Igor I. Kondrashin

WPF Founder, President & CEO,
the International GUSI Peace Prize Laureate,
Secretary-General of USE Supreme Council of Humanity,
Chairman of WPF Steering Scientific Committee & Rector of WPF Aristotelian Philosophical ACADEMY,
USE-WPF Professor on civic knowledge

The Classical Philosopher (the scientific Philosophy, Secularity), Professor, Ph.D., former diplomat in many countries.
Active member of the Russian Philosophical Society and the Russian Humanist Society,
Longtime UNESCO expert and advisor, assisting in creating “UNESCO Strategy on Philosophy”.

Rector of the WPF Aristotelian Philosophical ACADEMY;
The author and the Head of WPF Global learning program of “Lifelong civil education & action for all - "Earth-XXI CITIZENSHIP": establishment & enlargement of World (Earth) community of Earth citizens - Earth-XXI CIVILIZATION within «Global Development Goals of Humanity in the 21st century», proclaimed by United Nations, and UNESCO “Medium-Term Strategy”.

The author of Universal ideology of Humanity in the XXI century "Transuniversalism",
of Universal SOCIALIZATION of the Humanity through uniform civic education,
of Universal CONSTITUTION of Earth,
of SCH Universal Declarations & Statements.

The author of fundamental books on theoretical & applied (practical) philosophy:
  1. Dialectics of Matter - Systemic approach to fundamentals of philosophy, also the copy in Russian
    This book gives the description of the new ontological model of the World (The equation "Development = motion in time - quality - space"),
  2. The Truths of Being in the mirror of Consciousness - Systemic approach to dialectics of mentality;
  3. Code of secular behavior - What to be to become a MAN?;
    (Contents of the book in English)
  4. Energy & its phantoms - E = mc2 - ???

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