"Best philosophical ideas educate, consolidate and unite Humanity"

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Dear Thinkers of the Earth!

The present situation in the world continues to be far from sustainable. Humanity is split and disrupted by numerous contradictions stemming from huge differences in ideology, moral standards, as well as the way of life, social behaviour, education, etc. Many international institutions try to find solutions to the resulting discord, holding various summits, conferences and congresses, proclaiming countless Declarations. But all of them have very light effect on stabilising Earth human life, even in spite of enormous activity of such international WORLD hyper-organizations like UNO and its cultural-scientific branch – UNESCO.
Thus UNESCO apart from other activity has set up «UNESCO Strategy on Philosophy» targeting to achieve long-term «Global Development Goals of Humanity in the 21st century» being the first step towards achieving the «Millennium Development Goals» proclaimed by the United Nations Organization as a guide to follow by all peoples and nations on the Earth.
To back up the above UNO - UNESCO global programs the growing number of representatives of scientific and scholarly organisations from various countries of the world are taking part in yearlong activity of the World Philosophical Forum. This activity is developed in sending their ideas for publishing on the WPF website as well as by participating in such WPF events like Dialectical Symposia which from now on have the theme "Best philosophical ideas to educate, consolidate and transform Humanity into integrated EARTH CITIZENSHIP-XXI". These annual Dialectical Symposia are becoming again a set up tradition reviving the format of traditional dialectical symposia of Ancient Greece. It is supposed that members of more and more national and international scientific and scholarly organisations as well as other Earth habitants will show growing interest to join this WPF activity.
So, we invite to these Dialectical Symposia, the two of which took place in the Antique Hall of the Old Greek Parliament House, the most prominent thinkers and politicians from European and other countries of the world to use it as an international floor to discuss and find practical solutions to the most vital problems of the Humanity.
We are sure that the principles of WPF are fully coinciding with the thoughts of the wisest and most conscious representatives of the Humanity of nowadays, to whose list we believe you can add, if you like, your name and the ones of your colleagues. That gives us the hope to rely on your scientific/scholarly support and any other alternative assistance you and your colleagues may offer to the Humanity to solve most complicated problems of its existance and development.
We confirm that any contribution to the WPF work would be perceived as assistance both to the further development of the Greek born Classical philosophy and to the successful tackling increasing threats and challenges to the Humanity.

We would be much grateful to you, if you undertake any supporting activity to WPF of your choice and/or send us in writing as a paper report your thoughts or ideas on questions listed in the WPF Program.
We rely very much on your understanding and support of WPF and are thankful to you for all this in advance.

With kind regards,

The Chairman of the Steering Scientific Committee
Igor Kondrashin


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