About WPF

The World Philosophical Forum (WPF) is an international independent Greek founded non-governmental, nonprofit organization (NGO) with branches in many countries (now in 53) on all continents all over the Earth. Being international & independent, WPF expresses and protects the interests of Humanity as a whole through disambiguation and acting on behalf of all the Earth civil society for a better everyone’s future.

Registered in Athens, Greece in 2009 by philosopher Igor Kondrashin (now WPF President and CEO – see profile), WPF vision of Life on the Earth from the very start of its foundation and activity was as protected, prosperous BEING for all, governed by reason, wisdom, morality, responsibility and justice with no place for people using in their everyday life double standards, corruption and falsehood. Such people should be civically reeducated in a correct way until they realize the true values for happy and peaceful life for all. The human rights on the Earth are to be respected by everybody, but be preceded and combined with human duties. According to WPF ideals, the all human ideology should be sort well with the ideas of transuniversalism, which blend together the best ideas of neohumanism with the ideas of transhumanism and allow everyone to live in dignity, peace and prosperity.

The WPF is headquartered in Athens, Greece, having also national branches The WPF is headquartered in Athens, Greece, having also national branches all over the planet Earth.
The WPF cooperates with UN-UNESCO, offering its reasonable ideas to their officials, trying from its side to assist in implementation of their progressive initiatives, supporting their strategies and global goals. Still, from the beginning of its own activity, the WPF displays more and more influence on the progress of all human consciousness by its global activities in information and education, enlighting & integrating the Earth population into Earth CIVILIZATION, uniting the peoples on all continents of the planet into a single hyperstated Global CIVIL megasociety.
All WPF work is founded on the ideas of ancient Greek Philosophers, which are now considered as classical. As it is well known, they were prohibited in 529 by the Byzantine emperor Justinian I. Later, practically until now, they were substituted by not-practical ideas of the scholastic philosophy, which helps in no way to solve Humanity's current problems.

The WPF is best known for its annual Summits in Athens, Greece as revived Dialectical Symposia, which reflect the ancient Greek tradition of the same importance as traditional ancient Olympic Games. Such autumn meetings, having the format of a think tank, brings together top Earth thinkers, philosophers, scholars, selected intellectuals, and just thinking individuals, aim to discuss the most pressing issues facing the Earth, but firstly the questions of updating and improvement of all human mentality, the formation and education of all human consciousness on the basis of reason, morality and justice. These meetings accelerate understanding of the necessity for Humanity to foster global, Earth-XXI citizenship. The meetings of Dialectical Symposia also take place in other countries of the Earth as WPF national sessions. After each annual October Symposium its participants approve a special Resolution-appeal with advices and recommendations to Humanity how to solve in the best and reasonable way their current general problems and most important challenges.

The World Philosophical Forum (WPF) is the only place and platform where the Humanity can discuss solutions of general Earth problems in favor of all human interests irrespectively to the local (national) leaders’ interests.
The WPF activity continues round the year through contacts and intercommunications. The results of these activities are reflected on the regularly updated WPF website - http://wpf-unesco.org/.

The WPF is the sole global unitor for all habitants of the Earth regardless their race, gender, nation, education, ideology, age, health condition, well-being, language, religion, faith and world-view, social position and status rank. The only basis and features of their unity and solidarity are the recognition of wisdom, reason, morality, responsibility and justice as top human values and their willingness to fight such modern vices as double standards, corruption and falsehood.

Meanwhile the situation in the world continues to deteriorate. WPF experts have found even the main reason to it. According to their most cautious evaluations the mentality of more than three quarters of the Earth population is affected by Dementia in varying degrees, more than half of the planet inhabitants suffer from schizophrenia, or/and oligophrenia of varying severity, the main manifestations of which are autism and delusional complexes - phobias and manias!

WPF has worked out and starts a new BIOPHILOSOPHICAL program – “MIRROR of my SOUL” to make easy the diagnostics and healing of the human mentality. It is planned to open all over the Earth “WPF Centers of diagnostics and correction of consciousness”. The first ones will be established in Russia, Greece, Malaysia and India. Thus, it will become real WPF actions to update and improve the Earth humans’ mentality.

The WPF has 3 types of facilities constantly ready to assist the habitants of the Earth to raise gradually the level of their mentality:

1. Socratic Philosophical School for educating and certification as Earth-XXI Citizens - for Global citizenship.

2. WPF Tuition-Free Online UNIVERSITY, which aims a lifelong distant Civil education for all.

3. Aristotle Philosophical Academy for educating and certification as Earth-XXI Aristocrats - for Global leadership.

All of them are working distantly & constantly through the WPF website.

Thus, the principal goal of the whole WPF activity in times of continuing deepening process of total globalization - to help fragmented Earth POPULATION to become well educated, enlightened & integrated, wisely & reasonably self-governed Earth CIVILIZATION (Global single CIVIL megasociety).
This WPF final goal would be considered as reached only after all 7 billion Earth habitants pass 3 stages in series in their mind and social development:

Stage 1. The formation of Earth-XXI (global) Citizenship;

Stage 2. out of Earth-XXI Citizens – the formation of new, global leadership (Earth-XXI Aristocrats);

Stage 3. out of new, Earth-XXI leaders - the formation (through election by Earth-XXI Citizens only) of the Earth-XXI self-administration based on the Universal Constitution of the Earth through establishment of the Supreme Council of the Humanity, Earth Parliament, Earth Government, Earth Supreme Court, Earth Bank, Earth Academy, etc.

Only after it happens, dignity, peace and prosperity on the Earth equally for all can be respected and guaranteed by the all human CONSCIENCE.

7 WPF Board members have become GUSI Peace Prize" International Laureates
- the Asian counterpart of Nobel Peace Prize Award

(WPF has the right & power to nominate candidates for this prestigious award)

If you have some prominent name, who fits the nomination standards, you can suggest this name to e-mail: info@wpf-unesco.org stating the reason of such a nomination

In 2017 WORLD PHILOSOPHICAL FORUM was nominated to: