime, unfortunately, it should be accepted that the Global Public (Social) Consciousness is not just unhealthy, but it is very sick, and by dementia of high degree the widest layers of population of the overwhelming number of countries of the world are covered. For the 21st century, it is not just dangerous, it is simply unacceptable. Not by accident, why the Nobel prize laureates - atomic scientists have left on their symbolic clock to live such Humanity with dementive consciousness until its own self-destruction some two and a half minutes, practically nothing.
     Leaders, heads, politicians, oligarchs of most countries are sick with dementia no less, than their ordinary citizens. Leaders and deputies of all levels are elected by dementially sick voters from among dementially sick candidates – there are no others. Moreover, in some countries of the world the Dementors seize power and hold an authoritarian rule for many years, while the dementially sick population, although is not happy about it, but tolerates.
     Everywhere in the world, the ecological situation is deteriorating, clogging up and littering of the planet is going as well as the depletion of its natural resources. The biosphere, atmosphere, stratosphere, and now the thermosphere of the Earth are deteriorating. (Hello to future generations! - the present dementially sick its inhabitants do not care about this).
     As we remember, the consciousness of the inhabitants of the planet according to the Laws of Nature are demential from an early age, but due to inadequate universal upbringing-education on the whole planet at the present time, what only deflects the life line of dementia down to small values, it remains as such all subsequent years until their death. Therefore, weapons, drugs, but above all, not full and proper upbringing and education, i.e. Global ignorance in the minds by the hands of the dementively-sick people kills everyone and everything without distinction everywhere and continuously.
     As a consequence, the similar situation is with the Global Public (Social) Consciousness, when all positive efforts of people with sensible mind to lower the level of global dementia in order to improve the situation on the planet, stumble on counteraction of people with demential consciousness, whom everywhere now there are yet the vast majority, and who do not comprehend the impending danger. The level of global dementia, which through dementive people gradually ruins the planet, is growing more and more, bringing Humanity ever closer to self-destruction.
     Therefore, the main conclusion from all of the above, which should be made: at the present time Dementia rules the world!, or, rather, it is ruled by dementive, dementials, or Dementors. So, the time came to realize, for those, who are able to realize, this fact more deeply, and those, who have realized it, to unite and to begin to correct the suicidal situation that has been created on the planet with the Global public (social) consciousness through a massive, universal, capitation adjustments of the individual consciousnesses of all the inhabitants of the Earth. There is simply no other way.

     World Philosophical Forum - http://wpf-unesco.org/ - calls all, who still have a little bit of sanity, to fight against dementia in all its manifestations, and for its part is doing already its best to resist the dementiation of the Global public (social) consciousness, but its efforts do not yet find the proper support in being under self-destruction global community, whose minds (consciousness) are overwhelmed by money and dementia.
     What has already been achieved by the thinkers of the WPF, who have the proper, free of dementia consciousness (CQ > 100, DMQ < 100), to date?
1) The scientific-practical Philosophy of Ancient Greece, which was banned in 529 by the Byzantine Emperor Justinian I, later it was replaced by the scholastic philosophy, now taught in universities of almost all countries, which is far from the realities of today, is being revived and reinterpreted.
2) On the basis of the ideas of classical, scientific-practical Philosophy, the Universal Ideology of the Earth - Transuniversalism is formulated, the Universal Constitution of the Earth is written and adopted, and a number of the most important Universal Declarations.
3) With the approval of the United Nations and UNESCO, the formation of Global Citizenship has begun, i.e. the uniting of people, whose consciousness by the level of its development corresponds to present day and is not affected by dementia.
4) The Supreme Council of Humanity (SCH) was established and is working, the organs of the Universal State of the Earth are being formed - http://glob-use.org/
5) The Manifesto of the SCH, explaining the mortal danger to Humanity of further spread of dementia, is written and being distributed. A new scientific direction – BIOPHILOSOPHY – is being developed, in the frame of which a new previously non-existent science, the science of consciousness - consciology, and methods of its diagnosis and correction.

     What should Humanity do primarily in the very near future in order to prevent its self-destruction? First of all:

1) To declare war to dementia and to correct maximally the Global Public Consciousness towards the reference-standard. To explain the harmfulness of negative information in the infosphere, equal in harm for human health, as drugs and alcohol, and which contributes similarly to growth of the level of dementia in the human mentality DMQ, and to fight against its consumption by people.
2) To form out of the inhabitants of the Earth global citizenship in the maximum number.
3) To prepare everywhere the maximum number of specialists-formers, diagnosticians and correctors of consciousness - consiologists and consiotherapists. To help all the inhabitants of the Earth to diagnose and, if necessary, to adjust, to correct their individual consciousness, maximally lowering the level of their own disease with dementia, as well as the public consciousness of respective sociums.
4) Using the WPF website - http://wpf-unesco.org/ - to carry out remotely the formation, diagnosis and correction of one's own individual consciousness online. In special cases, as well as in cases of correction of public consciousness, to get advices from the WPF experts-consciologists.
5) As the universal system of consiotherapy is being deployed on a global scale through WPF National Branches in different countries, specialists of the WPF Centers of Diagnosis and Correction of Consciousness will be gradually providing help and assistance on the individual, group, local, regional, national and even global levels, at the request of individuals and Heads of respective sociums.
6) The Certification of inhabitants of the planet as Citizens of the Earth is already one of the evidences of a decrease of the level of dementivity in the consciousness of these people.
7) Only specialists-consiologists and consiotherapists with WPF Diplomas can be considered as having sufficient qualification for the diagnosis and correction of consciousness and to give recommendations on how to reduce the disease of dementia for individuals and respective sociums.

      Igor Kondrashin
      SCH Secretary-General
      President of the World Philosophical Forum


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