Rector of the Socratic Philosophical SCHOOL,
WPF Greek National branch Head

Evanghelos A. Moutsopoulos
the Member of the Athens Academy of Sciences


The Member of the Athens Academy of Sciences, Professor, has taught Philosophy at several European and American universities. He is a Member or Honorary Member of numerous national and international academies and philosophical societies. He has presented papers to more than 300 international meetings of philosophy and organized several of them himself. He is the President of the Foundation for Research and Editions of Neohellenic Philosophy, and the director and editor of the Corpus Philosophorum Graecorum Recentiorum. He is also the director and editor of the international philosophical review Diotima. He as been distinguished as the author of more than 60 volumes and some 400 articles on Ontology, the Theory of Values, Aesthetics, Philosophy of History and History of Philosophy. Besides, he holds several honorary degrees and has been awarded a series of international prizes. He is widely known as "the philosopher of kairicity", due to his theory of the kairòs.

Evanghelos A. Moutsopoulos

His paper "Is Ethical Behavior Independent from Aesthetic Constraints?" is in the list of Topic 6 in English.

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Evanghelos A. Moutsopoulos